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    • LucasJG19
      By LucasJG19
      This is a personal opinoin on what i'm hoping for within the Starfox games to come.
      Please feel free to say what's on your mind to this subject.
      What if a new Starfox game was released with a new added type of gameplay where you make the strategies for the situations that Fox gets into, like for example. You get to decide who flys the Arwing or who rides the land master, or you can have the whole Starfox team be placed on foot, plus you can place them at strategice points. I mean in Starfox Assault, you would hear Fox speak his strategy of how to handle the situation and you would play through it.
      But now after you have set up your team. You get to see your strategy in action as you progress through the level. To illustrate, just say you are faced with a gigantic robot, and you placed Krystal who shoots a rocket launcher to cover you from above. As soon as the robot attacks you she fires her missile making the robot fall though the floor which caves in from the blast. Something like that kind of strategy I am hoping for
      So i thought that i should bring this topic into the open to see how you guys think about it.