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Peppy Cameo in Sub Wars Indicates No Hints Whatsoever

Hope(N Forever)

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The following is relatively minor news:


Do you recall when Nintendo first announced and simultaneously released their first free-to-play title - Steel Diver: Sub Wars - for all Nintendo 3DS owners? Despite whether you love or hate the free-to-play game model in general, the game was very well received with many reviewers, and also really praised Nintendo for doing it right. However, what really got some people most excited, particularly in many Star Fox fan circles and internet communities, was the fact that when someone decides to purchase the Premium Version of the game, they are greeted by none other than Peppy Hare as their guide/sales clerk.


Naturally, because of this, many people wondered whether the Steel Diver universe is related in some way to the world of Star Fox. Apparently, the internet's biggest indie Nintendo news outlet Nintendo Life recently conducted an interview with the game's producer Tadashi Sugiyama, the game's director Takaya Imamura - both stationed at Nintendo EAD - and co-developer Vitei's program director Giles Goddard. (Yes! THAT same Giles Goddard who worked on, alongside former Argonaut colleague Dylan Cuthbert, the very first Star Fox game!) Anyway, in the midst of discussions the interviewer eventually explicitly inquired about Peppy Hare's appearance in the game and its relation to Star Fox, to which Takaya Imamura replied:

At first, we had some dodgy salesman character acting as a guide, but this turned out to be a bit too shady. Instead we looked for a character that users are more familiar with and gives off a nicer impression, hence we went with Peppy Hare. I’m sorry to say though that there’s no connection to the Star Fox universe.


Well... I guess that's that. There is nothing else to it then. Sigh...

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Seriously, anyone who thought otherwise is delusional. The subs are low-tech compared to Lylat, and they're all piloted by humans who do not seems to exist in the Star Fox universe.

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The subs couldn't stand a chance to the Blue Marine, but it would have been a super cool skin to unlock, am I right?

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