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Dark-Blade's Character

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Name: Dark-Blade.


Age: 20's+.


Sex: Male.


Height: 5' 10".


Weight: 199.5 lbs.


Build: Toned Muscles.


Race: Skedar


Skin/Fur/Scale/Feather Style: Scales.


Skin/Fur/Scale/Feather Color: Black Scales, Red Claws.


Hair Style: Knight Long.


Tail Style: Skedar Tail-Blade.


Hair Color: Purple.


Eye Style: Suave.


Eye Color: Deep Sapphire Blue.


Family: Birth Father & Mother both Died on a Redemption Task, no Other Blood Kin, Drasin(Foster Father), Tea(Foster Mother).


Number Friends/Team Mates: 6-7.


Friends/Team Mates: Jackson (Friend), Garnet Rose(Team Mate, Red Vixen), Raptor Velasa(Team Mate, Velociraptor Princess of Velectra), Phoenix Flare(Team Mate, Falcon), Ano Madrono(Team Mate, Diamond-Back Rattlesnake), Raphael Rascal(Team Mate, Assassinating Rat), and HK-47(Team Mate, Assassin Android).


Pets(Animals): None.


IQ: Smart


Personality: Multiple- Serious, Loner, Tactical, Defensive, etc.


Alignment: Good.


Origin: Zedon Tribe, Zedon Territory, Skedaria, Grandala System.


Home: N17-342 Shadow Star Destroyer(Team's Mother Ship). 


Weapons: Shadow Blade(Long Sword), Lovers' Embrace(Enchanted Dagger), Personal Plasma Magnum w/Skedarian Style Bayonet, Razor Claws & Tail-Blade.


Magic: Dark Magic.


Favored Spell: None.


Clothing/Armor: Sci-Fi Medieval-Style Armor w/Fauld, Open Finger Gloves, Pauldrons, Cape, Sci-Fi Style Boots, and Mask.


Items: Built-in L.P.T.H.S. Shield-Shaped Reflector x2, Sword Sheath, Dagger Frog, Plasma Magnum Holster, and Voice Altering Tech in Mask.


Ship: N1-7 "Dark-Star" DARKWING (A SF: Assault Size, N64 Arwing-Style Heavily Armed/Armored Star Fighter Created by Dark Star Industries.)


Ship Weapons: 7 Plasma Cannons (4 G-Diffuser Mounted Cannons, 2 Wing Cannons, 1 Underside Cannon), 3 30mm Cannons (2 Forward Mounted Cannons, 1 Rear Mounted Cannon), Razor Wings (Wings are Sharpened to cut Hulls of Ships), 2 Berserker Missile Launchers (2 G-Diffuser Mounted Berserker Missile Launchers), 2 Wing-Mounted Smart Bomb Launchers, 1 Pair of Threat Detector Cannons (Cockpit Mounted Threat Detection Cannons).


Ship Defenses: Heavy Shielding.


Hobbies: Unknown.


Desires: To take Revenge on those who had Destroyed his Planet and killed his People.


Dreams: Unknown.


Goals: Save Grandala from any Threats, to Find the other 6 Remaining N1 DARKWING Star Fighters.


Forms of Training: Primal Rage Style, Modern Military Training.


Attacks: Magic, Sword/Dagger & Other Melee, Claws/Tail-Blade, and Firearms.


Abilities: Musical Projection- This is Dark-Blade's Rare, Birth-Given Ability. He can Project Musical Notes from his Head from ANY Song he likes. The Notes float around his Head as he thinks of the Song. It can be heard from anywhere. He also uses his Magic to Manipulate the Area around him to suit the Song that he is thinking of.


Black Valrok Form: This Ability is only Given to the One who is Chosen by the Black Valrok himself. However, it cannot be called upon whenever. The Black Valrok actually makes his Chosen One a Vessel for him to Enter as he so Desires, Thus the Person's Body is Changed into the Black Valrok's. The Black Valrok is the Patron God of Skedaria, Dark-Blade's Planet. The Black Valrok is also the God-King of all Gods and Goddesses, who are the Lords and Ladies, while the Angels are the Guards/Warriors, and the Souls who had done Good Deeds and entered the Heavens are the People.


Defenses: Sword/Dagger Parry, Shield-Shaped Reflector x2, Magical Defenses.


History: Dark-Blade's History is a Shady One. No one knows who he is, where he came from, or how he became who he is today. But he was and still is the #1 Ranked Assassin. He was a Bounty Hunter.


Biography: Dark-Blade today is a Commando-For-Hire. He has Lead his Team to Victory because of his Tactical Intellect, like every Battlefield was a Chess Board for him to Study all the Pieces and the Moves that his Opponents have Made. When he is alone in his Quarters, he feels safe, being in a Secluded room that No one ever Enters, however, Music can be heard when he thinks of Songs from his Past, or the Present Songs that he had listened to, or whatever he wants to do in his Private Quarters. He Pilots 1 of the most Deadly Ships, the Cancelled N1 DARKWING Project. There are 7 in All that were ever Created by Dark Star Industries. No One knows where the other 6 are. But the Project was Big, and Costed the Company Trillions of Credits, but they were Worth the Expense, Labor, and Time consumed by the Project. Dark Star unknowingly took AR Space's ARWING Design, but Modified it to some Degree. These Modifications are- Size, Weaponry, Shielding, Engine Design/Sound, New G-Diffuser Technology, On Board Astro-Repair Robot, and many, many other Features. Dark-Blade is the Only 1 who has at least 1 of these Rare Ships. He had Protected Grandala from an Insectinide Infestation, a Major One. The Insectinides are the Cousins of the Aparoids, but their Insect-like Bodies and Infections Differ from their Aparoid Cousins. Dark-Blade and his Team were Hired, Personally by Raptor's Mother, the Queen of Velectra, to Deal with this Infestation, but also with Great Caution.









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