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Name: Commander Chisteran Agathol

Age: 45

Species: Cornerian Red Vulpine

Sex: Male


Heigth/Weight: 5'11"/200 lds.

Weapons: Standard issue CDF sidearm

Abilities: Natural Leader, right cybernetic prosthetic arm, command of the HASC (Heavy Assault Super Carrier) Madeline




Strength: 8/10

Speed: 5/10

Endurance: 5/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Courage: 9/10




a. with weapon: 9/10

b. without weapon: 8/10

c. with HASC Madeline: 10/10


Bio: Chis Agathol grew up in the downtown district of Corneria City in the loft of his parents book store, where he spent most of his time reading tales of heroes against impossible odds. However, his love for fantasy waned when his older brother and parent died. With nothing to fill his empty hole in his life, he joined the CDF with the hopes of giving something back to Lylat while doing something useful.


   He was assigned to the CDF destoryer escort Sunset Star but something went terribly wrong. Mysteriously, seven years later, Chisteran Agathol returned maimed and anemic. He was awake long enough to report the loss of the Sunset Star and her crew. When he recovered, he was able to be present at his board of inquiry. The investigation discontinued and no evidence was found to suggest Agathol was at fault and the cause of the DE's destruction.


   Chisteran Agathol continued his military career and was eventually promoted to Commander. He is a veteran of the Venomian Invasion (Lylat War) and the third most decorated officer in the fleet. Commander Agathol is currently commanding the Madeline, a super carrier that is scheduled to be comissioned in eight months.


Strengths: Relentless in combat, thinks outside the box, good poker player.


Weaknesses: Stubborn, can be blinded by anger, will not respond well to threats.

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Name: Ansam Sonderust

Age: 25

Speices: Alsatian (German Shepard)

Sex: Male


Height/Weight: 6'2"/225

Weapons: Modified 50 caliber pistol/ Electro baton

Abilities: N/A / No discernible abilities




Strength: 7/10

Speed: 4/10

Endurance: 4/10

Intelligence: 6/10

Courage: 7/10




a. with weapons: 9/10

b. w/o weapons: 7/10

c. with Snake Eyes: 8/10


Bio: Smuggler, thief, pirate and self proclaimed know-it-all, Ansam Sonderust's past is unknown, smudged and dirtied as his beloved freighter Snake Eyes. His story is he won it in a card game. According to external sources, Anasm cheated, denied it, escaped and lastly stole the ugly but fast freighter from right under the nose of its previous owner. He prefers to do things his way. His likes include a long list such as: Cigars, money, girls, booze, girls, more money, more girls, more booze and lastly girls.


   Surprisingly, one of his close and non-business friends is the CDF officer Chisteran Agathol which is true when Chis often says, 'I have friends in low places.'


   A rouge at heart Ansam never stays long anywhere and will leave at the first sign of trouble. However, if backed into a corner he will fight and often wins as he is so proud to relate. He is currently on the run from a number of criminal kingpins he swindled in the past.


   Strengths: Sly, deceitful, a clever sizer-upper.


   Weaknesses: Girls, more money than he can handle by himself, music getting stuck in his head.

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Name: Kaiba Kann

Age: ???

Species: Android, appearance Kit Fox 

Sex: appears male




Strength: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Endurance: 10/10

Intelligence: 10/10
Courage: Emotion is a difficult concept
Bio: When Kaiba became conscience for the first time, he was struck with an odd epiphany. He found himself in the middle of a vast desert partially covered by debris and was convinced he had to find something although he didn't know fully what it was. It was more of a feeling but not a feeling as carbon based life forms come to know.
   Kaiba used every means he deemed necessary to remove himself from the planet and ventured outward. According to the navigation map, he came from a place called Titania and had no memory to recollect of being there or why. So he continued on his way. Perhaps one of the water planets will hold some answers. Perhaps the one called Corneria.
   Strengths: Possibly limitless. More data is needed to test limits.
   Weakness: Insufficient data. Must compile findings.
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Name: Fey'ade S. Freninn

Age: 52

Species: Albino Wolf 
Sex: Male
Bio/Description: Enlisted in the Cornerian Army at a young, Fey'ade has been in the service almost his entire life. A decorated soldier with an extensive record that exceeds that of any other commissioned officer among his peers. He rose though the ranks quickly during the Vemonian War from Private to Colonel in a matter of weeks. Despite repeated efforts to retire to him to atleast a desk job, Fey'ade prefers the battlefield fighting alongside his platoon in the most dangerous of encounters. He is a dedicated soldier that won't turn from a fight. He seems determined to die a warrior's death, but evades it due to years of experience and skill.
Strengths: Advanced combat training with a variety of weapons as well as melee, leadership skills, leveled headed, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission at hand.
Weakness: Proud, stubborn, once his mind is made up theres no stopping him.
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Name: Bridgette "Jo" Garren

Age: 17

Species: red vulpine

Sex: female

Bio: Born on Macbeth and raised on a freighter orbiting Zoness, Bridgette's family was more than middle class but not rich enough to have an easy life in Lylat. In her early teens, she was sent to away to be enrolled in a school for advanced learning. She has appeal but is more of a tomboyish girl and didn't have much time for pleasantries while living and working with her family. She's curious, cunning, adventurous and fun loving.

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Name: Muryin Zacca

Age: 18

Sex: female

Species: Feomese (native to planet Feom)

Description: Muryin is a 5' 8" dark skinned humanoid of fit build, with tan skin and long blonde hair with elf-like features and bright blue eyes. Mild mannered and gentle, though determined and strong willed if the need arises. Trained as a battlefield medic, she is expected to be level-headed in her duty to aid her comrades while herself being in harm's way. While armed with a standard issue service pistol, she will attempt to discuss a situation before it begins and be diplomatic. When such measures fail, she will still reframe from using deadly force. Muryin wants to be everyone's friend and often charms all with her magnetic personality and gentle nature.

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Name: Kaan Molekson

Age:??? Appears 28

Sex: male

Species:??? Appears human but with slight non-human differences

Description: subject is humanoid, 6' 4" above average muscular build with skin pigmentation of a caucasian or more pale than average. Head is crowned with short platinum silvery, white hair and contrasting blood red iris' in eyes. Subjects body is cover in scar tissue from wounds ranging small paper cuts to injuries requiring several stitches. Subject can be and if provoked extremely hostile using force to cause serious injury or death. Has no need for conventional firearms and relies on hand-to-hand or melee combat. Subject is predatory and exhibits traits such as heightened senses and extremely agile. Subject is to be contained at all time unless specified by level S clearance due to being catalogued as being mentally unstable and need and desire to brutally mame and or burn. Subject's mystical properties are an enigma to be sure, appearing as flames once the body has sustained major trauma. Flames surround the subject's body until a metamorphosis takes place that lasts between 4 to 6 hours. Subject is also capable of manipulating fire if nor creating it.

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Name: Orbital Drop Unit #1728, codenamed Heaven's Razor

Age: N/A

Species: Cyborg

Description: developed by Therion, a top secret entity within the Colonial Alliance that specializes in technical and biological research as well into advanced weapons and testing. But occasionally all three of the field collide into the monstrosities known as the Razors. Designed to be deployed as first responsers in combat situations, Razors can handle most encounters single-handed without assistance. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and equipped with enough firepower to put down a small army. As to their makeup, they are essentially biological androids fitted with cybernetics, they are not human in a emotional and moral sense. Perfect soldiers according to Therion.

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