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PMD Legends of the Land Episode 1: The Deepest Hole


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Hey guys, to show how much I love Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, i'm starting to write this
fan-fiction for you guys to entertain. I'm planning to write 12 different episodes split
down into 8 chapters (Excluding the prologue at the start of each episode), which is quite
a mean feat. All the episodes star a human by the name of James Quillinger and his team
of Pokémon, as they get back together for the first time in 3 years when they're called back
together by the Exploraion Team Federation. Note that during each chapter of each episode that
if you see an asterik (*) followed by a number (For example, *1) it refers to an event which
happened in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games.[Dark The Luciaro, I'm writing this specially for you.]
All right, enough talk.
 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
   Legends of the Land
Episode One
The Deepest Hole
Back in Commision
Treasure Town is always bustling with activity this time of the summer, with explorers from
all over the continent coming here to share their tales, their triumphs, their takedowns.
Wigglytuff's Guild have had more apprentices than ever, taking in recruits from the far reaches
of the land. And yet, even as the town square's deafening ambience roars on, only one place is
so silent...
As the only human turns in his sleep, he dreams of his past. How he got here, who he is, and
where he came from. It's been nearly 3 years since James Qullinger defeated Darkrai at the Dark
Crater*1, and Team Storm disbanded. Finally awakening, the sleepy leader sensed a different aura
in his home, Sharpedo Bluff. As he got dressed and ready to head out into the town, a Pelipper
flew overhead and dropped a letter, straight into James' hands.
''What's this?'' He looked at the back of the letter, and recognized the seal instantly: It was from
the Exploration Team Federation. His head cocked to one side, James opened the letter and read its contents.
Dear James,
If you're reading this letter, that means we need your team back. I know it's been ages since
you took up a proper job, but that's beside the point.
A few days ago, Salamance, one of our best explorers, went missing. We sent out our best members
to track down and extract him, but we've had no success at all. According to our sources, Salamance
went missing a few clicks out from the World Abyss, just south of the Fogbound Lake. We have
no idea if he actually went in there and survived, or if he even died. We need to find out what
happened. James, please get your team back together and help us out.
Scizor, Exploration Team Federation Co-Leader
''...So they want me back. I'm not surprised.'' Muttered James, thinking out loud. After putting
the contents of the letter in his head, he gazed out over the sea. When James turned back around, he
saw his old headset, collecting dust in the corner. Whenever he saw it, he always thinks of his old
partner he had.
''...Maybe I could.'' James picked the headset up, dusted it off and put it on, and opened up a private
The light orange of the sky gave way to a deep blue, as Chimchar washed away his morning fatigue in
the Hot Spring.
''Ah...This is the life...'' A line on his headset opened up.
''Chimchar? Can you hear me?'' Chimchar lept up.
''James!'' He cracked a smile.
''Listen, and listen well Chimchar. I'm getting Team Storm back together.''
''You...You what?!''
''I told you to LISTEN. Jeez...''
''Why are you getting the team back together then? I thought we disbanded--''
''Screw disbandement.'' James cut in. ''The E.T.F need us again.''
''I don't see why they need anything they anything from us.''
''Trust me, you will.'' James told Chimchar about the letter.
''What the hell? World Abyss?''
''Come on, they need us.''
''Yeah, but no one's got even near to that hellhole and survived. I think the E.T.F have 
gone mad, sending Salamance into there...''
''Even experts can make rookie errors. Also, it's the first proper bit of work we can 
snap up in 3 years.'' Chimchar considered those words.
''You sure you want to do this?''
''I am.'' Replied James without a pause.
''All right. I'm coming down.''
''OK. See you later.'' James terminated the line. 
As Chimchar made his way back to Sharpedo Bluff,
James opened up another line to the guild's head of intelligence, Chatot.
''Hello? Chatot, you reading me?''
''What the?! James?''
''Yep, it's me.''
''What're you doing, calling me when you disbanded?''
''I'm getting the team back together.'' 
''Are you serious?!'' Chatot sounded like he was gonna faint.
''I am. The E.T.F want us back.''
''What for?'' Chatot inquired. James told Chatot about Salamance and where he vanished.
''Wh...What?'' Chatot was choking on his own words.
''Yeah. He disappeared a few days ago.''
''I wouldn't go in there if I was you. You've heard the tales.''
''I know, but I have to help them. If I wasn't legendary at all, they wouldn't have asked for my help.
And besides, what else am i gonna do? Sit on my butt and live out the rest of my life bored?''
''...All right. But be careful. I'll dig up any info I can get my hands on.''
''OK, thanks. See you later.'' The line was terminated as Chimchar came into the bluff.
''It's good to see you again, James.'' He said.
''Same thing, right back at you.''
''You know, if we're gonna help the E.T.F out, we need to find Treecko and Piplup.''
''Then we'd better get a move on. Go to the crossroads, and I'll meet you there. I need to do something
''Right. See you there.'' As Chimchar headed out James opened the cabinet on the far side of the room.
Inside was his old explorer's kit. He fumbled around for something, and pulled it out. It was his old
Explorer's Badge, certifying his team as an official exploration group. He attached it to his shirt, drew
a deep breath, and said as loud as he could:
''Team Storm is back in commision.'' He set off after Chimchar.
Alright, now for the event explanations:
*1: At the end of the post-story content of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky,
the Human-Pokémon you play as defeated Darkrai and stopped his plan to paralyze time and distort space
in order to create a world of darkness (natch).


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Ok, let's get the next chapter of this episode under way:

Chapter 1

Piplup emerged out of the sapphire-blue water and headed for the beach. Once there, she dried herself
off and started to hunt around for food. For her, this is as close as she could get when she was looking
for the same thrills as when she was with her colleagues in Team Storm. Oh, how Piplup yearned to see them
''I remember the good old days...And now I miss them...'' She said sadly. As she wandered around, a Pelipper
came right by her and dropped a letter into her hands.
''What's this?'' She opened the letter, completely unaware of the 3 figures creeping up on her...

''Ugh, this place is thicker than I remember.'' James and Chimchar were prowling through the Tresshoud
Forest to try and find their medical expert of the team, Treecko.
''You really think he's out here?'' Asked Chimchar.
''That's what he said when we disbanded. He would have said if he was someplace else.'' Replied James,
as they trekked their way deeper through the forst. Whenever he could, James looked up to see if he
could spot any light penetrating the thick trees. Nothing. The light grew darker as they made their way into
the core of the forest.
''Just as quiet as I remember.''
''Right. With Grovyle.*1'' Chimchar remarked. They stoppped.
''Treecko! You here?'' James shouted. They heard the bug Pokémon chirp all around the trees surrounding
''...Treecko? Are you there?'' Chimchar had his view fixed on a massive tree a few metres away from him
and James. They saw a green gecko-shaped Pokémon clamber down the tree and jumped into the undergrowth.
''That you James?'' The Pokémon asked.
''Yeah. Come on out.'' Treecko jumped out of the grass and onto the dirt.
''James Quillinger. It's good to see you.''
''You too Treecko.''
''So, what're you doing out here? Aren't we disbanded?''
''We're rebanding, Treecko.'' Chimchar said. ''The E.T.F got themselves in a sticky situation, and only
we can get them out.''
''One of their best explorers vanished quite near the World Abyss.'' James explained.
''Holy crap.'' Treecko exclaimed.
''They tried to extract him, but they've had no luck. They keep on getting beaten back. They've turned
to us now.''
''Why us?'' Treecko asked.
''They think only we can crack it open. But we can't unless we've got our last member on the team.''
''Ah. Piplup.''
''Precisly. Come on guys, let's go get her. She's at the Surrounded Sea.'' James turned and left, followed
by Chimchar and Treecko.

Piplup tried to beat back her attackers, but it was useless as Koffing wafted out more fumes to knock her
''I tried to tell you that we're now stronger than you, but you refused to believe it.'' Their leader said.
''That's because I don't believe in lies! I believe in the truth and what's right!'' Piplup shouted.
''Yes, what is right... Like us being stronger than you. Zubat, finish her off.''
''Heh-heh-heh...See ya, kiddo.'' As Zubat knocked Piplup to the ground again, he prepared his fangs to leech
the life out of her...
''Hey, finish who off now?'' James shouted, as he and the others ran on the scene.
''Nngh... You?'' Piplup's attackers revealed their faces to James.
''Wha-- Team Skull. I'd never thought I'd see you guys again after you were wiped out in Brine Cave.*2''
''I'd told you that we'd recover. Now if you excuse us.'' Skuntank said, turning back to Piplup, who was
desperatly shuffling back.
''Uh, James, little help here...'' She requested.
''Oh, Skuntank, I wouldn't do that if I were you.'' James remarked. Skuntank laughed on those words.
''Oh, yeah? And what're you gonna do? Try and stop us?'' Skuntank turned around, to find that James had
''Huh?'' A 'thud' echoed behind Skuntank. He turned around, to find that Team Storm were in their
attacking stances.
''I'd thought I'd do something like that.'' Said James smugly.
''It's 4 on 3, Skuntank. Back out while you still can.'' Chimchar advised.
''I'd rather stand and fight.''
''...Fine. You asked for it.'' The 2 teams started turning in circles around each other. Skuntank
eventually tried to make a move, but James blocked him and countered, knocking him back. Zubat and
Koffing, Skuntank's two co-members saw this distraction and tried to attack Treecko and Chimchar, but
they saw that coming from miles and simply sidestepped Zubat. Koffing tried to smog up Treecko's field
of view, but he acted too late and the only thing Koffing got was the toxic in his body clogged up
as Treecko covered up the holes with Razor Leaf. Chimchar Flame Wheeled Zubat, managing to deplete his HP
and knock him out. Both of them down, Treecko and Chimchar turned their attention back to James, who
was slashing away at Skuntank.
''You...know...you...can't...beat...us!'' Grunted James between blows. Skuntank realized that this was
true, as he was losing the strength to keep his guard up. Finally, James broke through Skuntanks' guard
and planted a powerful Force Palm, sending Skuntank, Koffing and Zubat right into the water. They surfaced,
choking on the salty water.
''I told you you couldn't beat us.'' James said, slightly angry. ''Now get out of my sight.''
''We'll get you one day.'' Skuntank replied.
''We'll see that that day never comes.'' Skuntank and his cronies looked at James for a while, then swam
off. As soon as they were out of eyesight, James, Treecko and Chimchar turned to help Piplup up.
''You OK?'' Treecko asked.
''Aagh... I think they fratured my foot.'' Piplup replied. She got up and tried to walk around, but
her injury got the better of her and she collapsed.
''Take it easy Piplup. We'll fix you up.'' Chimchar said.
''Oww... How am I gonna get back to Sharpedo Bluff then?''
''We'll carry you. Just hang on.''

James and the team carried Piplup back to Sharpedo Bluff as the crimson sunset beated down on the land.
Once there, Treecko put Piplup in her bed and started treating her fractured foot, as James and Chimchar
recapped the situation. James pulled out a table, and put a Wonder Map of the continent on it.
''OK, here's the situation guys.'' Said James. ''A few days ago, Salamence, one of the best Exploration
Team Federation's members, went missing. He was last seen in an area around the World Abyss, just here.''
James marked a circle around the vicinity of the World Abyss.
''The E.T.F sent out all their members to try and find and extract him, but to no avail. They looked
around this area, here.'' Chimchar continued, drawing a bigger circle around the one James already drew.
''And most recently, the E.T.F sent a letter to James requesting our help.''
''Hey, when did you get that letter, James?'' Asked Treecko.
''Only this morning. Why?''
''Well, I found this only this morning as well.'' Treecko handed James a red, slightly beaten-up
neckerchief, usually worn by explorers.
''Have a look on the back.''Treecko suggested. James did, and saw the E.T.F crest on it.
''You think that's Salamence's?''
''It's possible.'' Said Chimchar. ''He might have dropped, or worse...'' James knew what he was suggesting,
and quickly kicked the thought from his head.
''Hey guys, how about we head of to the E.T.F's headquarters tomorrow? We can find Scizor and ask him
if he knows anthing else about this.'' James proposed.
''Good idea. We can check their archives and see what he was up to in the last few days before Salamance
''Piplup's foot should be fully healed up by tomorrow, so I'm agreed.''
''Then it's settled. I'm gonna get some sleep.''
''All right, night.'' James hit the hay, unaware of the challenges that he and his team have to face
in the next few days...

Getting excited guys? Trust me, it gets better, but you'll have to be patient.
Now for the event explanations:

*1: During chapter 15 of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, the human-Pokémon and
his partner teamed up with a falsely labelled criminal called Grovyle to investigate why time was
stopping all over the world. And Tresshoud Forest was the first place they visited.

*2: Team Skull were the human-Pokémon and his partner's rivals, with Skuntank, the teams' evil leader,
brewing up plans to cause trouble for them and the guild. They indirectly got their own back on them
however at the end of Chapter 18, when the human-Pokémon headed to Brine Cave to rendezvous with Grovyle
and found all of Team Skull K.O'ed by bandits. Skuntank did swear revenge however, and that's why I
dragged them into these stories.

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Hmmm... an explorer goes missing and the ETF are unable to find and extract him. As strange as it sounds, this storyline sounds... familiar, but I can't place where I've seen it before.


I don't claim to be an expert on the lore of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (As I have never even heard of it until now), but this story does sound worthwhile.


Just one thing: When Piplup told James she fractured her foot, you misspelled "Fractured". Just thought I'd point it out.



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I don't claim to be an expert on the lore of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (As I have never even heard of it until now), but this story does sound worthwhile.

Well then, you reall should play the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. They're on Nintendo DS. NOT 3DS.

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Glad to see familiar faces returning? Well, you're in for a treat.
Chapter 2
Living Legends
Team Storm got up early next morning and headed for the E.T.F's HQ, located by the foot of the mountain
zone. Along the way, James and Treecko discussed the question of why Salamance was sent to the World Abyss
in the first place. Even the E.T.F knew not even to go 10 clicks near that place.
''Well, if they sent him there, they knew what they were doing.'' James imposed.
''You might have a reason, but I still don't know if they sent him there or if he got too curious.''
''Well, we can ask the Scizor and the guys and find out, can't we?'' Piplup said.
''And what we're doing, Piplup.'' Reminded Chimchar. ''Hey look, we're here.'' On the horion was the
headquarters of the Exploration Team Federation. The whole place was a massive chain of caves dug into the
sides of the mountains all linked together by underground corridors. Because the caves in the mountains
ran very deep indeed, the chance of getting lost was very high. But that was no problem for the team, since
they've been here more than once. They approached the doors, and they opened automaticlly. Sure is a modern
place for a land which builds traditionlly with wood and all that. They entered reception and headed through
the corridors to Scizor's office. Along the way, James accidentlly bumped shoulders with another Pokémon, and
when he turned around to say sorry, he couldn't believe his eyes.
''Wh--what?...Bidoof, is that you?''
''James Quillinger! Too long my friend!'' They shook hands.
''Man, how long has it been? 3 years or something?''
''Somewhere along those lines.'' James answered. ''What're you doing here?''
''Go on, have a guess. ...Give up?''
''No idea.''
''Heh...I got a job here.'' James' jaw hung open.
''Oh, you lucky thing. Why'd they snap you up though?''
''Because he obtained the Master Rank.'' A voice from behind gave the answer to his question. James snapped
his head around to find Scizor.
''Ah. There you are.''
''So you rebanded like we asked. Tell me, what exactly are you doing here?''
''We need some info.'' Said Piplup. ''If there's any info you have that could help us, we need it.''
''I might have something. Come on in.'' 
Scizor opened the door to his office and ushered the team in. They sat down.
''What can I do for you then?'' Scizor asked.
''We found this.'' Treecko gave Scizor the neckerchief he found in the grass of Tresshoud Forest. ''What do
you make of this?'' Scizor looked at it.
''It's from the E.T.F, no doubt about that. Someone, possibly Salamance could've dropped it.''
''Hm. All right, next question. What were you and Salamance doing before he vanished?''
''Trying to find out who was the guardian of the World Abyss, no less.''
''And you sent Salamance to find out?''
''Sorta. He was keen on doing it, so we sent him out to at least 15 clicks of the Abyss. According to the
intel he sent us before he vanished, the name of the guardian was sent to us as well. It's being guarded
by Giratina.'' 
''What the hell?! I thought he was only a legend!'' Treecko said, with shock in his voice.
''As before we disbanded, we found that many legendary Pokémon exist. Uxie, Dialga, even Dusknoir...''
''You think he got took down by Giratina?''James asked Scizor.
''It's possible. Worse, he might have killed him--'' He begun.
''Don't even think about that.'' James cut him off.
''Well, what do you think happened to him?'' Scizor retorted.
''How in the hell should I know?'' James said in disgust. After a small period of silence, he spoke again:
''Maybe Chatot knows something down at the guild.''
''Are you nuts?'' Chimchar asked. ''We terminated all contact with them, didn't we?''
''Well, that contact is now reopened. Besides, if we don't get their help, who else is gonna help us?''
''...You've got a point there, James.''
''I think I'll tag along...For now.'' Scizor said.
''Well, that's that settled. Come on guys, we're going back to Wigglytuff's Guild.'' The 5 explorers got up,
left Scizor's office and headed back to Treasure Town.
''Yes, but Guildmaster, don't you the amount of danger they're getting into?'' Chatot asked.
''They'll be fine. They are still the most revered team in the land. Don't sweat it.'' Wigglytuff replied.
''Pokémon detected! Pokémon detected!'' Diglett from down the tunnel, who was at the sentry post shouted.
''Whose footprint? Whose footprint?'' Loudred shouted back.
''...The footprint belongs to...No...It's not him...''
''What? Diglett, who is it?' Loudred shouted down the tunnel again.
''It's James Quillinger!'' Diglett annonced.
''W-WHAT?!'' Chatot squeaked.
''That can't be right Diglett!'' Wigglytuff said.
''It really is him! Go and look if you don't believe me!'' The guild members ran up and out into the
entrance. Through the closed gate, they saw 4 former colleagues that they knew like a family. It was
Team Storm.
''James! Oh my gosh, it's you!'' Sunflora shouted.
''Heh heh... Hey guys!'' Chimchar shouted back.
''Come on, let us through guys.'' The guild members made way for Chatot and Wigglytuff as they opened the
gate. When it was finally up, they all ran forward and gathered around the team. Wigglytuff and Chatot
approached them.
''James. Chimchar. Treecko. Piplup.'' Wigglytuff said, turning to each of them.
''...Hey?'' James simply said. He saw out of the corner of his eye that his former friend, Chimecho, was
crying with happiness.
''...Welcome back, Team Storm!'' Wigglytuff shouted, and everyone rushed forward to give the team a massive
group hug.
''I know this is touching and all, but remember why we're here, James.'' Scizor stepped in.
''What the? It's Scizor!'' Corphish, another assistant at the guild shouted out.
''Good eye, Corphish. James, tell them why we're here.''
''All right. Chatot, prepare the Mess Hall for a meeting.''
''I'll get on it right now.'' Chatot ran back into the guild.
''Wigglytuff, we've got a bit of a situation on our hands. I'll explain everything at the meeting.''
''I understand. Come on, let's get you in.'' The crowd of members literally carried Team Storm into the
guild's upper floor, where the members what happened while James was away. Chatot soon came back up and
annonced the Mess Hall was ready. So much for celebrating.
The guild members sat down on the chairs while James wondered what he should do if they run out of leads.
''We're all accounted for James.'' Wigglytuff remarked.
''Good. Scizor, if you please.'' Scizor turned off the lights and flicked the projector on the table on,
which projected a portrait of Salamance.
''A few days ago, this guy went missing. His name is Salamance, and he's one of the best explorers in the
Exploration Team Federation.'' Scizor hit the button on the projector and it changed to the Wonder Map
with all the markings that James and Chimchar made.
''According to our sources, Salamance was last seen here: About a dozen clicks from the World Abyss.''
Scizor explained. There were murmurs and gasps from the guild.
''Quiet, please. ...Quiet!'' Said Treecko, with a bit of force in his voice. The guild settled down.
''We tried to extract him, but we were beaten at every turn. We're running out of choices. The only hope
we've got now are Team Storm. They once surpassed our standards, and that's why they need our help.''
''There's just one problem however. A twisted, evil Pokémon lives in the Abyss. 
...You ever heard of Giratina?'' James asked. The guild gasped.
''Y...You mean...''
''Yeah, the guy really exists.''
''James, NO. He'll take you out in no time flat.'' Chatot protested.
''I have to. It's what i'm known for. And if we wasn't legendary, how else would we have beaten Darkrai?''
''He's right, guys.'' Chimecho said, standing up. ''If he didn't stop the distruction of time, what is he
good for? James, you've got my support.'' After a small period of silence, Loudred then got up.
''If he's in, then I'm in too.'' Sunflora rose as well.
''I wanna help out too.'' Chatot was next up.
''I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'll give you the best support I can.'' Wigglytuff was the last
one to get up.
''Then it's settled. We're all in.''
''Thanks guys.'' James said. ''But we're out of leads right now. Chatot, what do you know about Giratina
and the World Abyss?''
''...Giratina is one of the darkest Pokémon in the world. Only Darkrai had a blacker heart than him.
Giratina guards the World Abyss, a sort of graveyard of the underworld. It's more commenly known as 
'The Deepest Hole'. Giratina is so powerful, even Dialga's and Palkia's power combined can't even wound
him. It's almost like he's a dark god. A living one at that.''
''He's gotta have a weakness. I mean, how else did I beat Darkrai?'' James said.
''I've heard that because he's lingered in the darkness for so long, a pure light attack can expel
his life.'' Chatot continued.
''Then we need a Pokémon who's got the Flash ability.'' Chimchar deduced.
''I know one Pokémon who has that ability. Remember Starvia, James?'' Wigglytuff asked.
''Oh, crap. We've had our quarrels in the past*1.''
''Hey, you gotta patch up the relationship with her. If you refuse, then there's no other way.'' Loudred
''Yeah...You're right.'' James agreed.
''Best if you go now guys. I'll dig up any info I can.''
''Uh-huh. Alright guys, let's go.'' The team and Scizor left.
''Good luck out there, Team Storm!'' Wigglytuff shouted after them. Team Storm headed for the Lush Prairie,
unaware of the trap waiting for them...
Event explination, coming up:
*1: Now, this is something that DIDN'T happen in the games, this is something I imagined up. According to
ther lore I imagined, Starvia was once a member of Team Storm, but she and James always argued over who
would would lead the exploration into a new land. She eventually struck out on her own.
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OK, time for Chapter 3 of this story, which introduces the main villain:
Chapter 3
Enter Giratina
While Team Storm headed to the Lush Prairie to find Starvia, back at Wigglytuff's Guild, everyone
was checking over their archives for any trace of Giratina, while Bidoof made himself useful and
checked the team's progress via their trackers built into their headsets. It wasn't long before 
something came up though.
''Uh-oh. This isn't good. Hey, Chatot?'' Bidoof called.
''You might wanna take a gander at this.'' Chatot wandered over and looked at the screen. His face dropped.
''This is not good. They're walking into a trap!'' Chatot turned away and called up James on his headset.
''James! You hear me?''
''I read you.'' Replied James as they trekked to their destination.
''Listen! You're walking into a massive trap! The pow--Wo--yss--'' The line was going static.
''Chatot! Chatot, respond!'' The line was gone.
''DAMMIT!!'' James yelled in anger. Something was awaiting him at the Prairie, and it wasn't just Starvia.
''Guys, we gotta move!'' The team started running.
''What went wrong?'' Piplup asked James between breaths.
''Something's jamming the radio. I bet it's up ahead.'' The hill leading up to the Lush Prairie was just up
ahead. James saw that the sky was changing colour from a deep blue to a sombre red, with thunderclouds dotted
''I've got a bad feeling about this, James. We should turn back.'' Treecko suggested.
''I'm not a coward.'' James reminded. As they trekked up the hill, James' instincts were nagging at him
to turn back. He was determined to press on though. But as the team made it to the crest of the hill, what
they saw shook their nerves.
''Holy...'' The once beautiful Lush Prairie was now a wasteland of wood, rubble and rock. Fires were raging
eveywhere, as the Pokémon who lived there ran for their lives.
''We gotta find Starvia! Come on guys!'' James shouted, running down the hill, followed by the others. Once
down, he started looking around for Starvia before it was too late.
''Starvia! Where are you?'' James called. A line opened up on his headset.
''Come in... James, come in!''
''Huh? Wigglytuff?''
''Finally. Something was jamming up our radio frequencies; we've got it sorted now. Listen, get out of there
now! It's a trap!''
''Not until I find her.'' James growled and closed the line, while opening up a public radio line.
''Starvia, can you hear me? Starvia!'' James shouted desperatly.
''Nngh...Quillinger?'' A new voice came on the line.
''Thank God you're okay. Listen, where are you?''
''I'm in the square! Get your butt over here, now!'' Starvia responded.
''Always impatient.'' James ran for the centre of town. Once there, he and the team looked around.
''Where the hell are you...'' James muttered under his breath.
''I found her, guys!'' Scizor affirmed. James ran over to a fallen piece of wood, with a bird Pokémon trapped
underneath it.
''Quillinger!'' Starvia shouted, happy to see him.
''That's James to you. Don't you ever learn?''
''We haven't got time for this.'' Chimchar said. ''We're gonna get you out of there.''
''No, you have to go, now! It's a trap!'' She shouted.
''Guys, hit the deck!'' Everyone except for James, who was trying to get the piece of wood of Starvia off her,
got down and covered their ears. James was too late to react, as a massive Pokémon rushed through him and knocked
him to the ground. James swiftly recovered and got a glimpse of his attacker.
''No way...Is that...'' It was, without a doubt.
''Guys, run! It's Giratina!'' The team picked themselves up off the ground and retreated to a safe distance.
''James, get out of here!'' Starvia pleaded. James ignored her and ran after Giratina.
''Ah, James Qullinger. You came.'' His loud, deep voice boomed out.
''This might have been a trap, but I'm not falling into it now!'' James ran at Giratina. He tried to crush James under
his feet, but James rolled out of the way and climbed on to his foot. He rapidly climbed up his body and jumped up onto his
''There. Now, how're you gonna get me?'' James taunted.
''Humph. With this.'' James suddenly found himself falling to the ground as Giratina vanished into mid-air. He tried to right
himself before landing, buu was too slow and hit the ground, back-first. James cried out in pain, and desperatly tried to get
back up when he saw black shadows unite in mid-air, and dark-red eyes looked at him...
''JAMES!! GET DOWWWNNNNNN!!!!'' Piplup shrieked at the top of her voice. James couldn't hear her though. Not well enough.
Giratina unleashed Shadow Force and charged at James.
''Wh...Wha...'' The next thing James knew was even more pain as Giratina slashed straight through him. He was in a critical
state, with only a few more HP left. He couldn't keep this up, and collapsed to the floor.
''Quillinger!! NO!!'' Starvia, who had managed to get the plank of wood of her, screamed and ran to him. She picked his head up
up off the floor.
''I can't...hang...on...'' James' squinty eyes closed and he went limp. The last thing he remembered before passing out was
Giratina's roar and Starvia calling for him...
James woke up. He was in a bed, part of his chest bandaged.
''You're in the guild.'' A voice said behind him, who soon came round.
''Welcome back, James.'' Chimecho said. James groaned and managed to sit up.
''You've been out for 12 hours straight. It's sunset right now.'' Chimecho explained. ''When Giratina charged you with Shadow
Force, the force of impact broke a few of your bones and caused internal bleeding. It wasn't life-threatening, but it was
very worrying for your teammates.'' James saw out of the corner of his eye that Wigglytuff and Chatot came in, followed closely
by Bidoof.
''What happened while I was out?'' James asked.
''A lot of bad stuff.'' Bidoof said, wandering over to Chimecho and handing him an X-ray of James' chest. ''Things are really bad
right now.'' Wigglytuff then came over.
''While you were out, Giratina had taken over the Lush Prairie and ensnared it in darkness, corrupting all the hearts of the
Pokémon who were unfortunate not to get out.'' James lept up a little.
''What?! Only Darkrai has enough dark energy to do that!'' He exclaimed.
''That's what we're trying to figure out.'' Bidoof said. ''Giratina now controls all of the eastern side of the continent.
 Worse, he's planning to attack Treasure Town in a week.''
''Crap...'' James cursed. ''This complicates things. And we still don't know where Salamance is.''
''Actually, we might have found a way to find him. If we can get an energy reading off of Giratina, we can analyze it and
trace Salamance's location.''Chatot explained.
''Aha. We need to lure him into here first.'' James suggested. ''You think you can reinforce the town with everything you
can get your hands on?''
''We'll try.'' Chatot answered. ''We'll let you recover.'' Chatot turned and walked away, followed by Wigglytuff.
''...I hope you know what you're doing, James.'' Wigglytuff said without turning back. When they came out, Starvia came in.
''Starvia. Hey.'' James said weakly.
''Oh, Qullinger...'' Starvia ran over. ''You OK?''
''Yeah...Damn Giratina, he injured my chest.''
''I heard outside what was going on right now. Tell me you're joking.''
''I'm not. If we're gonna find Salamance, then we need Giratina's energy reading. And for that, we need to lure him in.''
''What, into here?'' James shrugged his shoulders.
''It's the best chance. I'll be up and running again in a few days, so don't fret.''
''All right. Get well soon, Qullinger.''
''That's James.'' He and Starvia laughed a little before Starvia left. When she went, James slumped back into his bed, knowing
what is going to happen in a week's time. He and everyone will be ready though. He promised to protect this town, this domain,
his home.

Time for the next update. Hoo boy, Team Storm and the town have got one hell of a fight coming up:
Chapter 4
A week later, Treasure Town changed. All of the buildings were reinforced with as much wood and stone as
they could hold. Everyone was uneasy, knowing what would happen in a few minutes time. The night air was
cool and pleasant, but all that would soon change. All of the Pokémon in the town, major or minor, were
in this, like it or not.
Up on the balcony of Wigglytuff's Guild, a now-fully-healed James paced back and forth along the planks
of wood, waiting for their target to arrive. The team's objective was simple: Take down as many hostiles
as possible to provoke Giratina to come in and take care of things himself, lure him down to the beach
and get an energy sample from him. All of that, easier said than done. As James paced back and forth again,
Diglett, the guild's sentry popped up beside him.
''Everything's ready, James.'' He confirmed.
''Good. Now all we have to do is wait...'' As he gazed out over the balcony, he finally saw his opponents
on the horizon. Giratina's army was closing in.
''All right.'' James said aloud. He turned back to all the Pokémon who were gathered in the guild.
''Into positions, everyone!'' Every single Pokémon scrambled back up the ladder into the open and out onto
the main road leading right through the town, which was now peppered with tons of sandbags. Groups of Pokémon
split up and took positions at each line of defence. James, Treecko and Piplup were defending the 1st line,
along with Chatot and Bidoof.
''You guys okay?'' James asked.
''Gulp...J-Just a little n-nervous...'' Bidoof stuttered out.
''It'll be OK, Bidoof.'' Treecko said. ''We'll get out of this alive.'' A line opened up on James' headset.
''Quillinger, it's Starvia.''
''All right, go ahead.''
''I've got a visual on Giratina's army. ETA might be about 3 minutes.''
''Acknowledged. Get back over here.''
''I'm on my way. I'm out.'' Starvia terminated the line. Now the air was even uneasier, as everyone knew
that this would be their last 3 minutes of peace before they descended into hell. Yet no one talked.
''...I hope this works.'' Piplup muttered.
''It will, Pilup. Don't worry.''
''Look, there they are!'' Chatot shouted. Giratina and his corrupted followers came through the outskirts
of town.
''Prepare your weapons.'' James ordered. He, Bidoof and Chatot picked up a load of Iron Thorns they had 
stockpiled, and sharpened the ends. Treecko checked his Razor Leafs over and Chimchar, who was one line 
behind James, picked up some fire from his tail. James peered his head over the sandbags, but made sure
he couldn't be seen. Giratina was at the crossroads.
''Humph.'' His voice boomed out. ''Let them taste the Shadow Sneaks.'' 3 of his followers took the lead
and started charging black energy into their hands.
''10 seconds to impact!'' Bidoof shouted.
''Wait for it, wait for it...''James kept repeating. He saw the Shadow Sneaks were charged.
''Fire!!'' Giratina yelled. The 3 corrupt Pokémon threw the Sneaks straight at James, who grimaced
and ducked back down behind the sandbags as the Sneaks landed either side.
''Fire! Fire all!'' James screamed at the top of his voice, as he, Bidoof and Chatot started throwing
Iron Thorns. In the next few half-minutes, they held off the opposition pretty well. When a corrupt Pokémon
clambered over the sandbags, Chimchar threw a Flame Wheel right at him and James finished him off with
a roundhouse straight into the head, killing it.
''And stay down.'' James taunted. He closely inspected it.
''No...What have they become...'' It was completely drained of colour. James opened up a line on his headset
as he dodged another Sneak.
''Starvia, you're clear! Bring the rain!''
''On it.'' Starvia picked her moment from the 3rd line back, then grabbed a load of Silver Spikes in her
talons and swooped overhead.
''This is gonna hurt!'' She taunted over the radio as she dropped the Spikes just like hail in a storm.
''All right, guys, get back! Now!'' James shouted to everyone behind him.
''They're running! Go!'' Giratina commanded to his underlings.
''Ha, ha, he fell for it. Diglett, you're up.'' Treecko shouted to him as they ran back.
''This had better work..'' Diglett hoped before he burrowed underground. James and Treecko dodged
a ranged attack from Giratina and whipped behind the sandbags layed back quite a distance from the
bridge seperating the two parts of the town. As Giratina and his army ran after the retreating towns-
people, he could sense something - right under his feet.
''Bombs away!'' Diglett said over the radio as he activated the traps under the ground.
''GET DOWN!!!'' Piplup screamed as the traps detonated in an explosion of yellow, red and white.
James brought his head down just as the explosion passed overhead...
James had come out unschathed from that explosion, but the aftershock left him dazed. He struggled to get
back up and get his vision into focus. All he could see was a mess of black. A green figure ran over to him
and shouted at James, but he couldn't make out a single word.
''James! Snap out of it!'' Yelled Treecko, slapping him in the face.
''OW! Why the hell did you do that?!''
''There. That got you going again.'' James peered back over the sandbags to find out that most of Giratina's
followers laid on the ground, dead.
''Grr...Do I have to do this myself?'' Giratina shouted.
''A-ha! All units, disperse! I'll need to handle this!'' James got up and vaulted over the sandbags, staring
right into Giratina's eyes.
''Looking for me?'' He taunted.
''You are one infamous pest.'' Giratina chased after James as he took off for the beach.
The waves of the beach crashed into the sand as James ran as fast as he could down the shore, followed
by Giratina. When James reached the entrance of the Beach Cave, he stopped and turned around to face
''Ha, ha, ha... Nowhere to run now.'' Giratina remarked.
''Oh, I'm not intending to run. Nope, now you've fell into OUR trap.''
''Pah! Well, some trap this i--GRRAHHH!!!'' Giratina screamed in pain as someone attacked him from behind.
It was Starvia, who then ran a glass bottle through Girtina's bleeding wound and shut the lid on it.
''Quillinger, catch!'' She shouted, hurling the bottle. James ran and jumped.
''I've got it, I've got it!'' He shouted, but just as the bottle reached his hands, Giratina recovered
and knocked him back.
''You're not having that.'' He said.
''Oh, we'll see about that!'' Starvia shouted, entering battle with him. James got back up, and looked for
a chance to snag the bottle containing Giratina's blood without him seeing. After about 45 seconds,
Starvia saw an opening and Airial Aced Giratina, stunning him.
''Quillinger, get it!'' James ran and jumped, snagging the bottle just as Giratina fell onto the ground.
''Damn...'' He cursed. ''All units, retreat!'' Giratina faded away into the thin air.
''James, all the corrupt Pokémon are running!'' Chatot said on the radio.
''Hah, hah! We did it, guys!'' James said. Starvia ran up to his side.
''Now that, was pretty sweet work.''
''Teamwork, you mean.'' James reminded. ''C'mon, we gotta hand this to Wigglytuff.'' He and Starvia
ran back to the crossroads, where everyone awaited them. James approached Wigglytuff.
''Did you get it?'' He asked.
''You bet I did.'' James answered, giving him the bottle.
''Great work, guys.'' A line then opened up on all the headsets in the town.
''Citzens of Treasure Town, congratulations. You shall be the first to witness the end of the light.''
''Giratina...'' Treecko muttered.
''James Quillinger... Tomorrow at sunset, you and your loved ones shall die, in pain and in sorrow.
If you wish to try and stop me, come to the World Abyss, if you dare. Ha ha ha...'' His voice faded away.
''Grrrr... James, what do we do?'' Piplup asked.
''We've got no choice. If we don't stop Giratina by tomorrow evening, the world we'll know will be gone.
And we STILL need to find Salamance.''
''Well, we've got the blood sample, so now we can find out.''
''No. Best to leave it until tomorrow. If Giratina knew we were going after him right now, he'd ambush us
and take us down in a matter of seconds.''
''All right. You heard James guys.'' Chatot said to the guildmembers. ''Get some rest. We earned it.''
''Meet back here tomorrow at sunrise, and we'll head for the World Abyss.'' James said, as he headed back
to Sharpedo Bluff.
Yup, things are getting tense. And no, there's no event explainations required.
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All right guys, it's starting to build up. The assault on the World Abyss begins now.
Chapter 5
Breaching The Gate
The next morning, everyone reported to Wigglytuff's Guild to analayze Giratina's blood sample and find
out where Salamance is. As Chatot scanned it, everyone paced back and forth, waiting for the results.
''You think Giratina's got him somewhere?'' Scizor said to James.
''Probably. And whatever happens, don't - and I repeat - don't say that he's dead. 
He's out there somewhere.'' The scan finished and Chatot looked at the reading.
''No way... Salamance is part of Giratina!'' Chatot cried. Everyone gasped.
''Chatot, that can't be right!'' Wigglytuff protested.
''There's no mistaking it, Guildmaster. He IS part of Giratina.''
''What do we do, James?'' Treecko asked.
''...We're gonna have to defeat Giratina if we're gonna see Salamance again.''
''No, James! You didn't last 30 seconds against him at the Lush Prairie!'' Chimchar spoke up.
''You can't change my mind, guys. Just listen. If we don't do this, our world we know and love will
perish. You really don't want that do you?''
''...He's got a point.'' Piplup remarked.
''Yeah. Quillinger's right guys.'' Starvia said. ''Count me in.''
''I wanna help too.'' Treecko then said. ''How else are we gonna beat Giratina? We have to work together.''
''Team Storm needs all the help they can get right now.'' Scizor reminded. ''We were the ones who asked them
to help us, and now they need OUR help. I'm in.''
''We live together or we die together.'' Chatot said. ''I'm not ready to die. Not just yet. But no matter 
what happens, I will fight until the very end.''
''Then we fight now.'' Wigglytuff announced. ''For the future. Let's move.'' Everyone exited the guild and
started to make their way to the outskirts of the World Abyss.
A few hours later, James and the team managed to make it to 1 single click out of the World Abyss, while
remaining undetected, thanks to Bidoof's excellent orientation skills. He remained back at the guild to
monitor James' progress and point out where the enemy was, so they could skirt around them. As they
approached the entrance to the Deepest Hole, The World Abyss, the sky turned an ominous dark red. But
before they could get in there, they had to get through a base that Giratina had situated as a last line
of defence. Chatot observed the activity in the base.
''Look at 'em all. We'll be able to get in there, but we won't get through unscathed.''
''Yeah, but in order to get in there, we'll have to get past that electric fence.'' James remarked.
''I can do that for you.'' A Pokémon said behind James. He turned aound.
''Name's Raichu, from the E.T.F. I'd shake your hand, but you might get electrocuted.''
''You can slip over that fence for us?'' James asked.
''That, and knock it out. Look at the wires on the other side of the fence. They lead into the warehouse
over there,'' Raichu remarked. ''I'm thinking there's a generator in there. If I knock it out, you guys
can get in there. But with all those guards around, it's gonna be hard to get in there...'' Starvia
''Leave that to me. Maybe I can distract them.'' She said, looking at a small building, possibly a
munitions room, which was right by the fence. ''Scizor, you got any wires on you?'' James soon realized
what Starvia was gonna do.
''...You're really gonna do that?'' He asked.
''And who's gonna stop me, Quillinger?'' She retorted, grabbing the wires and flying over the fence.
''That's James...'' He muttered. Again. Once Starvia was over the fence, she attached one end of the wires to the gate,
then went in to the surveillance building with the other end. She came back out a few seconds later without it. Starvia flew
back over the fence, laughing like hell.
''Ha, ha, ha... Hey guys, what's the most commonly used word to describe an explosion?'' She managed to burst out over her
laughter, while James saw that the end of the wires connected to the fence burst into flames and followed the wire.
''Uh... Bang?'' Treecko suggested.
''Spot on.'' As soon as the fire on the wires entered the surveillance building, Starvia simply said:
''Bang.'' As the building exploded, James and the others hit the deck as it went up in flames.
''Are you mad, Starvia?!'' James shouted over the noise of the explosion.
''You COULD say that.'' She retorted. James laughed to himself and picked himself up.
''And where the hell did you branch those cables to, may I ask?'' Chatot inquired.
''The fuel line, no less.''
''You're beserk. You know tha t?'' James laughed.
''Look. It's havoc down there.'' Raichu pointed out, as guards ran out from everywhere to figure out what the hell was going on.
''All right, go for it Raichu.'' Scizor said. Raichu clambered over the live fence (Since he was an Electric type, he was immune to
electric shocks) and headed for the warehouse. Instead of going in however, he pulled out some wires from his bag, and attached
one end to the gate...
''Okay, NOW I'm sure that you guys have lost your minds.'' James said over the radio.
''Thank Starvia.'' Raichu retorted. ''If she wasn't mad, this wouldn't work.'' Raichu exited the warehouse just as the flames on the
wires entered in there.
''Down! Get the hell down, now!'' Piplup shouted.
''No! Go to the gate entrance and use the explosion as cover!'' James suggested, running over there, followed by the others.
He saw through the fence the explosion, and heard the humming indicating that the fence was live with electricity had gone.
It was now just a normal fence.
''Go, go, go!'' Scizor shouted. James knew that this was no time for subtlety, so he kicked the entrance open and followed the
others in.
''Take out anyone and everyone you see!'' Wigglytuff commanded to the guildmembers, as he engaged the nearest target.
James and everyone battled their way through the camp. As he did though, James could, for some reason, feel his anger
growing, waiting to engulf him...
''Area clear!'' Chatot shouted, as he K.Oed the last corrupt Pokémon in the camp. Raichu scanned the area.
''I think that's all of them.'' He annonced.
''I wouldn't be so sure...'' Growled James, taking a few steps back. 3 more corrupt Pokémon entered the camp, and Team Storm
instantly recognized them.
''Oh my God, Skuntank!'' James cried. He and his cronies had the color drained out of them, like all the other corrupted Pokémon.
Skuntank laughed.
''You see, James, how much good the darkness can do?''
''We really are unstoppable now.'' Koffing boasted. ''And you said the day where we'll get you will never come.''
''Heh, heh. Damn right you are, Koffing.'' Zubat said. ''Well, we are very sorry to say that that day has come. Giratina gave us this
form, and now we are just as powerful as him!''
''You might be, but you still can't beat us physically and mentally.'' James remarked.
''We don't need to beat you. No, all we need to do is just delay you... Look.'' Skuntank pointed to the entrance of the Abyss,
to see it closing.
''There's nothing you can do now, James. When that hole shuts, the darkness shall be victorious.''
''James!'' Treecko shouted. ''We haven't got much time!''
''We'll have to get through these turds first.'' James snapped, moving into his attack stance.
''Oh ho ho! You really think you can beat us? With darkness on our side?''
''Don't know until I try.'' James retorted, leaping forward to attack Skuntank. He and James started fighting, while Traacko, Piplup
and Chimchar took on Koffing and Zubat. As they fought, James did realize that Skuntank was now a match for him. Maybe even
more. James tried to paralyze him with Stun Spore, but he didn't even get the move ready when Skuntank charged him and
used Toxic, cutting deep into James' forehead. He screamed out in pain as he it. Luckily for him, James was immune to the effects
of Poison, but that didn't stop him from being hurt. James tried to get up, but felt more pain as Skuntank pelted him with moves.
His HP rapidly dropping, James knew it was over. He was gonna die...
Until the pain suddenly stopped. Skuntank was still attacking him, but he didn't feel anything. Not even the slightest touch. What
James could feel, however, was anger in his body. It was envelloping him. As Skuntank attacked him one more time, James
screamed in anger, somehow lept to his feet and grabbed Skuntank, throwing him against a nearby wall. His head rebounded
off the wall as the immense pain surged through Skuntank's body. Now it was his turn. James, berserk with rage, grabbed
Skuntank again and looked him in the eye for a split-second. Skuntank looked horrified. The team leader was no longer
who he used to be. James thrust Skuntank repeatedly against the wall and back, growing even angrier as he made Skuntank's
HP drop at an alarming rate. Finally, James threw him straight at Zubat and Koffing, knocking them down and out. Skuntank 
bounced off the ground until he stopped, face-down. The anger in James' subsided and he approached Skuntank, who was 
struggling to get back up. Well, you would if you had only 1 single point of HP left. Skuntank managed to flip his body over.
''Wh...Where did that...come from...'' He sputtered out. James looked at his hands.
''I...dunno.'' He knelt down beside Skuntank.
''I guess you still are a match for us.'' Skuntank admitted. He laid down on the ground. ''Finish me. You want us dead, the stupid
guild wants us dead, now Giratina wants us dead.'' James prepared to end Skuntank's life, but looked in his eyes. He was actually
crying. James looked at him, right in his retinas, then turned and looked at the group of Pokémon behind him. Piplup and Treecko
were nodding. James then remembered what Wigglytuff said 3 years ago... He returned to his neutral position and then offered
Skuntank his hand.
''All my life, you got in our way, and yeah, I did want to kill you for that. But remember what Wigglytuff said those years ago?''
'' 'Everyone lives for a reason...*1' '' Skuntank muttered.
''If I killed you now, that wouldn't be fair. I'm not a murderer. I can't let revenge get in my way now.'' James looked at the entrance
to the World Abyss, which was slowly closing.
''Skuntank, listen. Get the hell out of here, and leave Giratina to us.'' James reccomended. Skuntank got up, and James saw the
color come fade back into him.
''All right. But this doesn't mean we're friends. We're rivals. Always are, always will be.''
''I know that. Just get out of here.'' Skuntank walked off.
''Hey, what about your two cronies?''
''They can find their own way out.'' Skuntank said without looking back. As soon as he was out of earshot, James fell to his knees
onto the floor. Everyone rushed over.
''James!'' Treecko said. ''You OK?''
''Yeah. It's just...'' He looked at his hands again. ''Where did that power come from?''
''His rage levels went through the roof when that happened.'' Starvia said. ''Trust me, I saw your eyes when you went berserk,
Quillinger.'' James got back up.
''What do we do now?'' Chatot asked. James looked at the entrance.
''Our chance to turn back was ages ago. I've got to go in there.'' James started walking.
''...Quillinger.'' Starvia said behind him.
''?'' James turned around to find Starvia running for him. She embraced James.
''Promise me you'll come out alive.'' She whispered.
''...I will.'' James whispered back. Starvia let go.
''I'm coming in there with you.''
''No, this is something I have to do alone.''
''...There are some things we just have to do alone, no matter how much your comrades and your known ones don't want you to do
it.'' James explained. ''And this is just one of them.''
''You know you ca--'' Chimchar tried to speak.
''I know he can. He just has to believe.'' Chatot reminded, cutting in.
''...James.'' Starvia said.
''Heh... Finally remembered it?'' James retorted.
''Good luck.'' James nodded and turned back to the closing entrance of the World Abyss. He took off and ran towards it. He wanted
to turn back, but his instincts were commanding him, and not the other way around. He finally jumped and descended into
the Deepest Hole, The World Abyss where Giratina was awaiting him.
Hoo hoo, getting excited guys? Yeah, I am as well, but patience, patience, patience is a virtue. Now for the first event explaination
in a while:
*1: At the end of the post-story content in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, just before the
human-Pokémon fights Darkrai in the Dark Crater, Wigglytuff tells him and the guildmembers how each Pokémon exists for a reason,
whether it be good or bad.
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Woo hoo, next update. The final fight in this chapter is coming fast.
Chapter 6
Heart Of Darkness
As James fell deeper and deeper into the World Abyss, he could feel his strength being absorbed by the pitch-black
around him. He had been freefalling for about 25 seconds now, and when he glanced up, he couldn't see the dark-red
sky from where he came in. It was just him now. Just him and Giratina. No one else.
''It's time.'' James though out loud, as he flipped himself over and landed on his feet. All around him was darkness.
James couldn't see one single millimetre ahead of him. As he slowly walked through the pit, he could hear laughter.
''Ah, James. You did come after all. I was starting to worry you might never come...'' The area lightened up a small
bit, enough for James to see the Dark-type Pokémon known as Giratina standing before him. His dark-red eyes pierced
the air, as he looked James right in the retinas.
''You can't win, Giratina. In fact, you've already lost.'' James annonced.
''I may not live to see out my dark world that I have created, but I will live to see you die.'' Giratina retorted.
''So this is what it's all about. You corrupted so many Pokémon, you destroyed the Lush Prairie, Y-You took Team Skull under
your wing, just to kill ME?! What about the others?!''
''I have had always a score to settle with you, James. Ever since I heard you defeated Darkrai. My apprentice...''
''AHA!! I knew your were linked with that little ingrate. A master AND his apprentice always fall, no matter if they fall together,
or seperately.''
''The same shall go for Wigglytuff and Chatot.''
''Oh, that'll never happen.'' James reminded. ''The light is my home. And I won't let the darkness consume it! Or anyone!''
He cried, moving into his attack stance.
''You cannot defeat me alone, James. What I did to you at the Lush Prairie was only the tip of my powers. Let's see if you can
handle a Nightmare.'' Giratina's eyes flashed and suddenly, James' vision went black and his head started to pound.
''Ah ha ha ha ha... I told you, you are no match for me.''
''Nngghhh...'' James screamed in pain and fell onto his knees. Giratina laughed maniacally.
Starvia sat on a piece of smouldering wood as she looked up at the sky. She was dead worried about James, knowing that he
went into the World Abyss - alone. She yawned, since the fighting really knackered her out. The one thing she wanted right now
was a Max Elixir. She heard footsteps, and from her years of intuition as an explorer, she could sense it was Chatot.
''You think he'll make it?'' He asked Starvia.
''I hope so. Otherwise, we're all screwed.'' Chatot sighed and sat down beside her.
''I've known him, Chimchar, Treecko, Piplup and you for ages. Ever since you joined the guild almost half a decade ago...
Another thing. Why do you always keep calling James by his surname?'' Starvia shrugged her shoulders.
''Force of habit. I don't know why it's that habit though.''
''Heh.'' Chatot got up and looked at the dark, hopeless red sky. Starvia saw something out the corner of her vision. She saw what
she wanted so badly right now under a piece of wood. She got up and tried to get the wood off.
''I've been the guild's head of intelligence for over 20 years.'' Said Chatot, still looking at the sky. ''Every sucess of legendary teams, I've recorded.
Every single one...'' He turned around, to find Starvia drinking a Max Elixir.
''Where the hell did you find that?!'' Chatot asked. Starvia threw the bottle aside and started walking.
''Hey! Where you going?''
''Helping Quillinger out.'' She ran and jumped into the entrance of the World Abyss.
James tried to slash blindly at Giratina as he tried to get the massive pain out of his head, but it was no use as he got knocked back down again.
''Can't stand the pain, James?'' Giratina taunted.
''I...won't let you...win...'' James choked out. The pain in his head was too much to bear, and he collapsed.
''Ha ha ha... It's too late. I have already won.'' James could hear Giratina approaching him.
''Any final words?'' He asked.
''S...Salamance...'' James stuttered. Giratina laughed again when he heard what James said.
''No point in calling for him. He's mine.''
''No. He might be part of you, but he's not under your control.''
''His heart gave in. Give up.''
''No!'' James shouted. ''Yes, the heart might sometimes be weak, and it can sometimes give in. But, no matter what happens to
us, there's a light in our heart which never goes out!*1'' James' vision returned and he got back up.
''Salamance!'' He cried. ''Can you hear me? Free yourself and fight!'' A white light opened up on Giratina's body.
''Im... Impossible!'' Giratina shouted. James used this opportunity to attack Giratina. He ran forward and jumped, managing to Slash
Giratina right in the light on his body. Giratina screamed as the room flared white...
James groaned and slowly got back up.
''Ugh... What just happened?'' The white flare left him dazed. The room was now a grey space. James looked around and found
an aqua blue coloured Dragon Pokémon, with orange wings. James realized who it was and ran over. He knelt down beside the
''Hey, you OK?'' James asked. The Pokémon flickered open his eyes and groaned.
''You're Salamance, aren't you?'' He got up.
''Yeah, that's me. Hang on, who the hell are you?'' Salamance rudely asked.
''Is that any way to greet James Quillinger?'' James retorted. ''I was sent here to rescue you.''
''Rescue me? What happened to me? One sec. I remember heading out to the World Abyss, then getting attacked by a massive
Pokémon, then getting knocked out... I've gone blank.''
''You were part of Giratina. He integrated you into his powers.'' Salamance lept up.
''The hell?! You serious?!''
''Yeah. I got you out, so I think you owe me.''
''Heh. Well, I am gratefu-- GET DOWN!!!'' Salamance grabbed James and pushed him to the floor as a black ball of shadows
rushed past him, just skimming James' ear. The shadows stopped moving and Giratina revealed himself.
''Damn it, are you STILL alive?'' James screeched.
''Great. Now I'll have to kill you AND Salamance. Prepare to die!'' Salamance shouted. James and Salamance started fighting
against Giratina. They put up a great fight, but Giratina just wouldn't go down.
''I've been toying with you for long enough. I'm afraid our little game ends now.'' Giratina boomed out, before he vanished.
''He's using Shadow Force! Watch it!'' James warned Salamance. The two of them watched carefully as Giratina's eyes glowed
in the dark.
''Down! Now!'' Salamance shouted, hitting the deck. James did that as well, but not before tripping and hurting himself. Giratina
came back round.
''Crap, I'm done for...'' James said.
''Quillinger!'' Starvia's voice shouted. In the moment just before Giratina made contact with James, the room went white again
in an instant...
Finally, the first proper cliffhanger. Right, time for that event explaination:
*1: Now this, once again, isn't something that happened in the games. Instead, it's exactly what Sora says in the original Kingdom
Hearts (PS2, 2002) before fighting Ansem/Xehanort's Heartless.
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Second to last update guys. It's time for James, Salamance, Starvia and Giratina to play the endgame:
Chapter 7
Light Of The Dark
''Shadow Force! Watch it!'' James warned Salamance. The two of them watched carefully as Giratina's eyes glowed
in the dark.
''Down! Now!'' Salamance shouted, hitting the deck. James did that as well, but not before tripping and hurting himself. Giratina
came back round.
''Crap, I'm done for...'' James said.
''Quillinger!'' Starvia's voice shouted. In the moment just before Giratina made contact with James, the room went white again
in an instant...
James' vision went back into focus as the flare disappeared. Giratina was yelling in pain. Starvia was now beside him.
''I thought I said I had to do this alone.'' James reminded Starvia.
''Oh, come on, Qullinger, you don't mind just a little help, do you?'' Giratina managed to get himslef back off the ground.
''Y...You!'' He shouted. ''You have the Flash ability!''
''Yes.'' Starvia retorted. ''Yeah, I do. And we're taking you down!'' She, James and Salamance launched one final chance to
defeat Giratina. As they fought, Starvia tried to get into a corner away from the fight so she could recharge a Flash.
''I think we've almost got him!'' Salamance thought, since the amount of moves they landed on Giratina must've brought his
HP almost down to nothing.
''Gragh... Take this!'' Giratina rushed James with Shadow Punch, knocking him down. Giratina then vanished.
''Damn it, he's using Shadow Force! I haven't even got my Flash charged!'' Starvia shouted.
''Then we're gonna have to try and survive this blow.'' Salamance suggested. As the shadows formed in mid-air, Giratina's
eyes gleamed...
''Get down!!'' Salamance shouted. They managed to dodge the first attack, but James knew that they wouldn't get back up in
time to avoid the counter-attack.
''Quillinger!'' The room flashed white again, signifying that Starvia just unleashed another Flash. When the room returned to normal,
James and Salamance found Giratina on the floor, trying desperatly to get back up. It was no use, his injuries were too grave.
''Finish him off!'' James cried. Salamance used Dragon Rush to knock Giratina back, then Starvia used Arial Ace to knock him
into the air.
''Quillinger, you can have the last blow!'' Starvia shouted. James jumped into the air, level with Giratina.
''It's over!'' James yelled, charging a Hyper Beam. Finally, he fired, as the stream of concentrated power hit Giratina, square in
his chest.
''GRRAAAGHHHHHH...'' Giratina's voice faded away as the room and everything inside it was envelloped in white...
James picked himself back off the floor. The room was now completely white, instead of the grey it used to be. Over in the corner,
he could see Giratina in his knees, flakes of black fading from him. His HP was perfectly nullified.
''Im...possible...'' Giratina stuttered.
''Possible, Giratina.'' Salamance said, walking over.
''I suppose... Even I wasn't strong enough to beat you. Maybe the light really is stronger than the darkness.''
''No. Light and darkness are equal.'' James said.
''Then answer me this: You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. Why?'' Giratina asked.
''Oh, I don't mind the darkness. It's just... I find it... Scary.'' James answered. Giratina laughed a little.
''I can see that. Look, James. You need to get out. Now. The entrance is closing.'' James nodded.
''Thanks Giratina.''
''Humph. Why thank me?'' He finally faded away. James looked directly upwards.
''How are we gonna get out of here?'' He wondered.
''I'll be able to fly us out of here.'' Salamance said. ''Climb on.'' James and Starvia clambered onto Salamance's back.
''All right, hold on!'' Salamance took off and flew directly upwards, towards the surface.
''So we actually did it... It feels great.'' Starvia said.
''Yeah, it sure does. You know, that's another reason I live for.''
''Really?'' Salamance asked.
''Hah. Feelings. Where would we be without them?'' James said.
''Hey! There's the light!'' James could see an extremely tiny glimpse of the light coming from the hole above them.
The 3 explorers soared out of the hole, and back out into the daylight.
''Hey, look! They made it!'' Chatot shouted. Everyone started cheering as Salamance touched down. James clambered off and everyone
surrounded him.
''...What? S...Salamance?'' Scizor muttered. Everyone went quiet as he approached Salamance.
''Salamance, reporting for duty,'' He said.
''Where have you been?'' Raichu asked.
''Oh, I got caught up in a tight spot. But, er, that guy over there, that James, he helped me out.''
''And Giratina?''
''We took him down.'' James replied.
''Then that is mission accomplished.'' Treecko affirmed. ''Right Scizor?''
''Yeah. Looks like we owe Team Storm again.''
''Save it, Scizor. You don't owe me anything. In fact, maybe I owe you...''
''Owe us what?''
''For getting us back together. It really is great to see my old friends again. After 3 years... We should be going.''
''All right guys.'' Wigglytuff said to the guildmemebers. ''That is all wrapped up. Come on, we're heading home.''
''Hooray!'' Cried the members as they turned and left. Just before he turned for home though, James looked up
into the sky and saw the dark-red sky give way to a vivid, dark orange sunset. James smiled. He's seen this many
times, but not like this.
''Hey James, you coming?'' Piplup asked.
''Yeah, on my way.'' As he started to walk, he saw the entrance to the Deepest Hole, The World Abyss, close forever.
On the way back, James caught up with his teammates.
''I guess that's our first mission succesfully completed together.''
''I wonder how the E.T.F are gonna reward us?'' Chimchar pondered.
''Chimchar, my good friend, don't you remember? We were never in it for the money.'' Treecko said. ''We were in it for
the fun.''
''True, but...''
''But what?'' James inquired.
''Oh, never mind.''
''Hey, wait. Stop.'' Piplup said.
''Hm? What's wrong?'' The team came to a halt.
''Wow... Look at that.'' They saw the massive orange sun finally disappear below the horizon.
''That's got to be the best sunset I've seen in my entire life.'' Treecko said in mesmerisation.
''That, coming from you?'' Chimchar sniggered. ''Come on, surely you can't see any kind of sunrises or sunsets in
that thick jungle you live in--''
''USED to live in.'' Treecko cut in. ''I want us to stay together, like the old days.''
''You sure we can be back on form?'' Piplup asked.
''Hey. We just took down Giratina. We're ready for anything.'' James reminded.
''We sure as hell are.'' Chimchar said to Piplup. ''We were once the best team in the world. How about we try and
make it back up there guys?''
''Heh. It'll give us something to do. Come on, they're probably already back by now.'' The team set off again.
The fight is over, but this story isn't. There's still one more chapter I need to do, then that's it. 
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Finally, the last chapter in this episode. I can get a move on on the 2nd episode now:
Chapter 8
James couldn't sleep. He's been awake for hours. How did the others do it? Just simply drift off to sleep so easily?
Chimchar, Treecko and Piplup were sleeping peacefully. Starvia said she was gonna sleep over at Wigglytuff's Guild.
James can hardly blame her for the destruction of her home, the Lush Prairie, which forced her to move. But she was
happy here. James wondered who else couldn't sleep tonight. He turned over on his side, shut his eyelids and tried to
nod off. It was impossible.
''Man, how DO you guys do it?'' He muttered under his breath. He could hear the crash of the waves below on the beach
through his left ear. James finally gave up and picked his weary body up off his bed. He gazed out over the view of the sea.
''Can't sleep?'' A voice said behind him. It was Treecko.
''You neither?''
''Nuh? Nah.'' He got up and walked over.
''It's been a long day, and so much as I wanna sleep, I just can't.''
''You're having it better than me; you're not the one who's got insomnia almost all the time.''
''True enough.'' The 2 of them stayed silent for a while, until Treecko spoke up again:
''Starvia told me you were scared of the darkness. Is that true?''
''Kinda. I know that it and light have to co-exist in the world, otherwise, well...''
''Yeah, I know what you mean.'' Treecko laughed a little. ''It's funny.''
''What is?''
''Why is darkness always trying to consume our land when it already has it's fair share?''
''Maybe.. It's nature.''
''Nature or purpose, I dunno.'' Piplup's voice came from behind them. James sighed.
''You have to stop pretending that you're asleep, you know.''
''Well, why?'' Chimchar then asked.
''Seriously guys, full marks for making me think that you were asleep.''
''We couldn't sleep as much as you could, James.'' Treecko said.
''Looks like we're having a rough night.''
''Hey, James. Can you really imagine a world without darkness?'' Piplup asked. James pondered this for a while.
''Honestly... No.''
''That's why the darkness exists. To bring the world back into balance.''
''Exactly, Piplup.'' Chimchar said. ''We can't have peace and quiet forever, you know.''
''Which is why when the light reigns, I want it to reign for as long as possible.'' James said. ''What do you say guys? Shall
we help the light for as long as we can?'' James outstreched his hand to the other 3 members. One by one, they put their hands
on top of James.
''We're back together...'' Treecko started.
''And we'll stay together!'' James, Piplup and Chimchar shouted.
To be continued in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Legends Of The Land - Episode 2: Smuggler's Run...
Well guys (And Dark The Luciaro) ? Enjoyed it? I worked 1 full month on this. Yeah, I'll get to writing the 2nd episode as soon
as possible. All comments/compliments are extremely welcome. 
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