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I create this topic in hopes of finding other Portal Masters out there......wait I am getting ahead of myself lol.
This game came out in 2011, well the first game. It was an attempt to actually revive the Spyro series, and as you can tell, it has had much success. 
In the game, there are over 30 different "Skylanders" to choose from, each falling evenly within 8 different elements; Magical, Life, Earth, Water, Fire, Tech, Wind, and Undead. 
There is different games for different ways of playing. Some for handheld, mainly for the consoles
Thus far there are two main games, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and Skylanders Giants. Soon there will be a third, Skylander; Swap Force
If you get this game, like all other games, start from the beginning. I do warn however, that when you go to get more Skylanders, when starting with the first, you can use "Giants" addition pieces, as long at they appeared in the first game. Easiest way to tell if they are compatible is 1: They say "Series 2" and 2: On the box it had a check mark on the lower right of the cover of the Skylander. 
So now for the story. In the world of Skyland, there is something called "Portal Masters", or a person who can use a magical and ancient device to send creatures from one place or another. They are able to command these creatures to do as they wish, be it for good (as you are) or evil.
There was once peace in the Land of Skyland, until one day, a source of Darkness, going by the name Kaos, came up and disrupted it. Eon, the worlds only Portal Master used the Skylanders to fight back against Kaos, and they were winning. Kaos on the other hand, had another plan. He sent a massive blast towards the battlefield, shooting all the Skylanders far from their home. Through space they traveled, noticing they began to get smaller and smaller, until they were able to fit into the palm of someones hand. They landed in our world, and those who play, are the new Portal Masters. As for poor Eon, he lost his body, but is now an ascended being, still helping how he can. 
It is now up to the new Portal Master and the Skylanders to find everything needed to rebuild the "Core of Light", gathering the Eternal Sources of each Element, along with special items needed to continue the project.
Now for a few other things. If you have ever watched "The Emperors New Groove" you will hear the voice of "Krunk" in the character Fin. If you have ever watched "The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy" the voice of Billy is the same as Kaos (I nearly died laughing when I first heard it....but it fits). When the scenes where Kaos is overlooking his own Portal, you will hear this voice, but when he is a "giant floating head" over a "boss battle" the voice is different.
To also note, in order to get through the game easier, along with the ability to unlock everything in any level, it is best you have at least one Skylander of each Element, as certain special areas can only be accessed by Skylanders of certain Elements. Also, in various areas, Skylanders of a certain Element become stronger in these areas (Eon will annoyingly tell you when you have entered such area)
Overall, I am really liking this game, decent plot, and some really zany character (including the Skylanders themselves)
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Yep, this is a fun game. the RPG -element is very nice, and being able to choose from 2 different 'paths', each character can be suited to fit the player's favored style.


For me, the best Skylanders are: Spyro, Drobot, Camo, Warnado, Stealth Elf, Hot Dog, Ignitor, Terrafin, Double Trouble, Trigger Happy, and Voodood :D

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Aside from Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt from the starting set, I use Whirlwind, Ignitor, Hex, Stump Smash, Prism Break, Drobot, Erupter, Stealth Elf, Terrafin, Fright Rider, Chill, Eye-Brawl, Swarm, Crusher, and finally Bouncer.


Trigger Happy, Stealth Elf and Drobot being the favs

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lmao Drobot, Stealth Elf, Double Trouble, and Cynder are the top choices for multiplayer :P


It's always fun to play as the Giants as well ^_^

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