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How to fix Fraps AVI



Hey SF-O community. I need help.


So I was playing Dayz Standalone with my friend and recording the whole thing with Fraps. After a few hours of nothing happening, we finally meet a guy and start to fight.


After what was an adrenaline fueled fight I kill the guy, but he had killed my friend.


So I went back later to check the footage I got from the battle, and i cant open the AVI.


I checked the other video I recorded from that session that I started just after I ended the first video, and it play's without issue.


VLC said it was either damaged or corrupt, while other video players said it was an unsupported file type.

I tried to put it into video editing software, but Premiere Pro said it was damaged or unsupported, and Windows Movie Maker crashed when I tried to play it.


I also tried to convert it to another video format, but that didnt work either.


I have googled around for an over an hour now and still cant find anything. I have downloaded various pieces of software claiming to fix it and none of them worked.


Any help would be appreciated, as I really dont want to have recorded 143 GB worth of video for nothing and lose the footage of the battle.


Thanks guys.

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