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Meh. I thought someone would get a laugh out of it.


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On 4.10.2014 at 8:40 AM, Pharaoh Shadon said:

Sooooo I have quite a bit of thoughts on the starfox series, but not many places for just general thoughts/discussion. Sooooooooo here we go! :D:D:D (My thoughts are gonna be in a kinda review style. Mainly for organization and stuff)

Story- The story that there is a scientist named Andross who was conducting dangerous experiments. After countless warnings by the government he was banished and forgotten. However the corneria army was detecting strange activity at the planet venom and at closer inspection, the planet was seen to have been turned into a military base. It turns out that Andross went to venom to create his army and cast war against the Lylat system. So team star fox set out to stop the evil of Andross.


I think that's a pretty good story. Short and Straight to the point. Granted that probably wont pass this day in age, but for its time it was great.

Gameplay- Gameplay is really slow and sluggish. I know they are prototype arwings and is one of the first ((If not, the first)) game to be in full 3D, but i'm sure they could have made it faster. Especially with its cheap enemy placement and with how much damage enemies can do. It gets REALLY hard to avoid things. But on an upside, the allies are the most useful of any starfox game (Funny how the first game has the best AI), they actually shoot enemies on your screen, Something I don't see often (Or at all) in the series future installments. 

Graphics- Nintendo found a way to turn sprites into 3D objects and that is what this game was all about. So graphically its not good looking BUT system technicality its amazing. So I will give it a pass because of the context. And I am sure that any more detail would have added allot of framerate issues (I think there were a few framerate issues as it was, but it was very minor)

Music- Pretty good but forgettable. At least for me.

You go really slowly and its hard to avoid things. Enemies also come from the side of the screen so you cant do much to avoid it.

Enemies do too much damage, especially for how bad the controls are.

The space armada boss was really cryptic. I just used 4 bombs to destroy it as I really didn't know where the weak points were. I assumed it was the things on the wall but I could never get a good shot.

I cant tell if the game has allot of spelling errors or if its the puns from characters being animals.

There is a massive difficulty spike at the second to last level.

Wants in the game-
Faster control and better aiming. And all of the complaints issues to be fixed.

who is it recommended for- Hard to say, I guess major starfox fans for collection only. If you're new to starfox or want to play a game before the gamecube ones, get the N64 version, its also easier to find (From my experience anyway)

Rating- 9/10
The game feels slow but the idea behind the game was for the 3D thing. Many say this game is the reason why we have 3D in the first place. I think we would have gotten 3D eventually, but who knows what gaming would look like if it wasn't for this game making 3D a thing so early.


Added thoughts- Now you're probably wondering why there isn't much said about this game. I mean it was the first, and I could probably say more about mario bros 1. Well it is because this game is VERY short. Basically 6 stages with 3 paths and basically 2 alternate paths for extra content. The levels are not that long and feels more like a test or demo for 3D gaming. (And with not many games in the series its not like there's a massive history lesson that link back to this game.


Sooooooooo what do you all think about this game? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it "meh"? Give your rating in the poll and say your thoughts on the game :D

To reply to the very first post,...

I grew up with the very first game.

Sadly it has its slowdowns especially on Macbeth (in the german release) & considering how easy (well kinda) is it to overclock the FX-Chip today i think it shouldnt be much of a problem for a re-relase on the VC.

Its still my most favourite Game despite its not "Canon" anymore & i think its worth also a Remake or HD Relase like SF64 or Lylatwars.

Like with many other Games from that area i love to listen to the music for hours to relax or to concentrate. :)

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