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    • Ori
      By Ori
      I've been having this issue since a few days now and it's starting to become rather aggravating.

      No matter what I try doing, regardless of setting to pause, stop, starting again or queuing other downloads, Steam persists in clogging up the download schedule with this "0 bytes" workshop content update, making it impossible to download anything else. Whenever stopped, it's stuck at "stopping". I've experienced some slowdowns in games while this was going on, and my connection also tends to have some random usage that wasn't all that present before this started.
      I already trying flushing Steam configuration, so far the fix is only temporary until the next computer restart. I'd appreciate any help I can get.
      Additionally, Steam claims the game is ready to play.

    • Ori
      By Ori
      Stock up on your rare Nexus mods, guys. Time to smuggle modainum.
      "Unlike other curated games on Steam that allow users to sell their creations, this will be the first game with an open market. It will not be curated by us or Valve. It was essential to us that our fans decide what they want to create, what they want to download, and what they want to charge. 
      Many of our fans have been modding our games since Morrowind, for over 10 years. They now have the opportunity to earn money doing what they love – and all fans have a new way to support their favorite mod authors. We’ve also updated Skyrim and the Creation Kit with new features to help support paid mods including the ability to upload master files, adding more categories and removing filesize limit restrictions."
      There is also a major cashgrab percentage of the money that apparently goes to the increased file hosting, which leaves around 25% of the final price tag going to the author of the mod. As I type this there is such a thing as "Early Access Modding" for mods that are obviously unfinished, glitchy and of course, conflicting with other mods.
      So I kinda want SFO's input to hear what might come out from this decision in you guys' opinions because holy sharktits gaben done fucked up for real this time Valve is definitely going to have a noticeable consumer and user impact from their decision to pull an EA monetize otherwise usable free-of-charge intellectual property.
    • Ori
      By Ori
      So, figured should post this here until Micro$oft fixes WMM and I can upload my next project. Also telling personally each person about it is a bit tiring.
      (And I need to get my post count up anyway. )
      As you know, I'm a Garry's Mod animator (in-training, but still decently skilled). I make often animations with the thing and available tools/models/etc. It's quite some effort to do it, but a fun mess that at least for me gives that 'you-did-a-something' feel.
      Two of my current animations posted are somewhat SF-related, but since it's more GMod related, I figured should post by here. Well, I guess. Anyway, TAKE THAT!:
      As it may or may not be common sense of those who know me on Steam, I also am (more) prone to do Garry's Mod scenes. Have some recent/featured ones below:

      Many more are on my Steam. However, it'd hit and barge through the image limit up to eleven... thousand.
      May post more randomly.
      (Edited post to link to Steam for those who didn't figure out about the little icon in my signature.)
    • LoneWolf
      By LoneWolf
      I've created/seen enough deals threads before to warrant the creation of a master thread for this sort of thing.
      So yeah. Post all gaming sales/deals/bundles/free games that you can find, or just that catch your eye. Good way to keep each other posted on what's hot right now without the use of a billion threads.
      As of today, May 29th, we have a few notable deals.
      Battlefield 3 is completely free on Origin. The catch is that it's on Origin. Might be a potential candidate for gamenights in the future though.
      Humble Bundle's got a bunch of RPG Maker content available.
      Amazon's got Scribblenauts Unmasked for $5.
      There's a coupon for Green Man Gaming, gets you 22% off. Code is QUK706-XWFKI6-8UK3NL.
      The original Wolfenstein 3D is playable in-browser as a promotional thing for The New Order.
      That's all I've got for now. I'll try to keep this posted with stuff I find, but feel free to add stuff as you find it.