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Chrono Reaper

Star Fox Apogees (contains mature content)

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Chrono Reaper



The Star Fox Universe is altered when four renegades 300 years into the future travel to the pas on a suicide mission to assassinate Andross before he could do his bad deeds. Now things take a turn for the worse when they are not affected by their paradox.


A/N: Just a small sample of a larger prologue in the future. R&R if you like where this is going.


Prologue Part One:


Lylat brought morning in the early sky of Corneria. A thirty-five year old James McCloud awoke from its glare reflecting of his aviators, squinting his eyes to adjust to the sudden contrast. A gentle breeze of summer air came through his balcony door, before shutting his eyes. His calm was broken when the sound of his communicator vibrated on top of his nightstand.


“Jim,†a groggy Vixy Reniard voiced through her pillow.








Vixy sat up against the headboard of her bed whacking Jame’s in the head with her pillow.


“What?†He turned over to look at her.




James turned upright sitting on the edge of the bed and answered the call before it went into voice message. “This is Fox...†he replied, addressing himself with his original name. Vixy walked out of the room sliding the door behind her.


“We got a problem.â€


“What’s going on Peppy?â€


“Turn on the news.â€


James grabbed the remote and turned on the holo-monitor in his room.


“...Corneria is on high alert today as a Cornerian government building was under attack by terrorists. Officials aren’t ready to disclose any further information at this time...all government run facilities and schools are closed and people are advised to stay alert until further notice...â€


“We got work to do. Andross and a few dozen guards were found dead and all his research has been destroyed. We have the detainees in custody and your needed ASAP.â€


“What for? I’m retired.â€


“It’s out of my hands...there are two men outside of your home right now to pick you up.â€


James observes outside of his balcony to see two huskies in suits look up at him from their black car. He holds his hand up letting him know hell be down. “I’ll get there in a few friend.†James hangs up the call and heads down the hall.


“Who was that?†Vixy asked standing in the hallway with a cup of coffee.


“A friend...I’m needed on the base, there are two people who are waiting for me outside...†James peers into the room of their young boy on the other end of the hallway, still sound asleep in bed. “Take the day off and take care of Fox while I’m gone...I’ll be home before dinner,†he said before getting ready.


A few minutes later, James was welcomed by the two huskies that were waiting for him in his front residence. “Few more minutes and we would have had to dragged you outâ€, one of them joked at him.


James climbs in their car before patting his pockets.. “Dammit.â€


“What is it?â€


“I left my I.D. in the glove compartment of my car. I’ll be right back.â€


“Make it quick, Pepper needs us in the following hour.†said the other husky in in the car.


James walks towards the driveway and pops open the door remotely, and grabs the I.D. from his glove compartment. For a brief moment a sense of Deja Vu struck him and paused briefly. Like a scene playing over and over in his head he felt compelled to look under the car as if something were to reach and grab him. “Nothing,†he concluded before shutting the door and resetting the car alarm. “Alright let’s go before they find out what happened to us.†he said as they drove off.

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Finish the story, please!

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Chrono Reaper

I'm almost done with the prologue.

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This is great! Keep it up!

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Hot story bro :D


I like how you wrote James' "I'll be home before dinner" military attitude. You left me only wanting more :-)

I look forward to future posts.

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