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A TF2 Highlander Team Idea!


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So, the idea has resurfaced! As almost everything does around here at some point.


The idea?

It's hung in the air of some of the TF2 players around here, and personally, I think it would be awesome if we could get a team of all of us SF-Oers together. It would mean more than just simply pubbing. It could bring us new challenges and more rage teamwork with each other.


In terms of competitive level, while Highlander (HL) requires more players, it is the easiest to transition into from pubbing. So for those of you who may not be familiar with what I'm saying, here goes - A team will require a bare minimum of a member in each class, plus subs for people who are busier. Generally, the bare minimum doesn't fly. It would be of benefit to everyone to have a full team, and a full set of subs, so 18 players in total. Now that might seem ambitious, and it likely is. Hopefully enough interest can be garnered so we don't have to go out and seek friends and acquaintances.


Want a sample of what competitive play is like? Try http://tf2lobby.com


I'm thinking it will likely be UGC Steel or Iron (North America). It'll depend on the skill of the final team.



It would be great if you could come out on the >current game server if you don't play on it already, and put an emphasis on playing your interested classes. This is so players can get a sense of your playing style, and so that everyone can get to know you a little better!

If for whatever reason you cannot play on the SF-O server, contact someone on the Team Contacts list and try to arrange some play time with them.


If you are interested in joining, please post:


Steam profile link

Preffered Class(es)

HL/6s Experience (If applicable)

Additional info


try not to worry about class-confidence or experience. Some of the potentially interested people are new to the competitive game and for this to work fairly for everyone, a full set of subs will be needed. Extra players would be even better!




Hidi - (Best way to contact me is through PM or Steam)


Note: As of right now, this thread is a work in progress. This post alone could change quite a bit and new important info added. Please check back often.

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...there can only be one...

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Are you and AJC trying to keep the DMR clan going.


I'm in all the same and you know where to find me,

As Scoot.

As Soldier

or as Sniper.

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Are you and AJC trying to keep the DMw R clan going.   I'm in all the same and you know where to find me, As Scoot. As Soldier or as Sniper.
this is basically a spiritual descendent. I'm in as spy or sniper. As of now I'm super depressed with life and tf2 specifically. But once I rebound I'll help out as much as i can. Also, to those who are considering but may be shy for lack of experience in tf2. Iron is introductory competitive level tf2. Chances are if you've played on the server and managed to at least hang with the more prestigious members you're qualified.
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Spiritual descendant as in DMR did not happen.


I've been talking with Icy, and he's expressed interest in helping plan the team, but is committed to playing with his current team as of now.

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