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Starfox 64 3D thoughts

Pharaoh Shadon

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Now to do Starfox 64 3D. Remakes are known for making me like a game better. So was this game as good as I hoped and worth the long walk to the store getting a few blisters? Lets find out!

Story- Years ago a scientist named Andross use to work for Corneria and made really good inventions that help civilization. Unfortunatly he started to go mad with power and started making questionable inventions. General pepper caught on and banished him to Venom, a wasteland that everyone thought for sure he was gonna die there... Well he did not die there, in fact he found a new species there and quickly took them over and put them in his control, after several dangerous experiments on himself he changed his appearance. So anyway back with the old team starfox the team only had James, Peppy, and Pigma. After trying to take down Andross Pigma betrayed the team getting Peppy and James captured. Peppy was able to escape and tell James's son fox about his fathers fate.

Well that's enough back story the game tells you, now its time for the in game story... Sadly it takes the multiple path route and there are multiple endings, and paths. The game has 2 endings, 1 obviously is the cannon ending although the real path is not exactly determined (Not that it matters, its just mission after mission)

So anyway Andross declares the Lylat wars to take over the galaxy, General Pepper gets Starfox to do the job and they take it. So after several missions later Fox gets to Venom and is stopped by star wolf, the team consist of Wolf, Leon, Andrew, and Pigma. After their defeat Fox goes in alone to get revenge on Andross for killing his father. After defeating Andross he self destructs leaving fox to fly out, but Fox's fathers ghost guides Fox out of the planet before it blows up and Fox escapes. Fox is still kinda shaken by seeing his fathers ghost and looks around for a sign, his team catches on to this and asked but Fox said its nothing.

Later the great fox goes towards Corneria where General Pepper tires to offer team starfox a job but Fox says they like to do things their way then Fox leaves when Rob says the great fox is ready.

Gameplay- The gameplay has you in a rail shooter, free flight mode where you go in dog fights with enemies and can move however you want to, and some levels you are in a landmaster or in a sub. And they all control amazingly. I think its much better and smoother than the N64 version of this game. So they improved (Although there is still a charm of the original.)

Graphics- The graphics are pretty good. Don't be expecting a halo anniversary difference but its a major improvement.

Music- I like it, most of it is forgettable but that's probably because all your focus is in the levels you sort of ignore the music.

Complaints- Same as the originali game, I don't like the writing, its full of bad puns, weird voice acting, the enemies are really immature, and the cutscenes feel kinda rushed because of the very vague writing. With this game being a remake, I was hoping that they would add more cutscenes and dialog.


Random characters- While playing someone named Katt comes out of no where to help you, she is very flirtatious but its not her I have a problem with, its the fact she's a nobody that was not in the previous game, she just comes in, falco says what is she doing here, and she never gives a real answer. Only through research did I find out she was from some comic and her and Falco use to be in the same gang but I didn't know that at first and she just came and went when she felt like it. I think this game should have had extra scenes or even this comic that Katt was in. If I got the comics, and this game all updated then that woulda made things feel more complete.

Everyone kinda sounds like a kid but with their age I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But I also realize that Assault gave be standards, the serious nature of assault, the amazing voice acting and stuff made me think this game was gonna be similar but I was way wrong but I'm not going to blame the game for it since it came before, I just think of it as an improvement.

Alternate paths... I think you need to take one or two for the games real ending, but some are so cryptic. Like in the first level you need to save falco and go through all 7 arches coming from the water, once you do that Falco will spot the enemy and take you through a water fall. If you don't do that (Even if you miss it by 1) falco wont see the enemy and you will be taken to the normal path.

Wants in the game- No multiple paths, I wish they would have took all the levels, put them in an order, and made it one long game, each playthrough doesn't take very long and it kinda makes you feel the game was not worth the 40 dollars you spent, the game has 25 possible routes to take and Im probably not gonna take them all, the most I will do is unlock all the levels in score attack and maybe get the medals for them.


If they added more cutscenes and probably even gave us starfox comics in the menu's to better understand these side characters like Katt so maybe their inclusions made more sense.

who is it recommended for- Everyone...When the price drops. If the game took all its levels and put it into one long story mode I can see people this generation loving it.

Rating- 10/10

Final thoughts- This game is vastly over rated, called one of the best games ever made but the only reason why I am giving it a 10 is because despite my complaints and wants its still a solid game for what they did. Its very fun, you can actually play it over and over, I just kinda wish they took a different route with how the story is told by adding more to the script and making all the levels one big story mode but its a game I can pick up and play if I get bored or if I just want to play a fun game.

Now earlier I mentioned Generations of kids, I can see how that game was so good back in the day, but in today's standards I don't think people will enjoy it so much purely for the fact that it has very cryptic alternate paths, and if someone does not do any research they will think they beat the game on their first playthrough. And if I know kids this generation, even if they do know about having to play it a few times they will only go through the story once and put it away complaining how short it is, I know because that's what I almost did with the severely anticlimactic fake final boss which I thought was the real one.

Well that's starfox 64 3D! Now it was joked that if this game does not do well they wont make a new starfox game and the team will be fired, but if this game sells well, then they will make a new starfox and guess what??? THEY ARE!!!!!!! There are already very early alpha's being shown on the WiiU soooooooooo YES!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, what are your thoughts on this game? Is it good? Bad? Meh? Give your rating in the poll and your thoughts in the comments below! :D

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