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Basically, it's the "Project Beast" that Demon's Souls/Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has been working on. There's ideas that it will be a Demon's Souls 2. Seems to fit the style of a Soul's game, in a Victorian setting. I refuse to hop on the hype train until I see Soul's gameplay, but at first glimpse of that, all aboard. Also, PS4 exclusive.


Warning, video is a tiny bit bloody/gorey. 





Ok, so friend sent me another video that shows a smidgen of gameplay, and it really seems to be a Soul's game. Hype train has now left the station. Dear god I hope there's a plague doctor outfit in the game.



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Goddammit. First I was going to upgrade my PC's graphics card. Then Sony's press conference rolled around and I had to decide between that or a PS4. Now Nintendo Direct happens and Star Fox was announced.


They sure as hell aren't making this decision easy.




On topic, Bloodborne looks beyond awesome. I look forward to seeing more footage in the near future.

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More gameplay showing it off some more



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  • 2 months later...

Brand new trailer for Bloodborne.



Hype train reaching critical velocity.


Time for me to start fangasming right now.


Holy shit that fucking music. That setting! It's Tower of Latria all over again!


And did you see those enemy designs! The bloody werewolves, sooo goood!


Speaking of the werewolves, the character in the trailer transforms into something, possibility of becoming a werewolf fuck yeah!


Those combining weapons, Lord preserve me THAT SCYTHE that you can use as a sword or axe too! I want it but I cannot has it.


Rrrggghhh, those bosses, those enemies, GUNS! I want it now! I am practically bouncing off the walls now. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

Meant to post this a bit ago, but actual gameplay of it.



I need it. I NEEEEEEED IT!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yet another new game trailer.




Fuck yes, plague doctor mask is a-go. I was hoping that would be something they did. My interest in the game just doubled.

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New bit of alpha gameplay footage, broken into three parts.


Just a heads up, guy playing it is not brave so it takes him a bit to clear an area at times.







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