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    • Ori
      By Ori
      Has something like this been done already (aside from the other Screenshot Megathread that is)?
      I've been thinking and I guess some place to discuss all things into Nintendo itself could be interesting rather than scattering posts around other topics. Opinions, speculation and those things.
      inb4 Sony Megathread, MS Megathread, Valve Megathread, EA Megathread
      Probably this can be the proper place for smaller finds like this:

      Not sure if it's news, but apparently Nintendo is approving content for other games (third parties no less) linked to Amiibo syncing, as seen there with the Amiibo collector's ADF-01F Falken and Eurofighter Typhoon from Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble+ (Assault Horizon Legacy).
      Not a huge fan of collection item stuff, but thought this would be something worth sharing here as well as leaving some space for other minor finds. Thoughts?