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This is the staff recruitment thread for the before mentioned site editor position.

I am filling at least one of these positions.


- Fluency in written English.

- Demonstrable knowledge of both Star Fox canon tracks.

- Knowledge of HTML and/or PHP a plus but not required (Don't let this dissuade you from applying. I mainly need a writer.)

Site Editor duties:

- Assist in selecting and copy editing content submitted for the site.

- Assist in site maintenance. (probably only one of the positions will have this duty)

- Perform basic moderation in the Community Content board.

- Write base articles for major topics. <- Important

- Assist in the IPB4 transition

- Write news articles for the front page as needed.

- Assist in connecting the main site with the fanbase through features like the old "Weekly Fanstuff" from back in the day.


PM DZ asking for the position. Explain why you want the position and provide a short example of your writing. Also include any other information you think may be relevant, such as your score on the True Fan Final Exam or any PHP Code you've written. SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY.

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