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Iwata's Underpants Gnomes Logic


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So, my reaction to the big event last night was "What?"

Seriously, I think Nintendo's management went full underpants gnomes with this new strategy.


So, Nintendo's new bold strategy is "Quality of Life Products." This is a vague term that I think means more Wii [insert Activity Here] type games. But even then I'm not sure because it was presented as almost a non-game kind of thing. They seem to be taking an "If you build it, they will come" approach to this without explanation of what it is they are doing. I guess we'll learn at a future E3, but I am seriously wondering what is going with Nintendo's C-level management right now.

The positive development is that Nintendo is going to start leveraging their franchises through licensing. Maybe that means Kamiya will get his chance at Star Fox, assuming he wasn't sincere when he said people pestering him made him not want to do it.

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Lol, Field of Dreams.


Poor Nintendo, slowly becoming the George Lucas of games. Good at first, but ultimately ruining it for everyone in the long run and then hardly doing anything in the process.





I really do hope this can a step in the right direction for SF, though the licencing thingie. *fingers crossed*

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