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How to Train your Dragon 2


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As you all know how wonderfully sucky i am at making threads, but the how to train your dragon 2 has been leaked

Opinions? Other STuff? excitement levels??


I have really high hopes for the 2nd one.


THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! if it is real .-.

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Granted, they're only a bunch of pictures so it's too early to jump to any solid conclusions, but I dislike the Hiccup we see. They've got him all decked out in armor and a badass sword, when his defining characteristic was that he's a Viking who's a shit fighter and can barely lift a sword. I always expected him to be a tactician/scientist-type or what have you. Able to put out some serious pain riding and directing Toothless while analyzing the fight, but useless otherwise and much more at home learning about shit. Kinda like how he was in the final battle of the first movie.


But then again, I also didn't expect much out of the first movie in the first place, and it sure did blow me away. And maybe they just need to make him look cool for the promotional art, or maybe they'll explain things in a way to placate my nerd rage. 


Looks pretty damn cool. I'm definitely excited for the possibility of a second movie. The show is good, but I need another cinematic marvel with a huge, glorious animation budget set in this universe XD

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(Off-topic: Shouldn't this be at The Picture House instead?)


Well, I never actually thought they would make it anything of a big franchise other than the main movie and the tv show/games. Guess I was wrong.


The first movie has my approval, since it wasn't half bad compared to some stuff that weren't exactly at the same tier, that Dreamworks was throwing at us. Anyway. The second movie may or may not be as good as the first, but even though I believe that most second movies are crap writing, I'm with a bit of a better expectation this time. We shall see.




I'm just glad it's not another Shrek movie.


+1 Indeed.

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