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    • Snys93
      By Snys93
      It's coming, like it or not, ready or not, it's coming this December.
      Personally I like the Force Awakens. While it was not a perfect film, I felt it was a fun film. This I hope atleast matches or exceeds. I just want it to be enjoyable compared to Rouge One. ... The movie... Ew...
      So anyway, this thread has to happens. What do you dudes think? It can't be as bad as... You know...

      Can it be better than THIS ?!?!?! ^ ... 
    • Wreckingcanon
      By Wreckingcanon
      I'm really kinda upset how Mat Pat from game theory only covered two underwhelming ones about metal legs and the barrel roll being an aileron roll.  Yet I believe that most people here can come up with better ones to explore with minimal effort.  So, have you thought of any good theories about that fox to explore?
    • SF Redd
      By SF Redd
      As most people reading this probably already know, Nintendo announced their new console recently: the Nintendo Switch. If you haven't already, I recommend that you go and watch the announcement trailer.
      Watched it yet? Great. I will say that when we were getting rumours about the NX and all the various aspects of it, I was a bit sceptical, but now that I've seen it in action, I'm hopeful. If I can play the Skyrim Special edition on the go as shown in the trailer, it's an instant sell for me. Even more so if it supports mods(side note, how likely do you think that will be?).
      One think I am wondering though is how using one half of the controller will work in multiplayer will work, or if it even will for some games.
      So what are your thoughts? This could make for a good discussion, I think.
    • rgflake
      By rgflake
      Star Fox has always had similarities with other Sci - Fi movies like Independence Day. I've always thought that Star Wars going toe to toe against Star Fox would be awesome! Here is a video I did that tried to show how cool it could be!

    • Naza Sutera
      By Naza Sutera
      Guys, I wanna thank you for being interested in my experimental RP. Of course, this here is the discussion thread. Later I might start a skype chat for it.
      Edit: I am also going to open the participant limit up a little wider.