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How many of you are fond of Pokeshipping? (Ash and Misty from Pokemon being a couple)

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Forget Ash and Misty, gimme some sweet Giovanni/Pryce action.

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There's a topic about this here: >


If you want to continue discussing this there. Although all your answers are pretty much already written there. I made that topic for clarification after some poop happening on deviantArt but you know... dA is full of nuts.

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      OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.
      I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.
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      This is the general discussion of Pokemon thread. Yay.
      NOTE: Try to keep it down to games, rather than the anime. The anime should be in The Picture House.
      Anyways, the new Pokemon games came out on Friday, and we have the ability to share some secret bases with others through QR codes.
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      Interested to hear about what other people think about the newer pokemon and pokemon games, and when you think they ran out of or will run out of ideas for pokemon.

      I think the new games are good but I thing after Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald there creativity was lost.

      And yes I know a 17 probably shouldnt be playing pokemon, but I still enjoy it so I dont care.