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Pokemon: Generations


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Little game made by a single person that has you controlling both the trainer and the pokemon in a real time combat scenario.





It's early on so there's not a whole lot to it yet but the concept is promising, just hoping Nintendo either doesn't C&D it or at least learns that people want a more in-depth Pokemon experience that can be had on nonhandheld devices.

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I saw a really early trailer for this a while back when the only Pokemon you could choose were a Charmander and a Pikachu, I think. It looked cool, but it seems too much like something that'll never get finished, whether it be because the makers just can't follow through or because of a C&D from Nintendo. 


It'd be hella cool if it did end up happening, though. I'd play the fuck out of a finished product.

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Oh my god.


The English language cannot possibly contain my excitement.

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