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Special materials on Star Fox


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I quite access the website called Nintendo Blast, this site has already created two special materials on the series Star Fox :cool:, links to the material below (Brazilian Portuguese)



Strapping this matter as Miyamoto envisioned Starglider 2 in Star Fox (SNES)



This column as the editors say will be like the game on that platform


P.S: There are other materials on this site about Star Fox special, just look the tag Star Fox (obviously xD), located at the end of the page ;)

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I don't speak Portuguese, but the all-your-base-a-rific Google translation seems to indicate that the article is their speculation on the persistent rumor that Retro Studios is developing a Star Fox game.

For the record, here are the facts on Retro's project as currently known:

1. It is something "everyone wants them to work on"

2. It is not Metroid

3. It is not Zelda

Plausible Rumors:

- It is not Donkey Kong

- It was to be shown as the closing Megaton Announcement at E3 last year, but wasn't ready in time, hence the long and awkward NintendoLand demo

Possible games based on criteria:

- F-Zero - Lots of people want a new F-Zero game, and Retro rumors have been circulating for this franchise almost as strong as they have for Star Fox

- Star Fox - The original version of this rumor starting making the rounds while Retro's secret project was at the time Donkey Kong. But, despite the age, it is still plausible given the facts and popularity of the rumor

- Raven Blade - This was Retro's original IP they were working on before Metroid Prime. It looked to be a pretty awesome game, but was canned to make room for Metroid. Many people have wanted to see its return.

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