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SF Gensis Revised


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Chapter 1.

Oikonny Hall was a hive of activity . The elaborately gilded, ornamented building was paying host to the annual " Cornerian Sun" awards, recognizing a Significant Cornerian. Scientists, Generals, Musicians, Philanthropists, all were in attendence. Who would tonights recipient be? everyone wondered. Could it be the celebrated Scientist Andross Oikonny? He was sitting in his own box seat, a big broad shouldered ape with grey slicked back hair and a neat grey beard. He had been the recipient for the past five years, due to his ground breaking work in medicine and Cornerian military technology. It was largely due to him, that Corneria was as advanced as it was.

Would Victor Phoenix be the winner? The d Vulpine diplomat had recently brought an end to the ancient Fichina/ Fortuna conflict, bringing clarity and peace to millions.
Yet another expected Candidate was singer/song writer Furri Hendrix. His recent hit single " Starfoxy- Lady" had been widely hailed as a musical breakthru.
The entire crowd held their breath as Colonol Pepper, a saggy faced bull dog officer made his way to the podium on stage. One could hear a pin drop as the bulldog positioned himself and looked somberly at his audience. " Good evening ladies and gentlemen." he began. "Distinguished and honored guests, I am honored by your presence. Rarely is there any occasion where such a concentration of brilliance, courage, and humanitarian impulse are gathered together. Though all of you have done such good, there are three guests tonight who defended your works from such destruction." This was greeted with applause.

Pepper held his paw until the great hall was filled with silence " The recipients of this years " Cornerian Sun" award need little introduction. They have captured the hearts and headlines of Corneria for the past three years. For the past three years they have successfully dealt with the Titanian Nationalists, defended our planet from the forces of Krischania, and put an end to thousands of space pirate gangs. Would team Starfox, step forward please!" In the midst of thunderous cheers and applause, three figures made their way down the aisle. A Fox strode confidently forward, trailed by a more timid Pig and Rabbit. In contrast to the elegently dressed guests, team starfox wore their brown and grey flight jackets, their combat boots, and scarves. The Fox led his team up the stage stairs and to the podium.

The Colonol beamed at all of them beneath his wrinkles. " James Mccloud, Peppy Hare, Pigma Dengar, for your courage, skill, and dedication, I am pleased to present you with the Cornerian Sun !" As the applause rose again, Pepper handed James the award, a small marble pillar topped by a silver sunlike orb. " Thank you sir!" James said eagerly, shaking the colonel's hand. With a subtle snap of his fingers, Peppy and Pigma flanked him, looking onto the crowd with stoic, sweaty faces. " Well hello Coreneria!" James exclaimed. " We are honored and humbled by this award. It's been a real trip serving to you fine people. Though things have gotten pretty tough and hairy at times, the thoughts of the Cornerian people have always kept us going. Always know you will be safe. Always know, youll have a friend in Starfox!"

James showed off the award ( along with a wink and a grin) to the audience, and basked in their approval and adulation.The crowds approval eventually got Pigma and Peppy to ease up and show off their ownflashy poses. While James was the most at ease, all three members felt ecstatic at this moment. All three grabbed paws and held them high for all to see. Nothing could distract them from the crowd's approval and reverence. Not even the hard, pensive, green eyed stare of Andross Okionny.

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 James led his teammates back to their seats, shaking hands, high fiving, and blowing kisses all the way. After more MCS gave out lesser awards the ceremony was over. Colonel Pepper then led the team back stage. He took off his hat and wiped his brow. "Congratulations boys! Here's to a job well done!" Pepper exclaimed enthusiastically, shaking James' hand. "Couldn't have done it without you sir!" James said warmly. "Colonel Pepper, we cannot thank you enough for helping us get this far!"

" No, thank you Peppy! Without you, and your tram I shudder to think what would have befallen our planet!"

He looked them all over reflectivly.

" I took a chance taking you on. I put my reputation and military future on the line, when I pleaded your case to the general staff! Who would have believed that sponsoring space mercenaries would contribute to such victories! You delivered my boys, you really did!" He pulled James and Peppy into a close hug, while Pigma watched on from a distance.

" Magnificent off the cuff speech James! Trusted your instincts eh?" James flashed a nod and smile. " We really would have been toast without him sir." Peppy said humbly.

" Well I wish I could say the hard part is over. It isn't" Pepper sighed. " You just spoke to the crowd, and now you must mingle with them!"

" Hah! you call that hard?" Pigma said with a sneer. "Didja see us Pepper? We were a hit! The hard part'll be keepin' those rich shmucks off of us!" Pepper let out a mournful sigh.

" Corneria is deeply in your debt, but you may find yourselve

s.... among this crowd anyway..... out of place. These are the elite.Many have come from Corneria's finest schools and er.."finest" families. You will find some admirers, but others may resent your presence. Starfox, please be careful!" "James!" 


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Chapter 3.


The minute they stepped into the foyer, Starfox was up to their furry ears in admirers. Everyone seemed to want to speak with them, shake their paw, touch their sleeves, anything to get in contact with them. One older Iguana woman happened to take in interest in Peppy. " So, your quite the flier huh, big guy" she purred as she batted her heavily purpled mascara eyelids at him.
" Oh uh yes ma'am." Peppy said masking his discomfort.
" Back on Krischania.. I... I flew loops all round em Ill tell you hwat..." Out of the corner of his eye he noticed James living it up with Furry Hendrix and two vixens, one purple, and one beige. What to do, what to do.

He had it." Excuse me ma'am I have to get my team together. Big photo shoot you know how it is..." With that he made his way over to James and his entourage. " Peppy Hare, get the hell over here!" James said grabbing his friend by the shoulder. " Furri, girls, this here's my main man, Peppy Hare. Without him, we wouldn't even be having this little shindig"  The feeling lasted until Peppy noticed Pigma Dengar out of the corner of his eye. Pigma was sitting at the bar, being a little too friendly with a turqouise peacock avian, in a blue dress.

" Come on Babe, whatsa matter?!" Pigma belched indignantly. " Im parta freakin Starfox. The best in the galaxy. Chicks love the best. Ill treat ya right!"
As he reached out to grab her arm James rushed forward and pinned it to his back.
" Sorry miss" said James as the peacock ran off in disgust.
" Well, well team starfox shows its true colors." said a snide prickly voice. It was Victor Phoenix, a well dressed fox in his mid forties.
" Im so sorry Mr. Phoenix" said James " Our friend here is completly out of line, and I...
" Im talking about all of you!" Victor snarled. " The Cornerian Sun" award is for  people of consequence!" Victor smiled coldly. " And what are you? Action heroes, video game characters, gutter trash that Pepper swept up to advance his own pitiful career."
James stood up and looked him dead in the eye. " We've saved this planet more times than you can-
" Saved!" Victor hissed. " General Petrus saved us! you were the glitz and tinsel of his battle ships you miserable!...."

" Is there a problem Victor?" a deep, smooth voice inquired. The four animals looked behind them and saw the tall, imposing figure of Andross Okionny. While his face was calm, his green eyes looked furious and were staring straight at Phoenix. " Why Dr. Andross.... not at all.... SImply congradulating our young heroes..." " If I didn't know better" Andross said coldly " I would say that I just heard you grievously insult tonights guests of honor." 
" Insult?" Phoenix said evasivly. " Why no.. I was merely...You must have misheard me..."
Andross gazed silently for a moment. " Take care I do not mishear you again, or I may decide your campaign is no longer worth my attentions." Looking perturbed, Victor hastened away to join a group of sophisticated cheetahs and flamingos.

Andross sighed. " My humblest apologies" he said addressing team Starfox. " Victor, along with many of tonights guests envy you. Let them. Envy is the tribute mediocrity pays to greatness." Andross sat at the bar and motioned for a drink. " Your honor is well deserved."
" Thank you Dr. Andross" said Peppy feeling himself sweat again. " Though Im really surprised the honor wasn't yours again! What with your accomplishments....the cancer cure..... irrigation of Titania... "
" You invented Gold and Silver rings!" James interjected. " Without those we would have been dead meat." Andross waved a brown leathery hand
"Time to pass the torch! All my innovations would have been for nought if you three hadnt been there to defend them!" Andross took his drink, took a long sip and looked all three of them over.

" Now let me tell you something..... a little future advice from one "Sun" recipient to another." All three members watched him with anticipation. Andross smiled " Always be the best. Let nothing and no one stand in your way! I did not get to be where I am by following the "rules". I acted." Andross paused for effect. " I worked my way from nothing, scraped and saved my way thourgh science school. I have taken risks, pushed the very limits and boundaries of science!!... and have reaped handsome rewards. Rewards which you may one day have..." He smiled at them. " Keep your team together. Score more victories, tighten your grip on the Cornerian people's hearts! Soon you will find that nothing is denied to you. Not wealth, not power, not respect.." His green eyes darted to Pigma " Not even women!" 
He stood up and handed them three cards from his coat pocket. "Remember boys, we are of a different breed. ! Give old Uncle Andross a call any time you need work. I assure you, I pay handsomly.."
" Now sir." Peppy started. " We can't promise anything just yet we, well we.." Andross held up a finger
" You needn't do anything you don't want to. Im only saying the offers on the table. Now run along! I shouldn't keep you all to myself!" 

Chapter 4.


" Woo!" What a night!" James said as he arched his back. " Thank God thats over!"
" Heh you said it!" Pigma declared. " Freakin chump city back there!"
" I never want to shake another hand or have another picture taken.... ever again!"
Peppy said wearily. Team Starfox had just walked into their own exclusive parking garage.
As they walked forwad in the dark tunnel like garage, they came upon a red convertible emblazoned with an orange " Great Fox" logo on either side. " Hey Foxy" James called " ya miss me?" It was James' car, the " Foxy Flier." It a state of the art vehicle paid with just a fraction of StarFox's recent earnings. Complete with blue energy boosters and flux capacitor, it was James' pride and joy.

All three piled in, James in front, Peppy in shotgun, Pigma in the back seat. " All strapped in?" James asked putting on his shades as he looked in the rearview. " All set" Peppy replied with a wink, " Fire er up Captain!" James revved the engine, and with a bolt of blue energy, was out the garage, onto the highway of Corneria City. " We did it guys" James said, with one hand on the steering wheel. " We finally did it. You guys rocked!" " Don't mention it Jim." Peppy replied. " Without you though we'd be toast. Your the greatest fighter on the team! Also,I don't know who wouldve given that speech if you weren't there.."
" Pepp come on!" James replied, as he riskily passed a flying orange truck. " I could always count on you saving my ass in a dogfight! Without you telling me to take it easy and not charge ahead, Ida been roadkill!"
" And who saved both yer asses?" Pigma asked , as he patted his hands on James and Peppy's headrests. " You Pigma!" said Peppy beaming. " Your hacking skillls and knowledge of enemy weaponry really did the trick"
" Damn straight!" said Pigma smugly. " Who else would've anaylzed them enemy shields?!" " Noone buddy" James said as he and Pigma bumped fists.

The whole team was quiet now,leaving Peppy to enjoy the view. The car had reached the verdant and mounatainous outskirts of the city, where one could get the best view of Corneria city. The capital looked especially beutiful from this far away, thought Peppy as his long ears swayed back and forth in the warm night breeze.
" You guys" James began. " I love you guys. But we may not all be crashing together for much longer." Im thinking of proposing to Vixy."
" Ah, thinking about getting yerself a new ball and chain huh Jim?" Pigma laughed. " Though I gotta say, she aint a bad ball and chain to have.....!"
" Pigma knock it off!" Peppy barked. " James..... are you really sure about this?" James' expression was unreadable as the streetlights danced off his sunglasses. Peppy had met James' girlfriends: avians, canines, vixens... But Vixy was something special. Cute face, long blonde hair, kind, pretty,and funny. She treated Peppy and Pigma like her own friends. She fit every possible requirement one could have for a wife. Happy as he was for his friend, Peppy couldn't help but feel a bit sad and empty. He didn't get dates nearly as much as James, and the few dates he liked never lasted long. When will my special lady come? he thought to himself.

While lost in thought, James pulled the "Foxy Flier" into the driveway of their secluded, rustic home." Im telling you both, she's the one!" said James as he led the way to the door. " Well we're both happy for ya pal! Mazeltov!" said Pigma as he followed him in. " Congradulations James!" said Peppy catching the door Pigma didnt hold. They made their way to the living room. A room with couches, a fire place, and large glass windows that looked out onto the mountains, forests, and crystal blue lake outside. " Now I know we're all beat, but we've got to see something. Take a seat!" said James as he sat on a black leather arm chair.
Pigma sat on a green plush easy chair, Peppy on an oaken rocking chair. James reached into his pocket and pulled out the 6 inch high marble pillar and silver orb.
" Check it out!" said James breathily as he slowly twirled the award. The lights reflected from it like a disco ball, on the walls, on James' sunglasses, on Pigmas covetous face, On Peppys admiring one. " Really makes a difference looking at it up close right?  " We're the top dogs now! We're a hit!" Pigma said satisfactorily.
" We're the top a da heap! We're gonna make our own rules soon!" His small, watery eyes looked intently at James.
" This means we can be our own boss now! No more kissing Petrus' ass. We...did it! Ya know, we could always work for Andross. That richie'll have us set for life! Vixy will be set for life!"
James looked out the window deep in thought. " Now Pigma...Pigma" Peppy said clearing his throat. "Pigma....James.... I love Andross. He is without a doubt the most accomplished and influential Cornerian alive. I'm amazed we got to talk to him." He took a deep breath. " However. We don't know everything about him.We don't know what he wants us to do. Now Im not saying hes sketchy but we need to be careful. Besides the people love us, because we flew with the army. Thats how we got to be heroes! Now that we're heroes, we can't just go back to being mercenaries for billionaires! We..."

"Aw Give it a rest Pepp, Jesus!" said Pigma as he leaned back in his chair. " Just saying the guy sounds legit, thats all!"
"Enough!" said James quietly but firmly. He was at the window gazing up at the starry night sky. " Its too late to be talking about this stuff. Let's hit the sack. Seriously." 

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Chapter 5.


Andross stood perfectly still in the marble floored elevator. The shiny silver doors, reflected his image as well as his mood. Triumph! He combed his thick wavy hair back, and adjusted his purple pocket handkerchief, looking dapper in his black buisness suit and green tie. The doors opend and Andross strode confidently into the Metal balcony of the 20th floor of the Cornerian defence department. He walked across the platform to a large metal bridge, where two stern looking German shepherd soldiers stood ready. Andross approached them as he reached for his ID.
" Dr. Andross. Pleased to see you. No ID necessary." The one on the left said. Move along".
Andross stepped through them onto the long metallic bridge, over the wide gasping chasm. The chasm was thousands of feet deep, leading deep into the Cornerian defence ministrys bowels. It might seem excessive to the casual observer, but Andross knew the Cornerian government spared no expense, when it came to the safety of it's leaders. They don't spend nearly enough, Andross mused to himself, as they have barely averted disaster, thanks to three ill bred mercenaries. As Andross continued to think his thoughts a high excited voice called out to him. " Hey Andross" Andross peered through the mist emanating around him to see a small figure at the end of the bridge.
It was a frog half his height, complete with thick black glasses, checkered pants, and disheveled lab coat. "Good to see you Beltino!" Andross called out in his deep booming voice. " Right on time I hope?" " We have ten minutes to spare!" The frog called out proudly. Andross crossed the threshold and gave Beltino a warm hug. The two scientists looked up and saw the large, metallic bunker, that was the forum for all engineering/ military matters. " So... uh Andross..." The frog began. " Where do we go in?.... what do we do?.... I mean I know what we do its just!" Andross placed his arm on Beltino's shoulder and fixed his green eyes on him. " Just follow my lead old friend" he said reassuringly.

They strode towards the doors, Andross striding confidently forward, and Beltino shuffling along, his deadfish hands hanging in front of him. " What is the project your pitching? " Andross asked casually. " A proposal" Beltion said, perking up." A proposal to desalinize lake Elenor..... on the opposite side of the planet.... its a key habitat of the large juwana fish..... And a clear source of energy..... I do hope the council will agree." " The council will agree." Said Andross flatly. "To your proposal as to mine." " What is yours Andross?" Beltino asked curiously. "Oohhh... you'll see soon enough" said Andross with a smirk. Andross walked toward the bunkers blue and red striped metallic door and squinted his eye forward. A thin blue beam shot out and focused on his eye. Then the door snapped open. As Andross strode forward through the dark hall, he could hear Beltino chattering his teeth. "Steady old boy......" Andross murmured without turning around. " Just as you told the master scientists... Nothing can go wrong..." They crossed the threshold into a brightly lit meeting room.

The two scientists were surrounded by imposing faces, of the various generals and politicians who were called upon to attend this meeting. In the center of the metallic semicircle was the Cornerian coat of arms: a red outline of the planet Corneria orbited by a red fighter pilot, leaving a long stream of exhaust. Up above the coat of arms was seated the chairman of the meeting: Chief of the Cornerian general staff, a big rhinoceros named General Petrus. He was bedecked in the uniform of a Cornerian General: a red jacket, black bandalier, and red and black generals cap, complete with medals from his long years of service. His brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed as he saw the two of them.
" Andross good to see you!" called an smooth, arrogant voice. " And you too Dr. uh...Toad." It was that of the President, Miles Lynx, seated directly at Thaddeus' right hand. Although he was the president,he was second in command in military councils.
" Great you could come my friend" he went on. " As you well know, the Cornerian state and society are deeply indebted to your efforts. Thanks to you we have developed cures for most diseases, made huge advancements in engineering, strengthed our army and conquered most of the Lylat system..." At this the general gave a derisive snort. " I am sure I speak for everyone here." Lynx continued," that whatever you have to propose today, we'll make happen!" There was a loud muttering of agreement and visible head nodding from the crowd.
" What do you propose Doctor?" Petrus asked in a gruff manner. Andross grinned broadly at him. " My dear Robert...something that will make your already powerful army the pride of the universe!" As Beltino took a seat next to Colonel Pepper, Andross strode toward the center, to pitch his project.

" General Thaddeus... Mr. President... distinguished politicians and members of the general staff...." Andross began. " I am deeply thankful of the support and I have received from you in the past. With my ideas, and your willingness to act on them, we have made Corneria the ruler of the Lylat system. Peace, and prosperity reign thanks to our scientists, our wise leaders, and the brave men and women of the armed forces, who sacrificed so much to defend it. But who knows what new threats we may face? What if our army, is not enough?" Andross paused. " Colonel Pepper, without "Starfox" would you be here today? Would Corneria still be free today?" Thaddeus growled, his grim face becoming grimmer. " Why Dr. Andross..." Pepper began. " They certainly didn't hurt..... though our army is quite....." " At the very least" said Andross, slowly approaching the president, and ignoring Pepper, " At the very least it would have been an uphill battle against the Titanian nationalists... Who knows how much longer Starfox can keep saving the day?" "But fear not" he declared, pulling out a black remote. " I have designed something to make starfox seem like first year recruits in the Bull dog unit."

He flipped a switch on and a giant green monster came leaping out. " Calm down, its just a hologram" Andross said casually as some of the board let out gasps of fear. " Behold.... the bio weapon: A genetically engineered monster for the purposes of war. Viscious, tough, and as strong as any battle ship. Gentlemen, what will be the price?" Andross asked as the vision jumped back into the remote. Beltino was gazing in awe at Andross, as were most of the board. Thaddeus looked offended, Miles, apologetic and pitying. " Dr. Andross" Miles Lynx began.." This clearly is a work of brilliance...... But Im not sure its needed at this time." What do you mean" asked Andross calmy, his voice not betraying his feelings. "This seems extremly expensive... hehe sorry...and impractical...." Said the president. " We also don't know what would happen, if that thing ever escaped."

" It just doesnt make sense." General Petrus growled. " The galaxy is at peace. Our army is strong. We have no real threats to our planet anymore." He looked at Andross. " Doctor, you have been an enormous help to our planet, but I agree, this just is not needed." Andross stared coldly back. " I also feel we need more and different scientists contracted. Your good Andross, but maybe too good. We don't want to have only one person to provide firepower!" " Yes .... as they say... " said Miles Lynx looking flusterd and uncomfortable. " Can't put all your eggs in one basket.... We love your talent doctor.... but perhaps we should diversify....."
" Come to think of it!" said Thaddeus, " We on the general staff have been debating for some time now, but have come to this conclusion. We need to cut back on military spending. It's getting excessive and quite frankly unnecessary. We plan on voicing our concerns to Congress as soon as we can" " General.... Mr. President." said Andross in a voice of deadly calm. " If my military innovations are no longer of service... what would you have me do?" " Well... perhaps more... peaceful pursuits." Miles said folding his palms. " Our new galactic colonies need restoration, refurbishment, for the eventual colonizers? I am sure we can find something for you... "
" Moving on" Petrus barked ruffling his papers. " Dr. Toad..... You have a proposal about desalinizing?" Beltino shiverred and nodded his head. " Well come on up." The general said not unkindly.

Beltino's presentation went magnificently, as he had tried so hard beforehand. Andross barely noticed however as he seethed through the entire thing. If they dont accept my project soon... If they insist on relegating me to childs play... Andross thought to himself. They may have another threat soon enough. One that not even Starfox can stop!

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Chapter 6.


Peppy sat nervously in his chair, in between James and Pigma. The large imposing figure behind the oaken desk was General Robert Petrus, commander of the Cornerian army and their employer. A pair of specatacles rested on his snout just above his uppermost horn. He was reading Starfox's kill count report from the Krischanian campaign. Outside the Generals office window was a large field, where Cornerian soldiers could clearly be seen drilling and marching. " Well.... well..." Petrus rumbled after a long pause. Peppy wondered what the general thought, but knew well enough not to ask. Three years of service had taught Peppy the general was not a man to be provoked. Petrus looked up from the report and fixed his hard gaze on the team members.

" Well done boys. Another menace to Corneria defeated, in a good part because of you! Thats 3000 kills total, plus some bosses.... Seems Pepper continues to be right about you three. Your payment is three million total." "Three million!" exclaimed James in a tone of disbelief. " Is there a problem son?" asked the general with a raised eyebrow. James folded his hands and tried to adopt the most polite tone he could. " Sir. We appreciate the payment. We only wish it could be a little more. Our jobs have gotten harder, our lifestyles are getting more demanding..."
" The Great Fox's repairs are subsidized. The Arwings too." Said the general curtly. " Tell me Mccloud, why will a three million dollar payment force Team Starfox to live on the streets?"
" It wont sir." Said James with a tinge of frustration. " We just feel, what with all our effort, the increasing danger of our jobs.... and the recognition we have brought to the army in addition to our services." James took a deep breath. " Because of this, we woudl like a raise." The General took off his glasses and folded his hands. " A raise." He said after a long pause

" Yes sir" said Pigma. " We knew it was in the works, but just asked to be nice and formal and all." Peppy flinched after hearing this.
" A raise. " the general repeated. " And how many millions will it be?"
" Well general, howbout it?" Pigma continued " We each killed twice as many ships as durin the Titanian war, so how about 9 million? 3 million each?" Petrus took a rumbling breath. " I can't pay you any more than what I have already offered. No matter what else you do.
" Sir.. general... please" said James desperatly. Petrus held up a massive grey hand. " Now listen to me all of you! You enlisted to serve the army! The army, not the film and music studios! You might be Cornerian Sun winners. But you are, like it or not, soldiers, serving under my command! Now I know how talented you are, how many lives you have saved. I admire your heroism as much as the next man. But lets get this clear. Now!" Petrus said as he stood up and placed his hands on the desk. " I didnt want to take you in at first. Because this might happen. Because I didn't want my soldiers to have be in the shadow of some hot-mercenaries. The Cornerian army is your employer. It is not your agent, it is not your promoter. I am honored by your aid and participation, but will not have you being payed more than officers, let alone fellow pilots. I" 

" But sir" said Pigma, not getting it. " We're gettin pretty strapped for cash.....

" Enough!" the general roared. " You want more money?! Wash a car! Shine a shoe! You've been payed what you've earned, no more!" Thaddeus heaved and grunted and focused his gaze on Peppy." You. Hare!" he growled, as Peppys stomach squirmed in distress. " Dont you have something to say about this!?" Peppy gulped, and flushed under his fur. " Sir" he began. " Thank you for continuing to support my team. We are very grateful for your sponsorship, and happy to defend Corneria against all its enemies. I will not openly contradict my leader, but also accept your payment happily. Our success is due thanks to you and the general staff's open mind." Peppy was saying all of this without making eyecontact, when he looked up he saw the generals face was impassive. Then it broke into a satisfied smile. " You see this!" he asked James and Pigma. " Your friend has the right of it. Tell him to speak up more." Peppy blushed as James and Pigma stared at him in disbelief. " Dismissed" The general barked as he went back to his papers. 



Team Starfox walked out of Petrus' office into the bustling Cornerian command center. Officers in crisp unifroms strode briskly by, squads of soldiers jogged in formation. James strode ahead shades on, and a sour look on his face. " That piece of shit...... after everything we did for him... for our planet...! After that.. after all that.. we deserve more than 3 million!" " James.... Im sorry". Peppy said, . " I like more money... who wouldn't?!  But we have a good deal here.... We're still famous, the people love us..... it's only a matter of time before we get our own tv show and video game series... haha" Peppy lughter died off as he saw James' face. " Peppy, if we want real cash, real advancement, we can't keep flying for Corneria. If something doesnt change soon we're gonna need to find someting else." ""James... we have a lot" Peppy said with a befuddled expression. " We have our great house, great parties, great cars... what else.."

" I want more!" James snarled, baring his fangs. " I want to be better! I want to give Vixy and our family all they could want.When I first joined with you Peppy I dreamed of being on top, and Im almost there! I don't want to spend the rest of my life being some asshole's errand boy!" "There is a solution old buddy old pal!" Pigma said with a smirk. " And you know what it is!"

" Working for Andross huh buddy?" said James thoughtfully. " Maybe. He thought we kicked tail. If we found out what he was paying... What kind of job.... " He appreciate us." Pigma whispered. " He'd treat us right. He's our meal ticket... for anything." The team stopped. Pigma's small watery eyes, and James shaded ones were locked, Peppy shunted to the side. James nodded. " Team, we have our next mission." Peppy shuddred in shock. " James... Pigma..... this is too hasty." " Shut up" Pigma said casually.
" What do we say to Pepper? The dog who made us famous, who always treated us so well? The army does so much good! Just because we're not billionaires doesn't mean we should turn our back on them adn everything theyve stood for! I know Petruss is a pain, but he's always been fair!". James whipped off his sunglasses and looked hatefully at Peppy. " Pigma and I are talking to Andross. Depending on what he says we will work for him. Stay here if you want." Pigma and James strode ahead out the sliding glass doors leaving Peppy standing by himself. With a gulp and feeling of unease Peppy hurried out the door after them. 

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Chapter 7.


Andross was lost in thought. He was seated in his luxurious office at Oikkicorp, the leading technology firm on Corneria, just one of Andross' many projects. Seated at his polished teak desk he gazed out his window, into the evening sunlight reflected off the Cornerian skyscrapers. So much work.... so much effort.... and for what? He knew the good he had done, how much he had achieved,now he was stymied, halted by the very people who were most in debt to him! Andross clenched his fist in anger at the thought of it all.
He took the glass ape statuette on his desk and flung it against the wall in anger, at precisley the same moment his door opened. "What is it!" he snarled. It was his receptionist, a brown monkey with red hair and a long tail. She looked terrified. " Penny, I am so sorry." Andross said smoothly. " Just a stressful day, thats all. You know how it is." " Oh uh...  no problem." Penny said nervously. " You have a visitor doctor, but he doesn't have an appointment"
" James Mccloud doctor. Good to see you again." It was James. He gave a quick wink at Penny and  walked toward Andross' desk.
" Why hello James. Long time no see" said Andross with a smile. " You are quite the bold one. Pray what brings you here?" James took off his sunglasses and looked spright at Andross. " Money. a better deal." " I could certainly provide that." Andross said, his hands folded pensivly.
" But where are your friends? Have they anything to say about this?"
" Their in the waiting room." Said James scornfully.
" Guess they think they need to wait their turn." Andross sat in stunned silence.

" Well they couldn't be more wrong. Penny!" he called in a sharp tone. " There is a pig and a rabbit in the waiting room. Please invite them in." Penny scuttled off to do as she was bidden. " You clearly are a leader James. Much as I admire you though, it would be unwise to discuss anything without your team present." Peppy and Pigma soon appeared escorted by Penny. " Doctor Andross, thank you for taking the time to see us!" Peppy began. " Im sorry it was on such short notice. Normally we never woul-" " It's quite allright!" said Andross with a smile and a wave of his hand. " After all you have done for this planet, one unscheduled appointment is the least you deserve! Ive been told by your leader that you are looking, perhaps for a new job? I can't possibly see why though. Surely Petrus is paying you well?"

"Hes not!" said James angrily. " After we nearly killed ourselves on that Titania mission, he's capping our pay at 3 million. Forever! Doctor, at that ceremony you believed in us, you said how great we were, what opprotunities you could give us." Andross smiled.
" As it happens I have plenty of opprotunities for you. I am need of some young and powerful fighters. For the lightest job I could start you out at five milion apiece!"
"What sort of jobs would you want us to do?" Peppy asked. " Whatever job I need done. I wouldn't worry about it now." Andross replied smoothly. "Were I in your place, I would accept my offer. You will find me a more appreciative employer than Petrus and the president. They may not remain in power for much longer."

"You mean the president will loose the next election?" Asked Peppy. Andross ignored him and walked to his large spacious windows. " It is all hopeless." Andross sighed, his back turned to the team. "The government, this system, this " democracy" is all useless. All it's good for is stifling genius. You, me, so many other great minds have been stymied, by these small little people." " So, your gonna be our new king or something?" James asked with a smirk. " I would love to be." Andross replied, turning around. " I would love any of you to be. What this planet needs is some powerful, intelligent animal to make things right."

" But I digress." Andross said after a moments pause. " Merely giving voice to hopes and dreams. Now for the matter at hand. Oikkicorp has been scouting for unobtanium. " The indestructable metal, used for buildings and weapons?" Peppy interjected. " Indeed! My mining ships will be leaving soon, to collect it from Macbeth. But we need protection from space pirates. Who could better protect my ships than Team Starfox?" " How much we gettin paid again doc?" Pigma asked licking his lips. " Five million apiece you greedy boy!" Andross said beaming.

" Now hold up hold up!" Said Peppy. James scowled and rolled his eyes, while Pigma shot him a dirty look. " Yes Peppy? What could the trouble be?" Andross asked with a rigid smile. "Well we all could use extra monet.... but who will protect Corneria while we are gone? We only barely saved the day when the Krischanians attacked, we don't know what could come next. Doctor, if you have a mission closer to home, uh, I think we'd prefer that." For a moment Peppy thought he saw a look of utmost hatred in Andross. He must have imagined it because Andross' expression was smooth and pleasent with his next statement. "Peppy, you stuffy little scholar." He said soothingly. " The wars are over. Thanks to you and your friends Corneria is safe. If there are any threats at all, The army is more than capable of handling them. This is a light task with extraordinay reward." " I still think-" Peppy began.

Andross knealt down to Peppy's height. He then placed a hand on Peppys shoulder, digging into it with a claw. " Your leader is getting married. A child will soon come. You are at the cusp of success, all of you. Do not weigh down your teammates for nothing. Please agree. I need all three of you!"

Peppy felt trapped. Andross' eyes were burning into his soul. He gulped and looked at his teammates, who were staring coldly at him. " No help! Nothing!" Peppy thought his stomach turning. He sighed audibly, head hanging ears drooping. " OK" he said. Andross releases hi claw and clapped him on the back. " There! Chin up son, this is for the best. Youll get a nice little paycheck and the planet will be in good hands." Andross went back to his desk and pushed a red button. No sound was made, but two muscular intimidating lizards walked into the room. " Roman, Slithers." Andross said as way of introduction. " Please follow them to the garage to get the full run down. The mission will begin in 2 weeks"

"Lets go boys!" James said as he gave Andross a warm smile. Andross watched all five animals walk out his office doors. " Excellent!" he whispered to himself. " Everything is going according to plan" 

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Chapter 8.


In an apartment, in downtown Corneria, lived Simon Oikonny, Andross' younger brother. While his brother was famous, he was inconspicuous. While his brother was ambitious and restless, he was more or less content with his station. Simon respected authority, and Andross always seemed to have little use for the rules, whatever they might be. They were complete opposites.

As successful as Andross was, Simon did not envy him. He was perfectly content with his middle income job and anonymity. He had a wife he loved and a 2 year old son Andrew. He was just kicking his feet up on the sofa when he heard a knock at the door. "Coming, coming!" He called out. Reluctantly, he got off his sofa and let out a long sigh. Who could want to disturb him from his lovely sit? He opened the door, and there stood Andross.

"Why hello Simon." Said Andross with a grin. "Long time no see." " Andross come in!"cried Simon eagerly. "It's been months! what have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, the same boring buisness. Tell me how are Jessica and Andrew? So sorry I couldnt attend his birtday party..."

"Jessica is great, and so is Andrew!" He loved the toy arwing you gave him! Jessica has been constantly reminding me to thank you for it." " Oh has she!" Andross asked with a chuckle. " It was no trouble, no trouble at all. Anything for my only nephew!"

"Well would you like take a seat?"Simon asked? " Follow me!"

Simon led Andross into the sitting room. "I suppose you are wondering why I suddenly dropped in." Andross asked suddnely.

"I suppose I am." replied Simon. " Tell me Simon how are things at the Corneria Herald?" "Not great." Simon said sullenly. " Ever since my last piece covering the Starfox Team's award, I have had a hard time getting assigned anything. Jessica has her job in Einstein University's admissions office, but thats not paying a ton. I dont know, It just hasn't as fun or easy around here as it used to be."

Andross nodded his head understandingly. " Oh dear. Well as long as I am alive you needn't worry about money. However, I need to tell you the reason I am here." Simon pricked up his ears, and looked at Andross intently.

" I am having employment issues of my own. After countless years of loyal service, of irreplacable service to the Cornerian government, they have decided to cut me loose. Apparently I am no longer needed for ground breaking discoveries in science and weaponry. They feel I am " too dangerous" to continue my intellectual monopoly on innovation, and wish to warehouse me doing meaningless tasks. The though of it all is infuriating!" Andross grimaced and clenched his fists in anger.

"I- Im really sorry Andy" Simon said. " I have come to the conclusion." Andross continued. " That this is yet another selfish and imbecilic action, by a selfish and imbecilic government. It is a congress of simpletons, propped up only by their shaky military, and the geniuses under their thumb. I wish to dismantle it, and I will."

"WHAT!" Simon yelled. " How? Andross you can't be serious..." " I have never been more serious in my life." Andross calmly replied. " It has to go, and I have the brains and material to do it. Don't worry, once I sieze power, the people will not be affected in any negative way. I am not a monster after all." Simon stared at his brother in disbelief.

"For you." Andross said giving his brother three tickets. "These are three tickets to a resort home in Zoness. Beautiful beaches, beutiful cities, Jessica will love it.Next year, I would like the three of you to take a vacation there for a little while, until I give you the goahead to come home. I have paid for everything. There is a possibility my coup will be a little messy, or even worse it will fail." Andross took a deep breath. " I will need you and your family out of harms way, in a place where no one would suspect you had any knowledge of this plot." Simon sat staring dumbly at the tickets.

" Well I have to run. Say hello to the family for me." Andross said brusquely as he made for the door. " Oh Simon?" he called back. Simon looked up. " Be sure to try the jet skis!" 

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Chapter 9.
"Brrrrrriiiiinnnngg... Brrriiinnnnng..!!!" Went the alarm clock. A heavy brown paw slammed down on the obnoxious object. Colonel Cornelius Pepper rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and yawned. He heaved his way out of bed and went to the shower. Today was the day of the big general staff meeting, one of the first since President Lynx dramatically reduced the defense budget.

"Never a more sensible idea!" Pepper exlaimed when Petrus first informed him of the decision. Although he was a colonel, and got sort of a thrill out of the danger of the Krischanian and Titanian wars, he was glad that the galaxy was finally at peace. As he stepped out of the shower he went to his wardrobe and began to change. Even at a routine exercise Pepper was expected to wear his full military regalia: Red military jacket, black cap, complete with medals, epaulettes, and fine leather boots.

As he finished his last button, Pepper heard a loud slobbering groan come from his bed. The blankets heaved, and from underneath them emerged a bulldogs face covered with smeared mascara and lip stick. " Good Morning Lucille!" said Pepper cheerfully.

"WOhhahh ohhh good morning dear!" said Lucille as she got out of bed. She waddled forward her pink satin nighty hanging loosely around her large frame.

" Well hurry on Cornelius!" she said cheerfully, giving Pepper a hug and kiss on her cheek. "Lets get you your breakfast! We can't have you be late to your important meeting!" " Oh darling, it just another meeting like any other. This is hardly the first!" said Pepper as he followed his wife out into the hallway and down the stairs.

"Oh I dont care!" exclaimed Lucille waving her paw, as she put on her pink bathrobe. " Everyone of your meetings is important! Just think! You! a Colonel on the Cornerian General Staff! And all because you, YOU were smart and kind enough to give those nice young men a chance!"

Peppers face fell a little as his wife served him eggs, bacon and coffee. He chewed his food in silence. He sighed. " Lucille, it has been quite some time since I have seen team Starfox. Now that the war has largely ended they have been doing more and more private jobs. Especially for Andross." Lucille raised an eyebrow. " Oh him? Such a good man. I havent heard from him either . He was "let go" wasn't he?"

Pepper twirled his food with his fork. " There just isn't the need there used to be Lucille. The wars are after alll over, and the councils feel Andross has too much power and influence. We want our innovations coming from a more diverse crowd."

"Well whatever." Lucille replied. " If those boys are happy that is really all I care about, whether they are with the you or by themselves. I love how you both helped eachother." She gave a wrinkly lipsticked smile.

Pepper smiled back. " So do I darling, so do I."


" Good morning gentlemen!" Pepper said as he strode briskly into the General Staff room. It was the same room that Pepper went to, when Andross tried to pitch his bioweapon, and the place of many meetings since.

The 9 other officers of the Cornerian General Staff sat in a metallic circular table. Of course General Thaddeus held his post in the central seat, with the Cornerian flag insignia emblazoned underneath. "Cornelius, right on time!" Thaddeus said gruffly.

" Apologies General" Pepper began, " Traffic was a nightmare."

" No need for excuses. Take your seat" Thaddeus replied. Pepper walked to the podium and sat 4 seats away from Thaddeus between Captain Avis, a sharp looking bald eagle, and General Furls, a squat serious Koala.

"This meeting will now come to order!" Thaddeus proclaimed in a deep bass voice. There was a moments pause. "Well boys, what do you want to talk about?" Thaddeus asked. There was a long pause, as the generals eyed each of his officers

" I have nothing to offer today." Thaddeus remarked. " There seems to be nothing urgent . No real matters of substance since the wars ended and out budgets been cut. Id love to have more guns, fancier equipment. Yet in all fairness, there is no need. The wars are over, and the government truly has more pressing concerns than us. Any ideas!"

A sharp, polished looking Doberman pinscher rasied his paw. "Ramses"Petrus growled in acknowledgment.

"What of out most powerful soldiers general? What of Team Starfox?" He asked in a low quiet voice. "Those were not soldiers!" Thaddeus replied darkly.

"They were mercenaries, with great talent perhaps, but mercenaries nonetheless!"

Despite his respect for the general, Pepper felt a stab of annoyance and exhasperation. Starfox had more than earned their keep, when would the general acknowledge that?"

"You become a Cornerian soldier when you enlist in the army! And besides what of Starfox?!"  Petrus replied with a slight snarl. " There done.They skipped town remember?!! Their million dollar salary and the glory of the fleet were their idea of summer job!" Thaddeus glowered and clenched his fists in anger.

Furls raised his paw. " General Furls." Petrus acknowledged his turn to speak.

"General, fellow officers." Furls began. " As disheartening as Starfox's abandonment is, it is perhaps for the best. As with Andross, it is best we not have all our eggs in one basket. Even though our funding has been cut, we are now capable of having a smaller, less expensive, but more effective and powerful army. With the lack of attention and funding for Starfox, our army can once again be a place that promises a chance for glory for the average Cornerian citizen. Although Andross' genius contributed greatly to our armys glorious conquest of the Lylat System, he simply has become too intelligent and powerful. We need newer, more diffuse talent."

" Furls is correct." said Captain Avis. " We need an organized, effective, tight knit army, unencumbered by Andross' contraptions and flashy Team Star Fox. And that diffuse talent? It could well be on it's way within the week!"

Excited murmuring among the crowd of assorted officers broke immediately. "Enough!" Petrus barked as he raised a massive gray hand for silence. " Avis what do you mean? Will our army be getting new advisers and researchers."

" I sincerely hope so sir!" Avis replied. " Just yesterday, Myself, Commander Ramses, and General Furls were approached in the Admirals Table by members of the council. They requested an audience at our latest war games. If they are satisfied with our performance, they will use their power to push the best researchers toward our military, away from Lynxs' other projects."

Thaddeus peered intently at Avis, his face betraying nothing. " And who might these council members be?" He asked.

"Sir, they are counacilmen O'Donnell, Powalski, and Caruso Sir!"

A low mutter of outrage and incredulity was heard among the officers. Pepper felt a rush of revulsion in his body. Thaddeus' impassive face became even more inscrutable. "Very Well." Thaddeus said in an even and calm voice. " Avis, send invitations the councilmen, and any others you can. First class seats at the war games!" 

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" Gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned.You are dismissed!" General PEtrus barked. Pepper gathered up his notes and slid off his seat. He wedged his way past a Crocodile Lieutenent, and trailed behind Captain Avis. Pepper shook his head in disbelief after all he had heard from his boss.

How could Thaddeus seriously consider inviting those three legislators? Why would he never speak and think as glowingly of Starfox as he did? It just didn't make sense.

"Pepper! I need a word!" Thaddeus shouted across the room. Pepper heaved a sigh and turned around to meet the general just as the last few officers left the room.

"Hello Cornelius, how are you?" asked the General not unkindly. " Im well Robert thank you for asking." Pepper replied wearily. "The wife and kids doing well?"

"Lucille is as well as ever. The children, are now young adults sir, and all three have wonderful, fulfilling lives.

" Very good. Come here and take a seat!" said the General patting at a seat next to his. "I know this meeting was hard for you . It is hard for all of us really, to take on Powalski and O'Donnell, but we need them." Thaddeus sighed.

"Pepper I am well aware of their corrupt and selfish motives, but we need a strong army. A strong army that is not dependent on Starfox, to save our tails. "General.." Pepper began.

" Now I know their your project, and I respect that!' Thaddeus said as he talked oveer Pepper. " I respect your courage and tenacity in advocating for them before me, and the rest of the staff. That must not have been easy."

Pepper smiled with a grimace. " No general, no it was not."

" I also respect" Thaddeus continued without acknowledging Pepper. " The great assistance that Starfox has rendered us. I realize we would have been in dire straits without them. Those boys are true heroes. " Thaddeus sighed deeply.

" Don't think you are unappreciated Pepper. Don't think we all are not deeply in your debt as well as Starfox's. Yet that is just the problem." Thaddeus folded his thick grey fingers pensivley. " I have set their pay at a generous 3 million, about the same as only the finest officer could hope to earn. Yet they want more. Though they are pilots ( albeit very talented one) every training exercise with them become a media frenzy. They have overshadowed the hardworking, but underrated pilots of the Cornerian airforce. They have saved the day, but too many times. Their great talent and skill is what has convinced me, our army needs an overhaul."

"General." Pepper began. "Perhaps you are right. When I first saw Starfox, They were doing bounty hunts and illegal trade shipments for the local space bosses. I was going to throw them in prison, until I saw their flying skills. I gave them a deal. Turn in their bosses, and cooperate with the army, or land in prison. I saw their potential, and that is why I took them in and fought so hard for them."

" I remember it well." Thaddeus replied nodding his great horned head. " If I had know what I know now, I would have been given you an easier time of it. If I seemed ....mistrustful......I apologize."

Pepper shuddered a bit at the memory but replied. " No need to apologize General. Any responsible officer would have done the same."

" Enough reminscing!" The General exclaimed. " Pepper, I need you, Ramses, Avis and Furls to take responsibility of the wargames practices. You are the best I have, the officers with the best eyes and best instincts. True well be putting on a performance for a bunch of high fallluting assholes, but these assholes could be our ticket to a strong army. Do you understand!"

" Sir yes sir!" Pepper exclaimed. " Allright!" Petrus replied. " I need you to meet with the other officers, and figure out some plan, some way to show case our boys' flight talent. We have a week to do this. Good luck Cornelius you are dismissed!" Pepper clicked his heels saluted, and marched toward the exit.

" Good luck old friend I know you can do it!" Thaddeus bellowed after him. " Thank you sir, We will give you a show to remember!" Pepper replied. A warm smile played on his lips as he exited the bunker. 

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Chapter 10.


"Yo! Rise and shine Peppy Old Pal!" the loud, obnoxious voice proclaimed through the dawn light. Peppy Hare groaned and rolled up into his blankets. "ohmmmm Pigma what is it?!" Peppy asked with a yawn.

" Duhh Hello?! Hello?! Anybody home!?" joked Pigma as he nocked his paw on Peppy's head. " Think Peppy! Think! Todays our day to see James and Vixie's new kid! Fred, or uhhh Frank..."

"Fox!" Peppy cried! He bolted out of bed immediatly. " Thanks Pigma! We dont have a moment to lose!"

Peppy quickly threw off his blue and white striped pajamas and threw on his green shirt, brown pants ,and brown leather jacket.

" Itll be great to see James again!" Peppy remarked as he brushed his protruding buck teeth. " I know!" Pigma replied leaning with his hands in his jacket pockets. " Ever since he got hitched, and its been basically just the two of us. What are we now? Starpig? Starhare?"

" We're all Starfox!" Peppy replied wearily. " But  just barely!" Pigma followed Peppy out of the scenic log cabin house and into the garage. " James says he doesnt need much money anymore, and is even thinkin of flying passenger flights in Corneria!"

" James, give up danger!? I dont think so!" Peppy replied firmly.

" Well whatever he's planning, its not gonna help us!" Pigma replied firmly. " He was Starfox. He made it classy, flashy, sexy. If we had him we could even have starred in our own summer movie, maybe even   our own video game!"

"A video game?! Slow down sparky!" Peppy replied elbowing him. They both arrived at Pigmas car, a flashy purple hummer with yellow stripes.

Pigma got in the front seat with a scowl, started the engine and lit up a cigar. He puffed moodily for a while until they got to the Cornerian interstate highway.

" It was great for a while ya know!" Pigma muttered. " We made all that great cash by working with Andross, and all them other big names. Army life aint what its cracked up to be, lemme tell ya!"

" You said it Pigma!"

Pigma rolled down a window, putting his hand out and pointing his flaming cigar upward. " Ever since we left the army, things were on the up and up! We got to have more interviews, more money, more free time, and for me more babes. Did I ever show ya?!" Pigma took out his wallet, opened it, and out tumbled a dozen pictures of fat pig females. "Here are my honies!" Pigma said dreamily. " Misty, Kiki, Debbie. Aaaannnnd.... Candy." Pigma kissed Candy's picture. Then he grimaced.

" But now ever since that little gold diggin vixen got James, things' have just sucked!" Pigma exclaimed. "No one wants to hire us without James. Ive had to go back to doin solo jobs, and selling scrap metal. Geezusss......What have you been doin?"

"Well nothing too much. Still kept practicing flying. Try to take as many legitimate  jobs as I can. Oh, and Im writing a book. About us. For history's sake."

" An awtuhbiography huh? not bad. I see a ton a money comin your way buddy boy!" Pigma replied approvingly.


" Allright, we're here!" Peppy said softly as Pigma pulled up a driveway. "Pigma we're meeting Fox for the first time. This is supposed to be fun. Pleasure, not business. Whatever you do, please dont press James to re join the team!"

"Yeah, whatever!" Pigma muttered under his breath. Pigma parked his car and the two friends both got out.

Pigma then rang the doorbell. " You showered right?!" Peppy whispered as they waited. " Of course!" Pigma growled back.

The door was answered by a beutiful female vulpine. She had long blonde hair, and wore jeans and a green t shirt. " Hey you guys!" She said cheerfully. " Its been like forever!" she exclaimed as she gave Peppy a hug. " How are you Pepp! Hows the book?" she said as she gave Peppy a kiss on the cheek.

" Oh wonderful Vixie, thanks for asking. Im working away at it. Hope it'll sell.

" Peppy come on! of course it will!" Vixie said. " Everyone loves you guys! Ill have to get James to help you with it!"

" Whats up Pigma? Hows your life" Pigma smiled. " Ehhhhh I had betteh Vix. Doing odd jobs here and there, working at the scrap pile on times off. You know, livin' like Victor Phoenix."

" Oh you!" Vixie let out a clear sparkling laugh. " Well come on, James and Fox are in the living room."

" James" Vixie called. "You've got company!"

" Come on in gang!" called a warm, familiar voice.

Pigma and Peppy walked into the living room to see James, in Jeans and a rumpled t shirt sitting on a chair. In his lap was a small bundle of light orange fur and green cloth. " Say hello to Fox, boys!" James said warmly.

The little cub looked at Pigma and Peppy curiously. " Hello there!" Peppy said softly as he patted fox softly on the head.

" So whats new with you two?" James asked, Fox wiggling in his arms.


Pigma shrugged discontently. "Nada. same old same old. Sold some scrap, met some honies. The usual"


" Im writing a book" Peppy exclaimed. " Chronicling our adventures. I mean they are a real story right?"


James smiled as Fox squirmed. "Hehehe.. you don't think we get enough publicity as it is?"


"Not no more we don't" said Pigma with a snarl. Peppy scowled as James sighed. 


"Jim, we're desperate!" Pigma continued. "We're washed up has beens without you! We need Starfox back!"


" Pigma, look I don't know" James began. " We had a great run with "Starfox." But  Im married now. I  have a kid." He held Fox up for them to see. " Im comfortable. It was cool for a while, but now that Im married I just don't want to risk my life when I don't need to.  Besides, isn't Dr. Andross still paying you tons?"


" Nope!" Pigma said coldy. " He says 2 outta 3 aint enough. He dont trust me and egghead witout you! So ever since we've been just barely scrapin' by!" 


" Look buddy!" James said holding his hands up. " I feel ya. Im not ruling anything out, I just don't want to think about this right now ok?" 


Pigma looked rebellious, but replied. " Ok Jim. I get it. No biggie."  He slumped in his chair. 


" Who wants some beers" came a soft melodious voice. " Me! me!" James called waving his hand as Vixie walked in with a cooler. " Thanks Vix" said Peppy." Quite the vitange you have." "Katina comfort? Zoness Pale ale? Now thats what I call high class!" Pigma chuckled as he reached his paw out. " Oh you!" Vixie exclaimed as she placed the beer in his hand. Pigma uncorked it with the swiss army knife he always carried.

He took a swig and noticed Fox playing with a toy landmaster on the floor. " Heya little guy com'ere" He called, patting his hoof on the footstool. Fox looked up blinked, and toddled his way over to him. Pigma lifted him up and held him up in the air, Fox giggling all the way.


"Cute kid Jim, looks just like ya!" Pigma said as he bounced Fox on his knee. " Ill betcher ma is doing a grat job with ya aint she" he asked Fox as he bounced.


" Ohh Pigma your so cute together!" Vixie gushed. " Aint we a pair?!" Pigma replied as Fox crawled his way up Pigma's chest. "Whoop gotcher nose little guy!" Pigma said as he pretended to grab fox's small black nose. Fox squealed in dismay, putting his paws up to his face.


"Whoop its back!" Pigma chuckled, putting his fingers on his face. 


" Pigma, your the perfect uncle!" James said slapping his knee in laughter.


Even Peppy got a good chuckle out of the display. Despite his and Pigma's worries about the future, everything was good and right for now. Though neither he and Pigma had what they wanted, he was glad his leader and best friend did.


Chapter 11.


Pigma drove through the slums of Corneria City. Fading neon signs, boarded up windows, and trash were skewn around the grimy city street street.  His once bright yellow jeep was now rusted and stained. Ever since Starfox disbanded with James' marriage, this errand was just another day at the office. He had returned to the job he had before he joined with James and Peppy: scrap metal selling. Everyone always needed scrap metal.


Pigma sighed as he took a long, thoughtful puff on his cigar. When would the fame return? The gobs of money and adulation that always came so easily? He shook his head and throw the flaming cigar butt out his car window. He parked the  car and got out on  the street corner. There stood a rough looking alligator, with a scar across his leathery greenface and wearing torn up jeans and a leather jacket. " Your late Pig" he snarled, showing off his many yellow sharp fangs.


" Geez take it easy Allie!" Pigma replied hands up in the air. "I got the goods right here." Pigma gave him a receipt for 100 pounds of scrap metal. The alligator looked at the paper suspiciously. "So I turn this in to Walter Wombat... and I get...." "You get the works Al!" Pigma replied. "Several flux capacitor engines, iron wing plating, plenty of copper wires, 100 pounds shiny metal joy!" "If your lying to me you son of a- ""Allie, Allie cool it my man!" Pigma said reassuringly. " Haven't I been always been a straightshooter?"  The gator growled menacingly before reaching into his leather jacket. " Your credits" The gator said gruffly, giving Pigma ten 50 dollar cornerian bills , as he sauntered off. Pigma fingered the credits in his pink grubby paws. " I know where to spend you babies" he muttered.


Pigma sauntered for about two blocks, past the graffiti stained boarded up buildings. In the midst of the decay he saw a bright shiny campaign poster, featuring a dapperly dressed fox. "Victor Phoenix for a Better Tomorrow!" The sign said in big red letters. Pigma looked at it, frowned in disgust and spat on the ground "Some fuckin'  nerve!" Pigma muttered to himself. "Like that schmuckll do anything to help anybody!" He kept walking until he got to his favorite watering hole. "The Rusty Screw! Hello baby, here I come!" Pigma exclaimed  as he saw the blue and gold neon sign.  He pushed the old fashioned saloon style doors open and walked inside. The old bar wasn't much to look at. An old juke box stood next to a battered looking pool table. A grizzled  blue avian, complete with beer belly and stained apron was manning the bar.   Behind the avian was a long horizontal mirror with a painting of a blue sultry avian reclining on a cushion. Next to that were bottles of hard Cornerian liquor. The bar was empty. "Heey... hows my favorite crook?" the avian asked as  Pigma walked in. "He's scrapin' by!" Pigma replied with a crooked smile. "Ill take the usual, Lombardi!" "A dirty whiskey on the rocks huh?" the grizzled old blue bird asked.


" You got it Gino!" Pigma said smacking his lips. Gino uncorked a dusty bottle of whiskey and poured it into a  cracked old scotch glass. Pigma took a long swig" So hows life, Gino Ol' pal?" Asked Pigma smacking his lips. " Ehhh could be better, could be  worse." Gino replied helping himself to a whiskey of his own. " Buiness could be better. But Tina and Falco are doing ok I guess." "Who's Falco?" Pigma asked. " Oh, Tina just had a baby the other day. It's a boy so we named him after my old man."  " Geez, James' got a kid, now  you got a kid toeplied helping himself to a whiskey of his own. " Buiness could be better. But Tina and Falco are doing ok I guess." "Who's Falco?" Pigma asked. " Oh, Tina just had a baby the other day. It's a boy so we named him after my old man."  " Geez, James' got a kid, now  you got a kid too? Everyone's having kids." Pigma replied with a chuckle. "What are you doing now man? What the hell happened to James and Pepp?"  Gino asked Gino asked "You ever gettin' your team back together?"   Pigma let out a low whistle and set his scotch glass down. " awwww... Gino..Gino Gino.... I dunno....  Jimmy's got a girl and a kid now....... Peppy's no good on his own...... I sell scrap metal, I wet my whistle..... I dunno  I cant really complain. I guess Im just looking for the next big break. " Perhaps you havent been looking hard enough!" A commanding voice resounded from the doorway. Gino Lombardi's beak dropped open in shock. Pigma turned around and spat out his whiskey in disbelief.


It was Andross, tall, broad shouldered, and impeccably dressed  as ever. " Hello Pigma old friend!" He said with a smile.


" Andross!" Pigma stuttered. " What areyou doin in a dump like this?" " Well its the only place I could find you, isn't it?!" Andross excalimed. He gave Gino a passing glance. " Martini" he said firmly as he made his way to the bar



" Pigma.... " Andross began sighing deeply. " You don't know how much trouble I am in. You don't know how much I need you...." Andross sighed and looked sadly at the ground.


" As you may remember I told you how disordered, how flawed our government is. The administration is rotten to the core. It needs change. It needs direction. It needs me!" 


"Ohhhh I get it!" Pigma said. " You runnin for president. That always was the word on the street!" 


Andross took a long sip of his martini shaking his head. He put his glass down and smacked his lips. " I am taking over Corneria!" He said menacingly. " And I want you to help me do it!"


Pigma sat in stunned silence. "What do you want me to do?" 


" Hardly anything!" Andross replied. " My coup should go smoothly enough. I have many animals on my side. I created 2/3s of Cornerian weaponry for goodness sake. Thaddeus, Pepper and the rest should stand no chance against my Might! All I need you to do is keep your team out of the way. Talk them out of it. Distract them. Even get them to help me if you can, it doesnt matter! Do not let them interfere!"


Pigma sat mouth agape. "Sure thing. How much you payin'"  Andross chuckled. " Plenty. Once I take over you and your friends will be my personal bodyguard, and will be payed more than you can imagine. Are we agreed?"


Andross extended his large brown, leathery hand. Pigma stuck out his grimy pink one. " Yeah" Pigma said as he shook Andross hand.  Andross green eyes gleamed. " I knew it!"


Andross' triumphant green eyes slid over to the shaking, terrified Gino Lombardi. Andross reached into his coat pocket and threw 4000 cornerian credits at the blue avian. " For your silence" Andross said smoothly. "If that is not persuasion enough, know that I have many friends. Friends that could cause your family and establishment much grief. Do you understand?" Gino just nodded and gave a small gasp. " Ill keep you informed Pigma!" said Andross as he left. " Do not fail me!"

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Chapter 12.




Andross strode into the Cornerian Parliament, flanked by his loyal lizard and monkey soldiers. The large spacious, gold and white marble chamber was filled with petrified legislators, their eyes fixed on Andross, not daring to make a sound. Andross was bedecked in his dictatorial finery: a long black cape with a red underbelly, black shoulder pads complete with harsh iron spikes. In his hand he held a jagged  ebony scepter with a bright red ruby. He strode leisurley down the aisles, smiling at the faces of the Cornerian politicians, the former masters of the universe.  Victor Phoenix stood in his usual seat of prominence, his mouth agape in fear and shock.  "Surprised Victor?" Andross  asked his colleague genially. "You really should have seen it coming!" He made his way to the presidents podium. Six feet to the left stood President Miles Lynx and General Robert Thaddeus


 Thaddeus was red with rage,heaving and snorting heavily.

The President looked terrified , his yellow cats eyes searching in vain for an escape route. Both were attended by three lizard guards each. The creatures were seven feet tall, with rippling muscles, sharp yellow fangs, slithering tongues and cruel eyes. They were pointing deadly laser blasters right at their captives faces. Andross grinned with satisfaction as he made his way the podium. Andross smiled at the politicians. "Ladies and gentlemen of the assembly, this session will now come to order!" He called in his most professional voice. "Dear legislators, powerful scions, children of the elite. Let me tell you, you have lost! I am your true master! Now you will see what happens to those who defy intellect, to those who stifle genius." He looked down contemptuously at the captive general and president. "Kill them." The lizard guards grinned and turned their blasters to "kill mode". Bright, white balls emitted from the barrels of the guns, getting brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter, and then "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"




"BZZZZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Andross' hand slammed down on the alarm clock. He slowly opened his leathery brown eyelids and blinked. He sighed in dissapointment as he looked around. He saw his ornate kingsized bed, his collection of ape renaissance artwork lining his walls, his vases from the depths of aquas. Instead of his magnificent black robes, he was dressed in his lavender satin pajamas. It had all been a dream! No matter, thought Andross. Dreams will be reality soon enough!  He walked over to a stand outside his bedroom, and picked up his ornate, black, chorded phone. He dialled a number and waited. "Hello?" a chipper, bright voice sounded on the other end. "Today is the day Simon!" Andross said in a gravelly whisper.


" Take your family to the Zoness vacation home. Dont worry about flights or schedules. It is all arranged." After telling his brother so, Andross promptly hung up. The games don't start for another five hours, Andross thought to himself. Plenty of time to get Andrew and the wife to Zonness, plenty of time. Even if a miracle should occur and my plan fails, there is no way Simon could be blamed, no way. He made his way to an ornate portrait in his hallway and moved it to the side. Underneath was a metallic steel door with a punch code. Andross opened the door, and went down into the passage. It led into a huge dark cavern lit by an eerily glowing cage. Andross approached the cage silently, watching the frightful monster inside of it. It was a 30 feet high reptilain creature with black  and red skin, and cruel golden eyes. It had wicked curved talons and a spiked tail. It was frozen still, in a bath of red light. Andross smiled. "Soon my darling." He whispered. "Soon you will be released from your suspended animation, and you will help me to rule the world!" Cackling to himself he went up the stairs and whipped out his cellphone. "Hello Roman? Slithers? Alsatius? I need help with a little job......"


General Thaddeus prowled through the ranks of green clad dog soldiers, barely acknowledging the salutes and fearful scuttling that greeted his presence. He growled in dismay as he drew nearer to his destination; the officers observatory. It was a large box like structure that was supported by several beams and a metal staircase. The box was a safe spot for Corneria's officers to view the annual army training exercises. Unfortunately for Thaddeus, there very few officers in it today.


Some had missions in outer space, some could not  stand todays guests, and refused to attend. Only Furls, Avis and Colonel and Mrs. Pepper were present to lend him company and moral support. This was not just any annual drill. With Team Starfox gone, the army needed more power. In order to get what he wanted, Thaddeus had to impress a clique of powerful legislators:Phoenix,Alsatius, Caruso, O'Donnel, and Powalski. These five were known as the "Black Pentagon"  for their power, secrecy, and the dark rumors that surrounded their political lives and careers. Thaddeus ground his large powerful teeth at the sight of them all. If even 1/3 of the rumors about them were true, they were bad company indeed, the general thought.  

Andross Oikonny was present as well, listening quietly to Victor Phoenix talking.. He's in good company, the General thought to himself. He didn't like Andross, never had. Whether it was the ape's sense of arrogance and entitlement, his monopoly of Cornerian weaponry, or the fact that he was too clever and smooth, Thaddeus didn't know. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes. "Just get this over with Bob" he thought to himself. Braced for a tough meeting, Thaddeus walked up the stairs of the balconey/bleachers to room where the armys hopeful sponsors would be.  They were smugly seated in the black leather chairs next to the officers Thaddeus admired so much.


"Good morning everyone!"  the General said  as he entered the observatory."Andross what brings you here?" The general asked gruffly, surprised and displeased to see the doctor present. Victor smiled patronizingly at the general. " He is here at my invitation Robert." Victor said patting Andross on the shoulder. Andross grinned insolently at the General. " The good doctor agreed to fund my entire senate campaign. I thought this would be the least I could do to pay him back!" Thaddeus' brow furrowed." Andross... you still think-" " I realize our time together is finished,Robert. I just wanted to see a good show today!" Andross replied with a wink. "General you are aquainted with -? " Phoenix gestured to the wolf, panther,chameleon and bull that were sitting near him.


"Certainly!" Thaddeus harrumphed. " Kevin, Jose, Sergei, John,  good to see you gentlemen!: Thaddeus needed Phoenix and the four of them onboard, if the council was to approve the funding. Kevin O'Donnel, was a wolf with gray fur, jet black hair and a wicked grin. He wore a dark black sport coat, a red tie and black shiny shoes. He was seated, swirling a scotch glass with a black clawed hand. "Same to you Robert. I have always wanted to see the dogfights you put on. Rather impressive from what I have heard. " He then shot Thaddeus a cruel sneer and a little smile. " Though good thing those soldiers weren't the only ones defending us. Imagine if they actually were..." Thaddeus ground his teeth in fury but said nothing."Now see here!" Colonel Pepper exclaimed angrily from his seat. Lucille looked up in alarm as Pepper stood up. "Starfox may have helped, but our troops, your troops! fought bravely and well to keep us safe. How dare..!" "General." O'Donnell said lazily as he swirled the remains of his drink. "If you want our support, do keep your dog on a leash!" "Colonel Pepper in your seat and mind your tongue." Thaddeus said curtly. Pepper slowly sat dejectedly in his seat, Lucille patting him on shoulder for support.


Sergei Kowalski was a cold, viscious looking green chameleon. He sported a purple pin striped blazer. He had a green, curly tail and cold bulging eyes.   He gave Thaddeus a cold, toothy smile, and flicked out his tongue. "General. Let ussss see what you have got. We can't just give you everything,you know!" "Of course you can't Sergei." Thaddeus replied with a growl. " The army asks only for what is necessary and proper to defend our planet and expand our galactic reach!"


"What I need to understand is why is not Starfox fighting fiercly for you anymore?" came a low, sensual voice. It was Jose Caruso, a jet black panther, clad in a  bright white pants and blazer, with a bright green tie. "They were your ace in the hole no? Unstoppable! Invincible! Why let them get away?"  Thaddeus ground his teeth in anger. " Just listen to to this!" Andross whispered derisively in Victors ear.

Thaddeus cleared his throat as all the dignitaries watched him with bored curiosity. "StarFox has made me proud but they've taken  too much glory away from my other pilots! If Corneria is to be a truly powerful planet, our army must be strong, flexible, lean, and above all independent! We may be at peace, but we cannot leave our planets future to team Starfox. Our army needs new funding and overhaul to be competitive. Gentlemen, I hope through our combat simulation you will come to the same conclusion we at the general staff have."


Sergei picked up a small meaty appetizer, from a waiter and twirled it in his green pointed fingers. "Well, well, lets ssssee what you've got! Then we may give you....." Sergei stuck his long pink tongue out and slurped up the snack. "What you desire." He finished with a fangy grin. Thaddeus grimaced.Kevin O'Donnell took a long sip from his latest drink, and smacked his wolfish lips. "Well General." Kevin whispered. "Let the show begin!" Thaddeus nodded curtly, and produced a small grey remote. He pushed a green button. Silence. Then suddenly the hatches of the Cornerian airbases opened. Dozens of green/white and black ships poured out. "SollDIERS!" Thaddeus bellowed into a blowhorn. "Positions!" The green and white ships flew to one side of their airbase, the black ones to another.  Andross checked his watch and smiled. The green ships raced around the black ships each firing simulated red and green lasers at each other. They performed fantastic feats of artful maneuvering, such grace and skill, that even the cynical "pentagon" was impressed with their performance. Suddenly a large red, fearsome creature appeared on the horizon. It shot a beam of yellow light incinerating several black ships. "What on earth!!!!?!?!" Victor yelped in horror. " Part of your exercize General?" O' Donnell asked attempting to look clam. Thaddeus' wrinkly grey face paled as he pressed an alarm button. Red lights began flashing as the monster destroyed a Cornerian air force hangar. " , Gentlemen, armored vans and landmasters are on their way to escort you to safety.The troops will take care of it from here.Men, get back to the bunker. Radio as many troops as you can. T" The guests calmly but quickly filed out of the box to the waiting bandmasters below as Petrus gave his orders. "Units husky.. shepherd.. basset... I need you in Corneria City Immediately. Get here as fast as you can!"  "That won't work general." A low voice murmured behind him. Petrus spun around to see Andross leaning against the exit door, arms crossed with the shadow of a smile across his far. "Andross.. what are you doing here?! get out!" Petrus bellowed. Andross pulled a laser blaster out of his coat pocket and pointed it at the general. " So sorry it had to come to this Robert. Goodbye!" Andross shot the Rhino three times in the chest. He looked shocked as he slumped over onto the floor, dead. "Can't say you didn't have it coming old boy." Said Andross as he walked past the dying general.


  " James!"Peppy hollored as he raced through the door, Pigma in tow. James was sprawled out on the couch. "Get up! Theres no time!" "huh what?" James asked sleepily?" Peppy looked pale and bent out of shape. " James, its like old days. its a big monstrous terrible creature! " "What the-" James yelled sitting up fully awake. " The Cornerian army can't do it alone! hurry James we have to go!" Peppy shouted!


"Wait!" Pigma gasped heaving for breath. " James, we gotta hide... we dont know what that thing is out there... We've been outta shape for years.... I dunno if we can do it.... You got your wife and kid ta think about..." James bolted upright, finally wide awake. "Guys so down, one at a tim! Ok. What is going on?"


" Andross!" Peppy yelled excitedly. " He's finally snapped!" We should have known... Its his bio weapon! hes finally perfected it! Its wreaking havoc on the city! Peppers the only one who is holding him off, and he needs our help!" A distant roar could be heard. Some savage beast was clearly savaging and smashing Corneria City!


"Guys I dont know what that old ape is doing! But we gotta save the day!" James cried waving his fist in the air. "Starfoxx. ASSSEMMMBBBLLLE!" After looked around resentfully, but then thought better of ditching Starfox Pigma joined him. They all dashed to their Arwings to save the day!




KAABOOOOOOOMMM! The big Cornerian skyscraper fell to the ground. Andross' pet dinosaur Bio weapon was loose, wreaking havoc on the City. " YESsss ! YEssss" Andross cried in delight, " Slithers isnt it magnificent?" Slihters was Andross' right hand man at Oikkicorps, a green slippery slimy lizard. " Indeeeed Sssssssir" Slithers replied. "Those Cornerian dogs shall know of your might and glory soon enough!" Andross chuckled as he watched the destruction inside his Giant robot destroyer machine. Nothing will stop  me now!" He boomed in his big loud voice. "Not even you Corneria!" Andross' command screen suddnely flickered, and a foxs face with sunglasses appeared. " I don't think so AN-dross!" the Fox said cockily. 


Andross' eyes narrowed in disbelief. "No..... This is impossible......." A Rabbits face flickered on the screen " " It's finished Andross!" He said grimly "We're coming for you!"  Andross let out a growl of hatred. Finally a sweaty apologetic pigs face appeared. " Sorry boss...... I....." Andross screamed in fury at the pig face and  the telecom went black.  "Slithers!" Andross growled at his lietuent. " My Lord?" "Tell the crew to get us into all range mode! These arent our ordinary enemies!"




"Stay safe gang!" James told his teammates. " Andross aint one of our ordinary enemies!"  "Ya got that right Jim" Peppy replied soaring over James' Arwing. "Lead da way Jimbo!" Pigma said determindly. The three space crafts hovered 50 feet from the robotic monstrosity. " Ok" said James after a long moments silence. "Peppy you take the legs, Pigma you take the arms." "And what about you Jim" Peppy asked. James grinned "Ill take the head! Turn your dual lasers up to blue boys! This'll be the fight of our lives!" The three arwings hovered for a moment, then one after another sped toward the monstrous robot.


"Haha" Andross intoned. " you fools are no match for me!" Peppy weaved out of the way of the red fireballs being shot at him. He swerved up, down, then fired at Andross' legs causing them to shudder and emit a red light.  James used the boost to fly straight toward Andross' monkey head firing his twin blue lasers all the way. " What about.... This?!" Andross hissed menacingly. Dozens of purple laser beams shot out of his cannons. "Geez Laweez!" James exclaimed as he sped his arwing away from the pursuing purple beams. "James!" Peppy called over the intercom. "Do a barrel roll!" James promptly did one, causing the purple beams to  bounce harmlessly off James' Arwing.  "Good one James!" Peppy called joyfully as he swooped over head and fired another volley of lasers into the robots back. "Pigma!" James called. "Lets get Andross shield meter up ok?" "You got it boss!" Pigma replied sulkily as Andross' rainbow colored shield bar came up. It was halfway finished at yellow, and getting into the red. "James! He's almost down! Use bombs wisely!" Peppy hollored. " Got it Pepp!" James said with a grim smile. He fired two nova bombs straight at cyborgs chest.




Inside the cyborg things were not going well.  The red alert alarm system was blaring, the red light reflecting off of Andross and Slithers disbelieving faces. " I don't belive it!" Andross said quietly. "Everything was so close.. Everything was so perfect." Another huge shudder and the cyborgs power went off. "Ssssssirr!" Slithers said. "We dont have much time. Out ship is about to explode. Shhall I evacuate the crew?"  " No" Andross said. " I dont need them. Besides I can always get another. But do as you wish. Adieu, Slithers!" And with that Andross pressed the eject button on his pilots chair, and shot out of the cyborg. Slithers looked around with his large yellow eyes, hesitated and then ejected as well. Just in the nick of time. " KAAAAABOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!" The cyborg exploded, emitting huge bursts of light and fire, metal parts flying every which way. By some miracle Andross and Slithers managed to parachute away, into a green grassy field. Andross and Slithers were heaving and panting and kissing the ground. "SSiirrrr we did it! We are sssssafffe!" The sound of a hundred clicks and shuttering caused them both to look up, and come face to face with Colonel Pepper and his brigade. Silver laser guns were pointed right at them both as well as Peppers grim face. " Hands above your heads. Now!" he growled.



The three arwings cirled overhead the wreckage."Woohooo! We did it!" James howled with glee. "Thataway James!" Peppy remarked approvingly. "Not too shabby!" Pigma cackled.  "Whats this?" Peppy asked, pointing out the landmasters and soldiers on the radar. "Looks like Pepper's here! He made it! unbelievable!" James said. "Team lets investigate!" With that all three ships used the boost to get thru to wear Andross and Slithers were being apprehended by Colonel Pepper and his soldiers. 


"Good thing you came Starfox..." Pepper said, puffing out his chest as the three approached. " If you three hadn't helped out we would all have been monkey meat for sure!"  James and Peppy looked aghast at their former friend and mentor, stunned that he could even contemplate conquering the planet. Pigma did his best to look aghast to, but he mostly looked scared and befuddled. "It was nothing colonel." James said quietly, removing his sunglasses in disbelief.


"Doctor Andross! How?! Why?!" Peppy exclaimed on the verge of tears. " Y-you are a great and noble scientist... You always.."  " Well Pepper!" Andross stated sharply. " I do trust you won't keep me and my lieutenent sitting here forever? I trust you have more in mind with us!"  "Quiet!!" growled a husky pressing his laser gun against Andross' head. " "Colonel, we'd better move him quick!" A dingo exclaimed. "General Thaddeus will want to know about him right away."  Pepper clenched his jaw and scowled, looking uncharacteristically grim. "Right. Bulldog unit 349... move out!" Without saying another word, Andross and Slithers were escorted into an armored Cornerian army jeep, Pepper and his soldiers loaded into their assorted landmasters, flight jets and other vehicles and sped away, leaving Starfox standing sad, confused, relieved in a cloud of swirling brown dust....... 


Pepper picked up his intercom..." Cornerian High Command Andros has been intercepted"

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Chapter 14.


It had been 9 years..


9 years since Dr. Andross had been exiled to Venom, 9 years since  Starfox had parted ways. Colonel Pepper was now a general, thanks to his fellow officers insistence.


Though Pigma and James had long ago moved elsewhere, Peppy still kept the luxury cabin in the Cornerian mountains. He knew it didn't make sense for him to live there all on his own, but he liked it. That was reason enough for him. Today he was hosting his old friend, a grey bulldog by the name of Jake Grey. Both were sitting on the porch. 


"Not bad Pep" Jake said. " Looks like you've done pretty damn good for yourself." "I know. How are  Julie and Bil??"  "Ask em yourself buddy!" Jake said taking a long swig of his beer. "Didn't you know we're all going with you to Casa McCloud  tonight?" "No kiddin?" Peppy said. "For sure Pepp. Jimmy and I go way back. We've helped out with Fox a lot too. I mean ever since... you know... Vixy died..." his voice trailed off and choked for a bit.


Peppy wrapped an arm around Jake's shoulder. "We couldn't have stopped it Jake. Not you, not me, and especially not James. When blood cancer gets you, it gets you quick!" Jake nodded and looked at the ground.


"Y-yeah. Ever since then we've basically been Jim's baby sitters. I feel for the guy I really do." 


"Your a true friend. You really are Jake. If you and Julie need any help. " "Aw Peppsy we're fine!" Jake said with a laugh. "If I think lil fox needs an egghead uncle to help him with his coloring books, Ill call!" Peppy smiled shyly.


"Geez Laweez, look at the time!" Jake exclaimed as he checked his wrist watch. " Id better get home and get ready for tonight. Catch ya later Pepperino!" "You too Jake!" Peppy replied warmly.




" Hey everyone" said Peppy as he walked through the doors of James Mclouds House. "Hey Pepp!"  Jake Grey and James Mccloud were sitted.

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