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SF-O's Competitive TF2 Viewbook Thread


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Welcome to the SF-O competitive TF2 Viewbook!

A little bit about competitive TF2:

Valve doesn't support the competitive TF2 community the way it supports competitive Dota 2 and CS:GO. The competitive community in TF2 is run by people on other sites who are committed to keeping the community going. As a result, the competitive TF2 scene is very small, and at times can seem rather disorganised.

Most of us compete actively in UGC League, which is the major competitive TF2 league for North America. The major league in Europe is ETF2L.



Here are profiles on some of SF-O's competitive players!

(If you've entered the competitive scene, message me on Steam on SF-O, and I can add you here.)



I haven't actively played anything other than Medic!

Current HL team: Still looking!

Preferred competitive format: Highlander

I feel like Sixes is something I will have to learn eventually, but to me, there is a very special thrill to playing Medic in Highlander. There are just three more classes out to kill you, two of them can one-hit kill you. You must always be on your guard.

I was first rostered when some personal friends of mine asked me to play Medic for their team in UGC HL Season 10. The team didn't follow through for more than one match, but it was that that gave me the curiosity to explore the competitive community further. I played on different rosters through Season 11. I didn't find a stable roster until I became leader of TAGC, but in reality, I was the one who kept the team going from pre-season to week 8.

Medic was the first class in TF2 I found I could play and be satisfied with how I performed. To my friends, it seemed natural that I'd become a Medic in competitive. I've come to love playing the class. When played well, it's a class that carries with it a lot of respect and honour in the competitive game.

I want to observe other teams and leaders over my next few seasons. Ultimately, my goal is to start my own Highlander team that is made to last through strong players and leadership. I'd like to be recognized as one of the best leaders and mentors to the community, there to serve and help others.





I never cared for Pyro too much, until I met Firebug and he was destroying everyone, so I kind of became his student...The rest is history!

Current HL team: Area 6 Veterans A6V (Leader)

Preferred competitive format: Highlander

I like Highlander the most, probably, because it 110% relies on teamwork. I really enjoy some 4v4 though, if you have reliable teammates,again, when things click, they really click.

How'd you get into the comp scene?

I had wanted to for a while, but I was unsure if I was really good enough. Back in May 2013 I searched for a team and got the main Pyro spot. We had an OK season, but it was a lot of fun, as it always is.

I'm still trying to finalize a few things for my team, but I already know that being a leader is a tough job. I have a ton of respect now for a certain previous leader whose team was falling apart last season. It's incredibly difficult to keep everyone happy/comfortable, and organize everything. It's rewarding, though, when you do make things work and win those games.

I suppose I'll see how this season goes~

I'm kind of planning on getting to Gold level before I become too busy for competitive TF2, which will be about 2 years from now, sooo



High Executor


I used to only play scoot since I finished a set on it

Current HL team: Area 6 Veterans A6V

Preferred competitive format: Sixes

I prefer [6v6] - focus on a smaller number of people. When I do SFO games, I have like 17 people to moniter at once so I suck. [6v6 was] easier on me.

How'd you get into the comp scene?

I did some shit back in [s10] actually. Small team that, honest, just played two games and I didn't get anything back. It was weird we won a game and our second we lost and the leader just went Depression. After that I got trading and never went back...Till Icy.





Heavy, maybe engi backup

Current HL team: Area 6 Veterans A6V

Preferred competitive format: Highlander

It means nobody can just stack up on all one class and mow everyone down.

How'd you get into the comp scene?

I've always wanted to do comp gaming of some kind, and when Icy approached me, asking if I wanted to join the team, I couldn't say "yes" quick enough.

Previous comp expirence? None. I'm here to learn and have fun... and probably rage, knowing me...And I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I never had any gum... anyone have any gum?

Every chance to compete against those better than you are is a chance to learn how to get better. Why would I not want to get better?





Scout is a class that gives me a rush when I play him. I have always been a quick and fast paced person IRL it was fun making people rage when I actually got somewhat skilled with him. He is a very versatile class and unlike some other classes take quite some time to get good with.

Current HL team: Kids Next Door (KND)

Preferred Competitive format: HL

I prefer HL because it's more laid back and casual, I've always treated competitive TF2 as more of a casual thing, which is why I've never actually mained a full HL season before. I'm not as much of a fan of rigid schedules (like what I see in 6's during weekdays) and since 6's scrims occur usually at later times than HL scrims it wasn't feasible for me to start a career in 6's.

How'd you get into the comp scene?

Somepony invited me to play as a ringer for his team in an Iron HL match back in S8. I still have the Youtube video up as it's kinda officially my first comp game (I didn't play lobbies or anything at the time) Afterwards I kinda figured I would give it a shot.

My first official team was a steel 6's team that died midway through the season. I've played for several seasons in various backup roles, slowly working my way up th divisions so I guess you could say I'm more of a reservist.

I consider myself now to main both scout and engie, although recently I've been playing a lot more of the latter because no one wants to play that class (engie mains wtf?

The profiles end here. These can be updated as I add people.

There is much to see and much to here. Most often, we share stories, and we watch videos of our own failures.

Icy: Also, this is just a funny moment... I once reflected a pile of stickies into my 100% (I think) medic during a scrim. That was saddening. :D

Personally, I record TF2 clips of myself and others (By their request). I do Medic frag videos. Season 12 is on YouTube, Season 13 has yet to start!


Anyways, my part of the thread is done for the time being. For all of you, this is a place to share your stories, screenshots, ideas, strategies, videos, and almost anything you can think of related to the thread!

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I added User to the pool of profiles!

As for myself, I was messaged last night for yet more tryouts. I'm keen on the team that Anglos will likely roster with, but they're not sure whether they want me on Medic, or their other tryout guy.

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You are.


I need a couple of unusuals for the scout and engineer and not this pony crap when playing platinum scrims.  Last time I was pushing the cart on upward against Stabby's team and the scout kept screaming COME ON PUSH, UNICORN POWERRRRRR, every time I touched the cart.  Kinda embarrassing

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I would just turn that into a bind and spam it in return.

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  Kinda embarrassing


Y'could also do with changing the pony... everything if its embarrasing



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