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Opration Electrosphere (Need feeback, please read)


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Well, guess I've been quiet about this for some time now. It's time to come clean.
I've been in the mod making scheme for a few months now, creating and developing a mod for one of my favorite indie games,
Hacker Evolution: Untold. As the name suggests, it's a great hacking simulation game, following a guy named Brian Spencer as
he tries to clear his name and prevent technological singularity - the point where the number of working computers on the planet exceeds
that of humans. A deep, complex storyline, combined with great gameplay and dark catchy music, this was one I played for many months.
I'll explain how I began making a mod for this:
A couple of months back, I was apalled at the fact that Hacker Evolution: Untold only had a handful of mods, and some of them were absolute crap at that. I think the only mod I remember playing and having with was the ASX Crash mod. I looked everywhere: Mod-DB, Exosyphen's website... Then it struck me. I had the HE Untold Mod Editor on my computer, so I thought 'Whyever the hell not?'
I sat down with a pen and paper and began to formulate an idea in my head.
A couple of weeks later, I registered on Exosyphen's forums and in the Hacker Evolution: Untold forum, pitched my idea for a mod, entitled
'Operation Electrosphere' to the studio. A few days after that, one of the staff contacted me. None over than Rob Muresean, lead admin and
founder of Exosyphen. He said he was interested in my mod, and wanted to add it as official DLC for HE: Untold! I told him as long as he made
the mod free, I'd be happy to extend Operation Electrosphere into a 5-part series. I also told Rob that because important exams and studies were coming up on my end, it would be some time before I could return to the development of OE.
And now, with most of the exams behind me, I have found some free time to be able to continue the mod. Last night, I told Rob that I would
be starting work on Operation Electrosphere: Episode 2, and said that I would be trying to recruit some of my friends help to make the job
much less longer. So, CALLING ALL MODDERS!!! I need your help with this project!
I have already formulated an idea in my head for Episode 2, but currently, the baseline for it is all I have right now. In case you want to know
the essential plotline for the series, I posted practically all of the info relating to the mod on Exosyphen's forum here:
It's best if you get HE: Untold, play through and complete the original storyline, then play Operation Electrosphere, because like it says, OE
takes place two years after the original storyline. You can get HE: Untold from Exosyphen's official website, or get it for 2.99 on Steam.
Also, to get Operation Electrosphere - Episode 1, you can download it from my DropBox account here (LINK), or update the game on Steam.
I hope some of you can help me out with this project; it's giving me a taste of what I want to do in the future. ;)
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