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Need help getting my old mods to work with the new Steampipe for TF2.


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I am bad at the computerz and am having trouble with this, and can't just redownload the mods because there are a lot of mods and a good number of them can not be reacquired so I have to fix the files I already have saved on my PC.


The main problem as I see it is that each individual mod needs an individual folder where as, due to the old system, I had my backup of the mods set up so all there really was, is the materials/models/sound/whatever folders with everything already in there, so I'd just drop that into my tf2/tf folder, replace everything, and go.

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Well, you can also cram all those folders into a single subfolder in your "../team fortress 2/tf/custom" folder.


for example:

"../team fortress 2/tf/custom/MyMods"

Which would contain those folders :







But if you got a lot of mod you might want to compress them all into a vpk, since it speeds up loading.

To compress, with the "../team fortress 2/tf/custom" folder still opened, open a new window to "../team fortress 2/bin"

Scroll down until you find a "vpk.exe" file. Then just drag and drop the sub folder with all the mods in it on the "vpk.exe" file.

A console window should popup and show the progress of the compression.


It took me really long to get how it all worked XD

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As Psy said, no need to make them all "individual mods". Just take those folders (sounds, materials, models, scripts, etc) from your old TF2 installation and put them into the new TF2's "steamappsusernamecommonTeam Fortress 2tfcustomrandom folder name goes here"


And yeah, if it's a lot of files, making a vpk may be a good idea, but it's not necessary. Just follow Psy's instructions there.

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Aha, that was successful. I thank the both of you.

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