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MERC Ryan Hackett


"... The world only makes sense when you force it to ..."



Shepard is a lone wolf mercenary for hire.


NAME: Shepard

AGE: 40








ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good



ALLEGIANCE: Cornerian Defense Force

ORGANIZATION: Non-Affiliated

RANK: Mercenary - Left the CDF at the rank of Lieutenant

TRAINING: Graduated from the Cornerian Flight Academy



Hackett never really had a childhood. He was born in the harsh environment of Papetoon, subject to standard village life almost comparable to a third world country. It was hard living there. His parents were farmers, trying to grow as much food as possible for the people around them as well as themselves, but they were good people.


When he was five, Andross and his empire had attacked the Lylat System. Papetoon was one of the first to fall. During the invasion, his mother and father fought valiantly to protect him. They were slaughtered by the Imperials, leaving the child alone and defenseless. He was able to hide in a small foxhole under his house, avoiding detection long enough to run for the nearest unoccupied village. He was distraught as he was helpless, unable to help himself or get help.


He was rescued by a group of bandits that brought him to a nearby safezone for displaced citizens. There, he heard stories of other pirates and bandits that would raid the Imperials, bringing back food and riches to the people. The most notable was the Starfox crew.


Listening to the tales of Fox McCloud and his ragtag group of mercenaries always inspired him, hearing about how Fox and his team went toe to toe with the Imperials, destroying them in one fell swoop.


This inspired Hackett to be a pilot and a mercenary like Fox. He hung around bandits, pirates, and other mercs that supported the locals and got them to teach him how to fly. He got a few crash courses, but it wasn't enough for him to simply go up and down. He eventually started sneaking into hangar bays and stealing air craft. He’d usually bring them back in one piece and leave without a trace, but sometimes there were unfortunate circumstances like the Imperials or Renegades who were to skilled for him. More often, he would raid corporate cargo vessels, most containing food or useful technology, and brought them back to his hometown to provide for less fortunate, like Fox had done for him. One day however, he made a theft attempt that would change his life.


On that fateful day, he snuck into the Cornerian Defense Force’s main hangar bay. He wasn’t caught initially, but he stole a Cornerian Strike Fighter, getting out of the main city, but not into the atmosphere before ace pilot Bill Grey was able to shoot him down. He was able to disable his engine, lighting the craft on fire, but to Bill’s amazement, Hackett didn’t bail. He continued to pilot the craft, trying to make a soft landing before hopping out and getting arrested by military police.


Upon interrogation, military officials had decided that the kid shouldn't be jailed. They realized he didnt have the proper parenting or schooling and decided to give him a better chance, given that he was already good at flying as it is. He was sent to a correctional facility to teach him right from wrong and give him a proper education. He learned advanced math and science skills and even developed an artistic side, finding a love for Jazz music. As soon as he turned 18, he was admitted to the Cornerian Flight Academy and became an officer for the Cornerian Defense Forces.


Shepard had found himself in charge of a patrol squadron, policing the rougher areas of the Lylat System. He stopped various pirate activities and had a few incursions with Starwolf, all successful but he was unable to capture the pirate band due to restrictions. It was almost ironic that now he was the one chasing pirates and arresting vagrants after being one himself. He knew all of the tricks in the book, all too well.


One day, he was chasing down a young man who had raided a company freighter and nearly escaped. He was given the order to shoot him down, saying he was a possible threat, and executed the order. When he hooked around and inspected the wreckage, he found a young boy, not much older than he was in his raider days, barely clinging to life. While the kid was rushed to the nearest medical center and survived, it left Hackett mentally scarred and confused. It felt wrong to be the one on the other side of things, knowing that the kid was probably doing it because he had to. Being given the order to kill a child and serving a big time company conflicted with his ethical code.


Eventually, Hackett grew tired and annoyed of the restrictions placed on him and left the Cornerian military to become a mercenary.


As a merc, Hackett had let out his more vengeful side, being ruthless to anyone who crossed him, but he still kept to his morals of helping those in need, taking from the rich, and giving to the poor. When it came to grey area, he was as close as they came to the middle. Moral ambiguity as they called it. 

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Lieutenant Commander Daniel Riley


Reference Photo (Jonathan Frakes w/out beard): '>


"... Our actions define us. Our deeds, not words..."




Commander Riley is the first officer of the SSV Norfolk, acting as a diplomat and a ground team leader. He is a very matter of fact man who doesnt judge people based on race or creed, but rather by their actions. That being said, he hates politicians who have never served.


NAME: Riley, Daniel

AGE: 28




HERITAGE: Caucasian

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Jacob Riley, Jenna Riley



ALIGNMENT: %75 Paragon %25 Renegade



ALLEGIANCE: Systems Alliance


RANK: Lieutenant Commander


WEAPON SET: M-8 Avenger :: M-6 Carnifex

ARMOR SET: Inferno Armor painted Black with Blue and White accents



SSV Norfolk SN-01 - Norfolk Class Cruiser - First Officer :: 2190

Project Newport :: 2186 - 2190

Special Forces Combat Training :: 2186

SSV Britain - Normandy Class Frigate - Helm Officer :: 2185 - 2186

Alliance Naval Academy :: Class of 2185

Alliance Naval Academy :: Accepted in 2181



Daniel Riley was born in Norfolk, Virginia to his father Jacob Riley and his mother Jenna Riley. His father was an Alliance Naval Officer and his mother was a physicist. Initially, they lived on Earth while his father was an academy teacher, but then the family moved to the Human/Turian colony of Demeter for his father's job working with the Turians to create the Normandy class frigate. He always seemed to have a rather diplomatic personality with much confidence. He stood up for other children getting beat up and stood against those persecuting others.
One particular incident in high school nearly got him suspended, but resulted in a commendation. A turian student was being assaulted by a gang of other teenagers. Daniel decided to intervene and fought the human students, claiming that they were as bad as slave traders of the Colonial times on Earth. The other humans proceeded to fight Daniel and the Turian, but the two wound up fending them off long enough for school staff to intervene and stop the fight.
Since then, Daniel has reached out to other alien species in getting to know them while keeping his ties to his human side strong.
Eventually Daniel followed his Father's career path in becoming an officer in the Navy.
He started his career as the helm officer of the Normandy Class SSV Britain. He was helm officer for about a year before the Reapers invaded Earth. The Britain was then retasked from typical recon missions to stealth and asset recovery missions. One particular asset recovery mission to rescue a science team forced Daniel to assume command of the ship as the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer became trapped on a Reaper controlled planet. The Captain ordered Daniel to retreat back to the fleet, but Daniel disobeyed orders and instead retreated to a nearby moon. There, they used the ship's stealth systems to remain hidden until they had devised a plan.
The plan itself was risky and involved using a Javelin Torpedo to create a singularity that would catch the Reaper's off guard and potentially do damage. This would disable them long enough for the Britain to do a landing run, recovering the Captain, First Officer, and the science team before the Reapers could retaliate. While Daniel wrote a full report on his actions, claiming "the ends do not justify the means," the Captain disagreed, suggesting him for a commendation. He was awarded the Alliance Silver Star for his courage and loyalty. Not every battle was a victory, however.
Daniel was faced with another command decision in the final days of the war. While the Captain was on the Citadel attempting to negotiate a supply run to Alliance colonies, the First Officer was in command when a distress signal came in. As per Alliance regulation, the Britain responded, finding a damaged Turian cruiser. It was a legitimate call for help, but Cerberus arrived at the same time with a fleet. In an effort to retrieve the Turains, the First Officer left Daniel in command with an inexperienced replacement at the helm. The XO boarded a shuttle, taking a team to the Turian ship to attempt to get them in a position to escape. Daniel listed a route for the helmsman to follow, but he panicked under stress and made a miscalculation, leaving the Britain vulnerable to fire and the shuttle defenseless. As a result, the First Officer was killed in action with all hands and the Britain sustained a direct hit to the shields. 
The Turian crew decided to launch what they could and launched two shuttles. Daniel took the helm, barking commands on the intercom while he maneuvered the ship. They were only able to rescue one shuttle before the other and the ship with it were destroyed by Cerberus. He turned the ship away and jumped back to Allied Territory. 
Daniel attempted to take responsibility for the loss, but the Alliance could not allow the blame to be based on him. His command decisions were sound and his plan of action would have worked. Instead, the inexperienced ensign was reassigned to a meager crewman's position on a cruiser until he accepted he was responsible.
This changed Riley into a man of facts and realism. Not every scenario could be beatable.
After the end of the war, Daniel was offered Special Forces training, teaching him the necessary skills he needed in order to be effect planetside as well as in space. As he finished, he swore he would always have a gun at his side at the helm, but he would be reassigned two days later to a position that would truly begin his career.
At the end of 2186, Daniel Riley was recruited by Captain Demetri Nikolic to become the Executive Officer of the next ship he was going to captain. Along with a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Daniel also had the opportunity to become part of the building project for the ship, given that his father was the project lead.
Project Newport was the codename for the ambitious Norfolk Class Cruiser. During this time, Daniel would be mainly located on the Citadel, as no other space facility was capable of producing ships as efficient. The SSV Norfolk was launched at the turn of the decade, and her first mission was to ensure security to the Quarian Assembly shipping lines.
Later on, Daniel was reassigned to be a political attache for the Systems Alliance during the Citadel Summit of 2188. During the Summit, the Prime Minister of the Systems Alliance was assassinated. It was presumed that a Turian had killed him due to growing hostilities between the two, but Daniel was quick to prove the Turian's innocent. Since no one knew who the real assassin was, Daniel was given the O.K. by the Citadel Council to investigate the crime and was given the responsibility of a Spectre agent for his quick deductive skills.
Daniel formed a team of like-minded individuals, sometimes clashing with each other, but always managing to get back on task and had found the suspect. As it turns out, a renegade within the Salarian Union wanted to start the war to wipe out the Turians, claiming they were the reason the Reapers were able to destroy nearly half of the Galaxy. He knew the Quarians and Krogan would be allied with the Alliance as well as his own people, and the Turians would be relying on whatever means necessary to fight back. The inevitable outcome would be the defeat of the Turian Hierarchy and more land for the Salarians to expand upon. The assassin was shut down before he could terminate the Turian Hierarchy's Primarch, Adrien Victus. As a result, Daniel was allowed to keep his Spectre status and would be the un-sunned hero of the Reconstruction Era. The public will never remember him, but they will be forever grateful for his actions.
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Captain Daniel Riley


Reference Photo (Jonathan Frakes w/Beard): '>


"... Our actions define us. Our deeds, not words..."





Cpt. Riley is currently the Commanding Officer of the SSV Norfolk. Grown up from the upstart of a Commander, Captain Riley is man of honor, integrity, and duty, willing to sacrifice life and limb to save lives. He is also very fond of exploration and scientific research.


NAME: Riley, Daniel

AGE: 38




HERITAGE: Caucasian

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Jacob Riley, Jenna Riley



Alignment: %100 Paragon




ALLEGIANCE: Systems Alliance / Citadel Council

ORGANIZATION: Alliance Navy / Council Spectres

RANK: Captain :: SPECTRE


WEAPON SET: M-8 Avenger :: M-6 Carnifex

ARMOR SET: Inferno Armor painted royal blue with gold accents



SSV Norfolk SN-02 - Norfolk Class Refit - Commanding Officer :: 2200

Project Nimitz - Project Supervisor :: 2196 - 2200

SSV Norfolk SN-01 - Norfolk Class Cruiser - First Officer :: 2190 -2196

Project Newport :: 2186 -2190

Special Forces Combat Training :: 2186

SSV Britain - Normandy Class Frigate - Helm Officer :: 2185 - 2186

Alliance Naval Academy :: Class of 2185

Alliance Naval Academy :: Accepted in 2181



As Commander Riley continued his career, he eventually was able to solve the dispute between the Turian Hierarchy and the Systems Alliance, forming a treaty between the two in good faith and resolving any animosity between the two. The two nations eventually started pursuing plans to make life easier for the less fortunate nations such as the Asari Republics and the Salarian Union. Permanent trade routes were formed and joint military exercises became a common thing, with each race in the galaxy participating in war games to be prepared for whatever could hit them.


With the Galaxy presumably at peace, the SSV Norfolk is reassigned to patrol the Terminus border. However, the Terminus Systems went completely dark for some time. The Captain assumed it was just comm traffic being overloaded, but Commander Riley thought otherwise. While investigating, the Norfolk came under attack and was nearly destroyed. The attacking aliens called themselves the Ancari. They were tall, thin, had intimidating glowing green eyes, and were heavily invested in superior technology. The Commanding Officer was killed in action, forcing Riley to take over and get the crew to safety. Luckily, the Alliance responded in time to prevent the ship from being completely obliterated. However, the damage was already done and the ship was scuttled.


Log Excerpt 02/02/2196 :

"I turned to the window to see her one last time before the core overloaded, engulfing the ship in a bright light before she was blown to pieces. All of that effort to save the ship gone to waste because of irreparable damage."


After the destruction of the Norfolk, construction immediately began on a new breed of Cruiser. Because of the new immanent threat of the Ancari, new technologies were invested into to protect against said threat. New shield types were created and new weapon systems were furnished to develop the first of a line of Alliance Battle Cruisers. Fast, maneuverable, yet powerful, the Norfolk Class Refit was the first of it's kind, able to rival the SSV Normandy SR2.


Daniel Riley was promoted to the rank of Captain and reassigned to oversee the construction of the SN-02. At that point, she was named Project Nimitz and was being constructed in a closed off dry-dock on the Citadel. Captain Riley himself was only required to enter the dry-dock area and over see the different construction areas, specifically the bridge, engineering, war room, and weapons arrays. This process took four years to complete the ship, but they were able to launch the SN-02 by the turn of the century. The launch of the vessel was the New Year's event, counting down until launch.


Current Assignment: Shakedown

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Commander Eric Anderson


Reference Photo (Chris Pine): http://media.theiapolis.com/aR/cDCDCDC/d4/e4/hM8/i222F/r1/s1/t4/u1/wG4/z23/chris-pine-as-james-t-kirk-in-star-trek-into.jpg?cdn=1392924644


"... The choices we can make can affect everyone..."





Cmdr. Anderson is the Executive Officer of the SSV Norfolk. Born to a fighter pilot and a marine, Eric is a specialist in both fields but has a terrible temper.


NAME: Anderson, Eric

AGE: 27




HERITAGE: Caucasian

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Arthur Anderson, Clarice Anderson

SIBLINGS: John Anderson (d)


Alignment: %50 Paragon %50 Renegade




ALLEGIANCE: Systems Alliance


RANK: Commander - N7


WEAPON SET: M-8 Avenger :: M-3 Predator

ARMOR SET: Alliance Standard Issue N7 Armor



SSV Norfolk SN-02 - Norfolk Class Refit - Executive Officer/Squadron Leader :: 2200

N7 Special Forces Training :: 2197 - 2199

SSV Georgetown - Fighter Pilot :: 2195 - 2196

Alliance Naval Academy :: Class of 2195

Alliance Naval Academy :: Accepted in 2191



Eric was born in Ohio in 2173 to Arthur and Clarice Anderson. As a young boy, his father would often take him and his older brother flying or give him flight lessons. His brother John joined the Alliance Navy in 2186 as a pilot, but was killed in the line of duty on his first day of service when the Reapers attacked. He was shot down by an air drone and captured, being impaled on a Dragons Tooth and converted into a Husk. Eric was devastated, but he was evacuated with the fleet. Following the death of his brother, Eric had decided to put more time into flying, taking course after course in aerodynamics in high school. When he entered the Academy in 2191, he took classes specific to Aerodynamic Engineering and piloting. He also took martial arts classes and put some time into ground warfare via pressure from his mother. She said he will need those skills if he is ever shot down so he didn't end up like John and could put up a fight.


In 2195, Eric graduated with honors from the Academy, and immediately began duty as a fighter pilot on the SSV Georgetown. Ironically, he was shot down one year into service and was forced to survive on a hostile planet in the Terminus Systems. He was able to last for two weeks before help arrived. Because of his survival skills, Eric was invited to join the N7 Special Forces and undergo training.


Training was very strenuous on Eric, and he contemplated quitting several times. However, he was able to complete the training and earned the title, moving on to his next assignment on the SSV Norfolk. His skills in flight and ground combat earned him the position of First Officer on the ship aside Captain Riley, making for his first command position. However, due to the loss of his brother and a snowball effect of events, Eric has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, getting into fights and being very passionate about certain things. He can be triggered by insulting things that mean a lot to him like loss and pain. That being said, his temper has gotten him into trouble, but not enough for a court martial or major punishment. He has been able to curb his responses over the years.


Current Assignment: Shakedown

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