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A topic on rebooting Star Fox.


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Let's pretend that the next SF game is a reboot. What could it have from earlier SF games? And what new characters or situations could it have?


Would Andross get his army from controlling Venom's populace? Would Star Fox be a team of rebels operating on Papetoon? How about bringing Miyu and Fay from SF2 back? Would Krystal be in the game?

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i think star fox should be rebooted so that fox mccloud is actually a middle aged overqualified high school chemistry teacher with cancer who uses his chemistry expertise to create the most purest crystal meth evar and thus triggers the collapse of his facade as a normal human being into the black-hearted sociopathic empire-builder he really is and krystal is his increasingly morally compromised and widely hated wife and falco is one of his students who drops out and says the word "bitch" a lot and bill is a DEA cop and andross is the dapper owner of a chicken restaurant/drug empire and wolf is a neo-nazi gang leader and andrew is his doofy cousin and peppy is a greasy strip mall lawyer whose office has a giant inflatable statue of liberty on top and leon is the gruff dude who spends his days cleaning shit up and occasionally killing people and panther is the more minor drug boss that proves to be fox's first distributor who also does meth off a bowie knife and when he does fox's super awesome cool blue crystal meth he's all "TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT" and pigma winds up with his severed head on top of a tortoise which is a bomb and at some point falco is all "yeah Mr. McCloud! yeah SCIENCE" and at another point andross gets blown up and staggers out of the room with half a face and falls over and peppy is like the most hilarious character in the cast and he gets a spinoff of his own somehow and at some point fox is all "I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS" and he spends a lot of time at dennys and by the end of the story basically everyone is dead


sounds great right nintendo i await your calls with trembling anticipation

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Original the Story.


Do not steal.

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Wow, I thought I had already posted in this topic?


While I don't really think Star Fox's story needs a reboot, I certainly wouldn't mind getting rid of the mess Command created. Like, if they reset the series to be before Command, right after the Aparoids attacked and such, I would be cool with that.




If they decided to keep Peppy young, and have the Star Fox team as it was before. I wouldn't really be for getting rid of Krystal, I actually really like her. But if they brought Peppy back on the team, where would she go? I dunno, keep Krystal, and bring Peppy back. I'd be cool with that. A smack on the hand if they go to where Command was taking Star Fox, that was a no no.

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