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The mystery of the SF timeline


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For the past few days, i've been pondering the timeline of the Star Fox series, and i widely believe it to be like this:
Star Fox (64) ---- Star Fox 2 ---- Star Fox Adventures ---- Star Fox Assault ---- Star Fox Command ---- Star Fox Wii U
       (A few months)            (6 years)             (7 years)             (A decade)              (Hopefully?)
NOTE: The amount of time written under each game is the amount of time each game is set after the first game
in the series, Star Fox 64.
Now, here are the 2 twists:
Twist 1:Everyone says SF 64 is a retelling of the original Star Fox game, released on SNES.
BUT...How do we know which game is the official entry in the series? Sure, SF64 was much better than SF SNES,
but the thing i'm not sure about is if Fox and co. are working as PART of the Cornerian Air Force, or are an independant
mercenary group.I'll explain:
See, i was playing SF SNES recently, playing on the 1st route (Corneria - Asteroid Belt - Space Armada - Meteor - Venom)
and if you look closely at what Pepper says for the Meteor introduction, he says ''Don't mess up MY Arwings.'' .However,
in SF64, Star Fox themselves made the Arwings (I may be wrong). So, WHICH ONE IS THE PROPER ENTRY!!!!??? :?:
Twist 2: Nintendo didn't release SF 2 on cartridge, but some guys on the net found the ROM of it (For ROM legality reasons,
i'm NOT telling where you can get it). I was lucky enough to score a small talk via e-mail with one of the folk at Nintendo Europe
& USA, and when i brought SF2 up, they refused to accept it as an official part of the Star Fox series. Yet Nintendo Japan
insist that it is. So, the twist is, who to believe?
Help me out guys, and have your say on what's true and what's not. DZComposer himself might be interested in this topic,
so watch this space and we should hear some interesting stuff.
1 more note: I'm not to sure if the times set under SF Assault and Command are correct. I'll correct them is someone knows
the amount of time.
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According to what I've read, the time between SF64 and Adventures is 8 years, the time between Adventures and assault is one year, and the time between Assault and Command is two-three years after that though this was taken from Arwingpedia, so they could be woefully wrong. To put it like this, Fox is 18 during SF64, 26 during Adventures, 27 during Assault and 29-30 during Command, it didn't specify Command to the exact year.

For the first twist: as a rule of thumb SF Snes and SF 2 are retroactively considered non-canon, Star Fox is a mercenary group and not part of the Cornerian Army considering how it says they are a mercenary group on the bill they present in SF64 and Pepper's lovely speech saying "I would be honoured to have you as part of the Cornerian Army." So with those two tidbits of information we can conclude they are merely associates and with the Arwing issue, they arrived at Corneria with Arwings already in their possession, it would be safe to say Pepper didn't give them the vessels. 


As for Star Fox 2 being canon or not, it was never officially released so it really shouldn't be regarded as canon. Miyu and Fay were in SF2 and never heard from again so we should take that into account too.

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If you're going to count Star Fox 2--a cancelled, unreleased game--as part of the canon timeline, might as well find a place to slot in Star Fox: Virtual Boy.

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Yeah this is pretty dumb, the SNES games and comic are not in the same continuity as the N64 canon.

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I'm not so sure you'll want my input seeing that I'm about to prove your entire post wrong.

1. Star Fox 2 was part of the SNES canon track. It does not belong in the current storyline.

2. Star Fox 64 IS the current canon base, because all the later games reference it rather than the SNES version of the story.

3. Star Fox did not make the Arwings. They were built by Space Dynamics. Plus, Pepper shows concern for the Arwings in NF64 as well, Solar briefing: "That area's an oven! Don't go burning that Arwing!"

4. Nintendo PR people are not in charge of maintaning series canon. NOE and NOA are correct in saying that SF2 is not canon. I've never heard of NCL claiming that it is.

5. I'm not a god. I've been wrong before. But, in this case the facts are there if you look for them.

The story is not complicated. I did a summary of it on the main site.

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Ugh man. Topic closed for obvious reasons (everyone proved me wrong).

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