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Star Fox 64 Sheet Music


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I just finished transposing the ending for StarFox 64, I would like a lot of people's opinions. I might try and coax my band director to play this in one of our concerts. :friends:  The mp3 was too big so here is the link to my music. http://musescore.com/user/78342/scores/115977



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Woah, for some reason I wasn't expecting orchestral. Maybe that's because of DZ's string quartet arrangement of the SNES theme, and his piano arrangement of Star Fox 64 ending credits.

Given the parts in there, I'll assume you mean brass/woodwind band, though given the size of your band, that could be a bit ambitious. Also note the difficulty of all the parts; what's the skill level of your band? How experienced are these people?

In the case of DZ's quartet theme arrangement (http://www.starfox-online.net/page/misc/sheetmusic.html), it's difficult (I'm a violinist and amateur cellist), so I wouldn't recommend anybody below my skill level in violin to play it.

It's good to see that somebody other than me uses MuseScore. I thought I was a lone user of that program. It's not entirely efficient for arranging things since it's only really notation and playback.

Anyway, long story short, good work on completing this! The ending chord (I wrote as I listened) sounded a little off to my ears, it sounded as though some notes weren't in match with the chord you wanted to make, which makes a "sour" sound. It could also be the soundfont, since I didn't download it, it's not the MuseScore default or the MS ones, which I'm more used to, so the pitch might have seemed off to me.


I suppose I should also welcome you? I haven't really seen you around.

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The type of music my band plays is about a 4 or 5 in grade level. We are about a 1 or 2 A sized band. We don't have any strings unfortunately, and we are split and different classes based on how well we play are instruments. I'm in Advance Symphonic which is the hardest band are school goes. I have no idea why some instruments cut off near the end Musescore 1.2 was glitching whilst I was writing this. I will try to fix the "sour" sound you here at the end. Thanks for the welcome. :-)

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