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Job Specs: Raider Stronghold


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Assault on the Raider Stronghold:

Style: Chat

Theme: Futuristic

Setting: Unknown Planet, 19:36 Planetary Time. 2 meters south of major raider stronghold.

Description: A small band of fighters has been employed by an undisclosed client to clear out a raider stronghold that is interrupting colonization efforts within a 10 mile radius of the stronghold. The client is willing to pay well to those that complete the mission.

Goal: Secure the raider stronghold. Insure the removal of the raider threat. Report to client afterwards.

Player count: 4-6

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Why not, count me in.


I will be using Joseph Hopkins, who is detailed here.

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Since this is chat... I'll go over my equipment and Character.

I will be using Damion Ross:   '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Attire: Mercenary Gear (black combat boots, dark grey combat BDU pants, Black T-shirt, black gloves, black gasmask, lightweight ballistics vest, small backpack full of equipment)


Weapons: F2000 w/ Thermal Sight and Silencer, Combat Knife, M9 Beretta w/ Silencer and Flashlight, Two Flashbangs, One Grenade.


Extra Personnel: Squad of mercenaries on stand-by, one Arwing redesigned for surface-air combat, black armored APC as insertion vehicle.

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