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More Star Fox Headcanons!

Arminius H O Fiddywinks

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I've seen a few topics on this site about headcanons, so I've decided to make some of my own.


*Corneria is a militaristic, anocratic, family dictatorship, with varying degrees of civil and political rights based on how lenient or strict the president is, and many of the presidents were historically moderate, with few extremes.


*Adding to the above, prominent families would vie for the party's favor to lead the nation, sometimes deteriorating into full-blown civil war, with the families having control of their own personal armies. This is why Corneria's military is very ineffective at defending the state as a whole.


*One of the few presidents to keep the state as a whole, the families in order, and to develop the nation's economy, social policies, personal freedom (for the Vulpa, or Fox minority) and infrastructure was Marcus James McCloud (that's right, the McClouds were that prominent). M.J. however, was a far-right wing, much more lenient towards the Vulpa, and oppressed the rest of the masses' political opinions into oblivion.


*Fox named his son after his great-grandfather.


*James' father, Gordon, named his son after his father.


*The Lombardi family is the archetypical crime family, the most prominent in Corneria.


*The O'Donnell family tried their hand in Cornerian politics. Wolf's great-granduncle, Henry, killed and thieved his way to the office of president. However, just a few months into his term, Henry was assassinated by the McClouds, and with the O'Donnells having no legitimate heirs (Wolf's grandfather, Theodore, was too young), the McClouds rose to office. This is how the rivalry began.


*The Toad family founded and currently owns Pripet Arms Ltd., Corneria's largest arms manufacturer.


*The Kingdom of Cerinia and Military Republic of Corneria were extremely hostile towards each other. They would frequently wage war with one another over colonies, resources, diplomatic situations, and faux pas. Cerinia would eventually be destroyed by an experimental anti-matter bomb developed by Dr. Andross at Pripet Arms.


*The Hare and Pepper family frequently held political power in Corneria, with several Peppers and Hares being presidents. Both families are moderate on the political spectrum.


*M.J. McCloud led Corneria in its last war with Cerinia, and personally led his troops on the front. He commented on Cerinia's environment, culture, society, and people in one statement: "Cerinia is beautiful. Very beautiful. It is a great shame I have to obliterate it".


*M.J.'s heir, Gordon (James' father, Fox's grandfather), was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder (PPD), and also had sadistic tendencies. Corneria turned into a totalitarian state, where even the prominent families were chaffing under the powers of the president, and family members were frequently executed, most of the time without warning. Gordon was eventually deposed by the Pepper family. James, uninterested in politics, declined to run for office, instead letting a somewhat democratic process between prominent party members and their families take place. He soon retired to Papetoon, married his girlfriend, Vixy Reinard, and had a son.


*The McCloud family as a whole valiantly and loyally served Corneria, from its beginnings as a Military Republic with Alistar McCloud to the Lylat Wars and Fox McCloud.


*Tasty Sounds Recording, a prestigious recording label based in Suemo, Corneria, is actually a front for Star Wolf's criminal activities.


*Slippy has 241,676 patents to his name. Only 4 have been approved by the Board of Science and Technology for manufacture and use. They were all weapons.


*Falco has prestiged 47 times in Call to Arms: Dark Operations 3.


*Fox has prestiged 48 times in Call to Arms: Dark Operations 3.


*Krystal's password to her personal interface is PA22W0RDABC123.


*Panther has worked in a total of 44 pornography films. 43 of them he was a boom operator. The 44th, he was the delivery boy (he brought food onto the set).


*Peppy made a cameo appearance as himself in the action TV show Raw Meat.


*Fay has recorded several multi-million Cornero albums with Tasty Sounds Recording.


*Leon has adopted 6 children of various species. Each of them want hold various occupations. Leon's oldest wants to be an F-Zero racer.


*Bill has published various erotic and comedic novels under his penname, Puddles Takehama. He has made a total of 400,000,000 Corneros off his books, and donated all his earnings towards various charities and to the state.


*Miyu and Fara frequently flirt with Fox, and make sexual innuendos towards him. Krystal is annoyed by this.


*Slippy is an expert in the ancient martial art of Jugost, a fighting style consisting mainly of the use of the forearms, devastating punches, and the use of melee weapons (mostly improvised).


*Fox has made a total of 213 cameos in cinema, from epics to romantic comedies. Possibly his most notable cameo was his portrayal of his great-grandfather Marcus James in the award-winning political thriller Power


*Falco is suspected in being involved in over 200 crimes, ranging from murder and grand larceny to treason. He was only arrested and tried for one: indecent exposure. He was found guilty, and sentenced to 5 months of community service.


*Papetoon is a satellite state in a military alliance with Corneria. However, the two states are icy towards each other, with Papetoon's refusal to participate in the Lylat Wars, and Corneria's heavy military presence on-world. It's government is a constitutional monarchy, with the monarchs having a fairly large influence in state affairs. and control a portion of the military power. The constitution limits their powers, however.


*The planets of Fichina (federation of various tribes), Macbeth (oligarchy between titans of industry), Titania (mercantile republic), Eladard (principality), Aquas (kritarchy), Zoness (absolute monarchy) and Fortuna (meritocratic republic) are in political union with Corneria, in what is known as the Lylat Confederacy (much like the Kalmar Union). Katina is officially occupied by the Cornerian Defense Force due to the growing nationalist movement and uniting of the various nomadic tribes, such as the Silurians, Cherusca, and Markomani.


*Kew is a former vassal state of Cerinia, and when the planet was destroyed, many Cerinians fled to Kew, where the four kings (Kew is a tetrachial monarchy) allowed the displaced Cerinians to settle. Krystal, a member of the Royal Family of Cerinia, sought to find out who destroyed her world and take vengeance.

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Ugh I forget how many of these topics I've actually contributed to but hey here's some lasting favourites from my mindbanks:



-James was an ex-con, Star Fox was basically his shot at redemption (he succeeded).


-This history is also where the rivalry where Star Wolf started.


-Miyu and Fay are bounty hunter girlfriends.


-Herbert, the robot pig from the comics, is Andrew's current butler (he only oinks, and only Andrew can understand him)


-Katt's team from FBF are named Tom, Roscoe and Bones. I know "Tom's" name is Cool but that is stupid and I'm just gonna go with "Cool is a nickname".


-Katt and Falco aren't actually romantically involved in any capacity, Katt just knows that her "flirting" gets under his skin and she likes trolling him.


-Fara is a clone of Vixy after all.


-Amanda's an environmental activist.


-Andrew and Krystal would be really awesome character foils if they actually met in any capacity.


-Fox was born on Papetoon and spent most of his childhood there. This is when he met Slippy, who was living there with his father where he was stationed for research.


-Slippy hated living on Papetoon because the dry air gave him a skin condition that other kids picked on him for. Fox defended him from this, though.


-Dash is a clone of Andross, not an actual grandson. Dash doesn't know this. He was cloned in the same program that Fara was.


-The Krazoa are also related to the ancient civilizations of Aquas, Titania and Venom and have a slightly different aesthetic on each planet.


-Eladard and Papetoon are moons, not planets.


-Kew is a giant supercomputer rather than an actual planetoid.



...there's more, but I don't remember them at the moment.

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Headcanon time!!


No, not "cannon". "Canon". *sigh*

Here are my headcanons with species, all complete with latin names :


- James McCloud, Vixy Reinard and their son Fox (James Jr.) are Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) (Yeah, I know it sounds obvious, but since big N portrays Fox as a shiba inu, I think a reminder is needed);

- Falco Lombardi is a Red-Footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus);

- Slippy Toad and his father Beltino are Marbled Tree Toads (Pedostibes rugosus);

- Peppy Hare and his daughter Lucy are Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanus);

- Fara Phoenix is a Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda) (obvious one);

- Miyu Lynx is a Bobcat (Lynx rufus);


- Fay Spaniel is an American Cocker Spaniel (Canis familiaris... yeah, most domestic dogs are called that way...);

- Katt Monroe is a Domestic Cat (Felis catus);

- Bill Grey is an American Bulldog (Canis familiaris again...);

- Krystal is a Swift Fox (Vulpes velox), Cerinians are based on real life animals, much like in the rest of Lylat;

- Randorn is a Red Wolf (Canis rufus);

- Gen. Pepper is a Bloodhound Dog (Canis familiaris... given the complexity of domestic dog breedings, perhaps it's better to stick with that latin name);

- Andross is a Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta) and his "nephew" Andrew Oikonny is a Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata), I'm hesitating between Andross being Andrew's actual uncle or him being supportive to the Oikonny family, Andrew affectionately calling him "Uncle";

- Wolf O'donnel is a Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis);

- Leon Powalski is a Spiny Chameleon (Furcifer verrucosus of the semicristatus subspecies), however this name is taken from a movie (an animal version of Blade Runner I guess), no one knows his real name;

- Pigma Dengar is a Domestic Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus);


- Algy is a Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur (Cheirogaleus medius), no connection between him and Andrew;


- Panther Caruso is actually a melanic Domestic Cat pretending to be a black Panther (to appear more handsome to ladies as he says), his real first name being Felician;


- Amanda Toad (maiden name : Croakell) is a Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio of the Bastimentos colour morph);

- Dash Bowman is a Brown Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus), he's in no way related to Andross or Andrew;

- Unlike the rest of Lylat, the lizard people on Venom are not directly based on any animal from our Earth, whether live or extinct. And I know this sounds obvious, but just putting it here : there is not a single human in Lylat.

- Lylatians all have standard human-like vision, no matter what species they're from. The exceptions are the Cerinians, who were granted UV vision (and it is theorized they could see even beyond ultra-violet), possibly linked to the Krazoa's presence on Cerinia. Krystal does have this ability. However, Cerinians, Krystal included, don't have telepathy or magical powers.

It is likely that some of these people are metises of various species - for example, Vixy Reinard, while identified as a Red Fox, is actually a metis, her father being a Rüppell's Fox (Vulpes rueppellii), her Red Fox side is just more prominent. However, for simplicity's sake, I stick with accurate species, or else it'd be a HUGE mess.

I've got some headcanons on the storyline, but that'll be for later (and it'd make that post reaaaallly long).

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I've given a lot of thought to the politics of Corneria. (remember, this is a headcanon)

Unlike the OP, I see Corneria as a constitutionally-limited federal democratic republic. More specifically, it has a unicameral legislature, called the Senate. The Senate elects a Prime Minister by majority vote among senators (if no party has a majority, then a coalition government is usually formed, though there is a run-off process if no candidate gets a majority). The prime minister is the Head of Government and handles the executive affairs of the state. The Prime Minister appoints his entire cabinet, but they are subject to Senate confirmation. The Senate term is three years. All senators are up for re-election each cycle. This also means that a new PM and cabinet are elected each term. The PM and his cabinet can be ousted before election time by a 2/3 vote of the Senate.

The Senate also elects a Commander-in-Chief of the Corneria Defense Force. By tradition, this position is given to a top-teir general but the constitution does not require it and lesser officers, and even non-military members, have been selected. There is almost always resentment among the top generals when the CiC is not one of their own. The CiC is automatically ranked a general, even if there is no prior service. The reason for Gen. Pepper's face being everywhere in SF64 is that the CiC is the Head of State. The only real power the position has is head of the CDF, but the position really serves are the PR arm for the government. That said, though, the CiC is not normally replaced every senatorial term, even the the constitution allows for it. Traditionally a CiC is allowed to serve until (s)he retires, but there are cases of CiC's being booted by the Senate. The CiC answers directly to the Senate. The Prime Minister has no authority over the CiC.

Even though the CiC is in charge of the military, no military action can be taken without approval of the Senate. The Senate is traditionally very weary of war, so there isn't a lot of military action. Andross exploited this. Even though he had killed Cornerian soldiers, he knew the Senate wouldn't act. He built-up his army and then unleashed a Blitzkrieg. Caught with their pants down, the CDF was powerless to stop him.

The courts have no power of Judicial Review. There is a Supreme Court that acts as the final appellate court. It also has original jurisdiction in cases filed between planetary governments. There are 5 justices on the court as specified in the constitution. They are elected by the Senate and serve 10 year terms. Constitutionality of legislation is determined by the Constitutional Committee. The Committee is a non-partisan committee of five members. The committee membership must be unanimously confirmed. Failure to confirm a committee at the beginning of the term will result in the previous committee continuing to serve. Each bill passed must be approved by the committee before going to the Prime Minister for signature (once signed by the PM, the bill becomes law).

Political Parties:

Major Parties - The major parties exist on all planets and moons. Usually the major parties control the government, but not always. Sometimes they must form coalitions with minor parties. The flaw with these parties, though, is that they are pretty corrupt and often do not stick to their platforms.

The Federalist Party - The Federalists believe in a strong central government superior to planetary interests. Their politics are largely neo-liberal. It's platform is generally pro-business, anti-regulation, and top-down economics. Critics call it the Party of the Rich. Corruption Factor: 7/10

Lylat Workers Party - This party touts itself as the voice of the working citizen. Their politics are generally center-left. It's platform is lukewarm towards business, pro-regulation, and bottom-up economics. It is the favored party of trade unions and guilds. It's policies tend to favor middle-income workers. Critics call the party hypocritical and anti-business. Corruption Factor: 7/10

Libertarian Party - This party loves Freedom. Of course, the only definition of that word that matters is THEIR definition. As its name suggests, the party is libertarian-leaning. It's platform is pro-business, anti-regulation, and hands-off economics. Critics call the party heartless. Corruption Factor: 7/10

Social Democratic Party - The Social Democrats also tout themselves as the voice of the working citizen. Their politics are moderate leftist. It's platform is lukewarm towards business, pro-regulation, and bottom-up economics. The party favors a strong social safety net and a core plank is a belief that no one should die due to lack of money. Critics call the party big-government big-spenders. Corruption Factor: 6/10

Conservative Lylat Party - The Conservatives are generally in favor of low taxes and high moral standards. And they also like to claim the mantle of being the Freedom party. They denounce "big government" while legislating morality. As their name implies, they are conservative. It's platform is pro-business, anti-regulation, pro-religion, and top-down economics. Critics call the party hypocritical. Corruption Factor: 6/10

Common Coalitions: The Conservatives, Federalists, and Libertarians are likely to coalesce. The LWP and the Social Democrats are also likely to coalesce, though on occasion they will include the Libertarians if they feel it can put them in power.

The party most often in single-control of the government is the LWP. The Social Democrats come in second. Because of the three-way split, rightist governments tend to always be coalitions, though the Conservatives are the rightist party with the best chance at single-party rule. That said, single party rule is rare. The minor parties tend to mix things up.

Minor Parties - The minor parties rarely ever have control, save for some regional parties which may control planetary governments. More often, they determine the coalition that will govern.

Socialist Workers' Party - Pretty much your textbook socialists. Alignment: Leftist Corruption Factor: 1/10

Katina First Party - The Katinan nationalists. It began life as a secessionist party. Alignment: Rightist Corruption Factor: 5/10

Objectivist Party - They believe that wealth is the best indicator of who should be in charge. Obviously, the party has very little support outside of the wealthy. Alignment: Rightist Corruption Factor: 9/10

Canids First Party - This party is fueled by racism. Especially towards Felids and Primates. Sadly, the party always seems to be a part of the Corneria's Senate delegation. Alignment: Centrist Corruption Factor: 6/10

Macbeth Freedom Party - This party believes that MacBeth should take its wealth and manufacturing base and leave the republic. The party is quite popular on the planet. Alignment: Centrist Corruption Factor: 7/10

Communist Party - This party believes in collectivism and abolishing private property. Alignment: Leftist Corruption Factor: 7/10

Local Business Alliance - This party despises big business and believes all business should be local. Alignment: Leftist Corruption Factor: 3/10

Canine National Socialist Party - The Canine Nazi party. If you thought the CFP was bad, these guys actually believe in eliminating the other races. Alignment: Rightist Corruption Factor: 7/10

Primate Supremacy Party - Another racist party, though unlike the CFP their politics trend leftist. That did not stop them from supporting Andross, however. Alignment: Leftist Corruption Factor: 8/10

There are many more, but these are the most notable ones.

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-Peppy's granddaughter is the offspring of Bill and Lucy.


-Krystal was a bit tomboyish when she was a child.


-Fox and Krystal officially became a couple after the Sauria mission in Assault. I kind of support this headcanon with how upset Fox got when he found out Corneria got attacked while on Sauria.


-Falco and Katt's relationship never went to the next level so Katt ended up in a relationship with Panther.


-And call me crazy but I always thought that Falco was slightly infactuated with Krystal as well...He just supports her relationship with Fox.

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