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20 Years of StarFox Album


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I have been working in this 20-track album to celebrate the 20th year of the release of Starfox(SFC;SNES)and i thought that SF-O would be an ideal place to share it. Regardless of what you might be thinking this is not a Remix album(that means i did not added anything to the songs, that was not the goal), i based this songs on non-ripped midi files i found on the internet so proper credits are given to the sequencers that made this possible in the mp3 description.
The goal of the album was to make the songs the most equal possible to the original music.
I am by no means a Pro in music production, nevertheless i did this with legit software because i'm going to study music production in a few months. 

The Album is compressed in a .7z file that can be opened with 7-Zip.

A few rules about the album:


1° You MAY NOT post or upload this album anywhere else without my permission.
2° You MAY NOT burn this in a CD/DVD disc.
3° You MAY NOT use any of this songs for videos, flash games.etc without asking me for permission and giving credits to Nintendo Co., Ltd.
4° NO, You MAY NOT upload this to YouTube or other video/music sites.(except if is a video featuring the music with the respective permission)
5° You(obviously) MAY NOT make any profit with this album or songs.(this one goes with rule #3)
I think that's mostly it. So here's the Link to the album: 20 Years of Starfox
ENJOY!!  :D  :D
Remember I DO NOT OWN any of this songs, Nintendo OWNS StarFox franchise and all of its music.
P.S. I made some last-minute tweaks to a couple of songs.
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Sorry for the inconvenience but one of the songs appears to have a small problem, so ill fix it and re-upload it as fast as i can.   (i will remove the link but don't panic) 


The problem is fixed, you can download now.  :D

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You MAY NOT post or upload this album anywhere else without my permission or the permission of SF-O's Owner(i'm not sure about this last permission)

You don't need my permission for these. This is not an official SF-O release.

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Nice. Reminds me of when I was seven years old sitting in front of my parents RCA tv and hearing that intro/title sequence music for the first time ever.

Hard to believe its been 20 years.


Thank you for this.

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