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Krystal's Role

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On 7/2/2017 at 1:49 PM, Jaslazul said:


I was referring specifically to Assault, here. And I think it's the only game where you can really have this conversation--it's the most mature one and it had the most freedom.  Star Fox and SF64 suffered from major hardware limitations that precluded too much development. But still, if you look at SF64 in context of other games of the time, the characters were rich and lively and memorable compared to contemporary games. It's not fair at all to say that the characters in SF64 were underdeveloped--sure, they were by modern standards, but the context is important.

In Assault:

  • We see Wolf as a morally gray character rather than a generic evil one.
  • We see the Aparoids attempt to dupe Fox by impersonating his father, and Fox pushing on anyway because his father would "never tell him to give up."
  • We see possession and corruption of both a series villain and a series hero (Pigma, Pepper).
  • We see several villains, each with different motivations, some of which end up on Fox's side (Oikonny, Wolf, Pigma, the Aparoid Queen).
  • We see Slippy grow a backbone and tell Falco to shut the hell up.

Falco has some nice dialogue, especially on Corneria, but no major development. Yet he serves his role as Fox's wingman very well.  Meanwhile, Krysta's air time is:

  • When Aparoids threaten Sauria, which has major significance to Krystal, all she does is joke about "a mission together at last," to which Fox blushes like a schoolgirl. 
  • "I'm sensing strange thought patterns" when Aparoids appear.
  • A few other teasing lines leveled at Fox that just make him squirm (he does not look very much like a ruthless mercenery here...).

I really don't think she contributed much of anything, and though Nintendo made an attempt to give her and Adventures a nod with that mission on Sauria, they missed out on a lot of potential there.  That mission had very nice gameplay, but its place in the story and to the characters was utterly insignificant--the most character development we see probably comes from Slippy snapping back at Falco when Falco tells him not to mess everything up.

I know I'm a super late reply but to be fair Krystal did have some pretty gung-ho dialogue on Sauria such as "We WILL save Sauria!" which is probably just as telling as Slippy's clap back on Falco. Also the dialogue referring back to Adventures made by Krystal.

(Reply is only for other people who happen to read through this debate)

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