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Uplink - The Cyberwar


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'Sup guys? Welcome to my new fan-fiction, this time focusing on the fantastic hacking simulation game 'Uplink'.
For those of you who don't know it, Uplink ( http://www.introversion.co.uk/uplink ) is a hacking game in which you play an
agent who works for Uplink Corporation, an elite group of hackers, before getting dragged into an epic cyberwar to
stop the biggest computer virus ever created from wiping out the Internet. I loved that game as much as I did Pokémon
Mystery Dungeon. Now, this fan-fic takes place after the events of the game, but this is gonna be a stand-alone story and will
have nothing to do with the events of the game ( Which means, no need for my event explaination system ).
This fan-fic is dedicated to any wannabe coders/programmers ( OrbiterSpore, I'm looking at you ). I salute you guys.
Let's get this underway now:
WARNING: This fan-fic contains strong language.
        The Cyberwar
12th July, 2011: 04:27 PM
What the hell have I gotten myself into? And to think we could win this. We are so screwed...
''S-A-R! What just happened?!''
''I don't bloody know! That server was attacked by a virus!''
''Oh, shit... Revelation must be online. Get that server dis-infected, now!''
''What's the point in that? It'll just keep attacking.'' I heard Vuxar's voice yell.
''Look, if we can just hold out for a while longer, I can shut down all distribution of that damn virus. In the meantime,
you and Vuxar - Just stop Revelation from getting into any more servers!'' I sighed. That was Atom, our leader.
And, well... S-A-R is my handle. My real name is Ethan Farwind, but I didn't believe that. None of us did. 
Vuxar was one of my closest friends I had on the Net. And all three of us, along with Uplink Corp... we were fighting
a cyberwar that started long ago--
''Ethan, snap out of it and give me a hand, damn it!''
''Yeah, coming...'' My hands flew across the keyboard as I looked around my surroundings. I was in a dark room, monitors,
keyboards and people all around me. These were the guys fighting in the war, along with me. Vuxar was only 2 seats to the
right of me, as his dark-purple eyes darted back and forth over the screen he was looking at. I couldn't see his face, since he
had a hood on. In fact, we all had our hoods over our heads. I took a second glance at him before checking my computer.
''S-A-R, you in?'' Vuxar in.
''Yeah. Running Faith now.'' A few more keystrokes and I loaded up Faith.
''Keep the virus busy while I kick it out.'' I said to Vuxar.
''Right, I'm on it.'' I checked the screen next to me as I watched Faith dis-infect the system we were connected on.
''Atom, any progress?''
''I'm in the ARC Mainframe, and I've found the stockpile of Revelation viruses. Rehashing the server.'' The guy on the far end
was Atom. He had the most knowledge about this Revelation. I was the second. But I still wanted to know the answer to this question:
Why destroy the Internet? If it's destroyed, where will us hackers live? In prison? Not likely.
''Dis-infection complete, resetting the server.'' I typed in the reset command, and I watched as the server re-initialised itself.
''Scratch one point for me...'' I mumbled smugly. ''Hang on...'' Something was up.
''What the?! My screen's going crazy!'' Vuxar shouted.
''Log out! Now!'' Atom ordered. I looked at Vuxar's monitor, which was flashing with letters and numbers all over the screen.
''Shit, it's no good! Revelation must've got into my computer!''
''Shut all the computers down, now!'' I suggested. ''We can't let it get into ours!''
''No, S-A-R, listen to me. If we go down, we're taking this bastard virus down with us! That's an order!''
''...Screw orders.'' I said, as I logged out of my session.
''Ethan, what the hell are you doing?!'' Vuxar asked.
''Doing something I should've done a long time ago.'' I pulled out my laptop, logged into it, and loaded up a virus I created myself
called 'EndGame'.
''Are you insane?! Someone cut his connection off!'' Atom ordered.
''We go down, or Revelation goes down, but not both of us!'' I shouted, as I ran the virus. Every single monitor in the room blacked out
and the room was plunged into darkness...
That stopped Revelation from getting into our computers. But I know you've got a helluva load of questions. What is Revelation? How
did I know Uplink? Why did I create that EndGame virus? Did we win the war? And, well... How did the war start? Let me take you back
4 months ago...
27th March, 2011: 10:41 AM
Everyone thought that Uplink Corporation was just a simple computer programming company. On the outside, yeah. But those idiots
didn't know what laid inside...
It was just another day in the 'Black Room'. That was the place where me and my fellow hackers on Uplink worked. Every day, we
came here and connected up to Uplink's Internal Services and hunt around for any interesting jobs we can take on, or just screw
around on different servers, trying to knock 'em out. Today was gonna be interesting though, as we had a new recruit by the handle of
Vuxar. Yeah, my best friend. I was just scoping around Uplink's BBS, and I heard the door open. I turned around and found him.
''Hey. You must be the newbie.'' I said.
''Yeah, it's me. Name's Peter Samuel. My handle's Vuxar.''
''So I'm in charge of you, huh?''
''You must be Ethan then. Atom told me that you're in charge of me.''
''That's right. Take a seat.'' He sat down next to me.
''Hey, Atom, can we get a few drinks?''
''Yeah, help yourself.'' I turned back to Vuxar.
''What d'ya want?''
''Uh... I'll just have a Coke.''
''Right.'' I nipped over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of Cokes, then sat back down.
''Well, Peter, guess I should be the second to welcome you to Uplink. We're all nice guys here, but if there's one thing you should
never do to Atom, that's piss him off.''
''Heh, really?''
''I'm serious. See that guy opposite from me? His handle's 'Breakdown'. He played a prank on Atom by deleting all his files on his
cloud storage and put the files on his own computer. When he found out, he went as mad as crap.'' Vuxar sniggered.
''What did Atom do?'' When he heard that, Breakdown glanced up at Vuxar and me.
''You wanna know? He rehashed every single damn file on my computer AND cloud storage.''
''Crap, he does take punishment seriously.'' Vuxar exclaimed.
I sent a small file to Vuxar's cloud storage.
''Log in to your account and check your C.S; I just sent you a test mission. See how much you know about hacking.''
''What have I gotta do?'' Vuxar asked.
''Simply steal a file from the Uplink test server. We all did that mission. Now, before you throw yourself into it, there's a few
rules to hacking you need to remember.
First off, being traced. Anytime you start hacking into a server, it'll go on high alert and try to find out the I.P address of it's attacker
by tracing it's connection right back to your computer. If it manages to trace you, then you are screwed. Luckily, this usually takes
time, so the trick is to complete your job and disconnect from the server before they catch on, so that way, the server's search 
for you can't be completed.''
''It's that simple? Just do what you need to and run?''
''Thought you'd ask. That's only one of the ways they can trace you. That way is called 'Active Tracing'. There's also 'Passive Tracing'.
If you forget to clean up your logs after you've done a job on a server, then they can use those logs to slowly but surely trace the
connection back to your computer. That's one of the hacker's most important rules: Never forget to clean up.''
''All right, got it.'' I watched remotely on my computer as Vuxar hacked his way into the server and retrieved the file he was looking for.
Cleaning up the logs took no time at all, and he logged out successfully.
''Nice. You've got potential, kid.'' I said as a compliment. He turned away from his screen and looked at me silently.
''...I don't like being called 'kid'.''
''Yeah, sure you don't. Still, like I said just now, you've got potential.''
''Hey, S-A-R?'' Atom called. ''I've got a mission I need you to do.''
''So much for celebrating.'' I said to Vuxar, before turning to Atom. ''What needs doing?''
''We need you to hack back into ARC's Local Area Network. I wanna make sure that Revelation definetly is wiped out.''
''Say no more, I'm on it.'' I tried to connect, but a firewall was keeping me out. I wasn't able to hack it with my current tools available.
''I can't get in there, Atom. Damn firewall's in the way, and I can't hack past it.''
''Hey,'' Vuxar suggested. ''How about we take the firewall down from the inside?''
''What, you mean actually go into the company headquarters and hijack one of their terminals?'' I said.
''Well, why not?''
''You could be right. We'll do that. I'll get us a train to the city where they're based, and we can break in there.''
''We're still gonna need a couple of guys on the outside to help us.''
''...All right, I've got it sorted. S-A-R, you, Breakdown and me will catch the train and get in to their HQ. Vuxar, Hammerhead and 
Cyanide, you guys keep a bird's eye view on us. Got it?''
''Agreed.'' Vuxar said.
''I'm just having a look on train times... Next train is tomorrow at 12:10.''
''All right, got it. I'm gonna bail for now now guys, see you this afternoon.'' I logged out of my session, got up and left.
So we had to hack into ARC'S LAN... Why? I'm 100 percent sure that Revelation HAS been wiped out... The guy who made it is
rotting in jail right now, and since he got a ban on computers for life... No, that's not possible. Guess the only way to find out is to
check ARC out. Only thing was, how to do it...
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Hey guys... I'm gonna put this fan-fic on hold for a while now, because it's not on top of my list of things to get done right



Topic closed until further notice.

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