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My storie I made up while dreaming!

The Raging Space Cookie

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Today while I was sleeping, I dreamed of some books that I found In a library in my dream.

I don't remember the name of the books, but They were in a serie.

The story of the books was about a young girl called Lelee and her friend that is a boy, I don't remember his name but it was something starting at H.

Lelee lives in a world where every character from stories, games and stuff like that exist. She lives in the capital of her country.

Lelee's dad was 'unplugged' by the 'rulers' of her country several years ago and now she has got a weapon to get her dad 'plugged in'.


A beatufil day, Lelee got interested in the Internet. Internet was like ours but It was more powerful and only a few people know how to use it.

Lelee goes to her local library and find some books about the Internet. She and Her friend reads about Internet and learn to control it, but her friend isn't good at it.


On a saturday, Lelee reads in the newspaper that her idol Fox McCloud got trapped by the rulers.

Lelee and her friend decide that they're gonna free Fox and hopes that he can help them free Lelee's father because Fox know the city well(It's secrets and stuff).

They travel a long way through many cities until they get to where Fox is trapped and free him. They find a safe hiding spot and makes a deal with Fox. End of book 1!


The rulers live in a Tower thing and they have got many guards, but Lelee knows how to use the Internet to get through to 'unplugg' her father and deafeat the evil rulers.


What do you think about my story? If someone would continue on this story, I would like to read it!

I think my brain got the ideas from 'The search for WondLa' series, Star Fox and Watch dogs.


I don't own any of the characters, games and books.



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Sorry for this being in the fan fiction section!

It's probably a bug or so because I posted it in the lounge O.o

It should be in the Lounge just so you know.

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