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ZabuHaku: A New Beginning

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(Don't judge me. I happen to like this pairing even if it is yaoi, so ha!)
(Disclamer: This fic not sexual in any way)
Basically a 'what if' scenario of what might have happened once they crossed over to the afterlife.
This is a series I did on DeviantArt, so there will be more coming.
Enjoy smile.gif
   Haku awoke into a blinding landscape. "Is this...heaven?" he asked himself. Moments ago he lay dying on a bridge in the Land of Waves. He heard the battle between the Sharingan Sensei of the Hidden Leaf and his master Zabuza. The rest was a muffled mess as he gently slipped away. Then there was a familiar voice, Zabuza's voice but it was different. There was something rather strange about it, for it was the mournful tone of his master.
   "You were always at my side, the least I can do is be by your side at the end...How I wish I could join you there, Haku."
   Haku felt the equally cold touch of Zabuza's hand upon his face. This strange essence of kindness coming from his master caused Haku to shed a single tear.
   Haku knelt in the white landscape, the crossing between worlds. Now he could move on free from the horror of the past, the suffering and torment behind at last. "Master Zabuza," he mourned, "how I too wish..."
   Suddenly he heard a noise from behind.
   "W-What? What is this place?" Zabuza staggered in confusion fully expecting to be bound in Hell. Startled, Haku turned to find his master behind him.
   Zabuza spun to find Haku running to him. "Haku?"
   "Haku, much I want to tell you."
   "Theres no need," he said drying his eyes, "I heard every word."
   "Y-You did?"
   "Yes." Haku smiled.
   "Well, you're here now. Just promise me one thing: make for yourself a good life in the next world, okay?"
   Haku was a taken back. "What do you mean?"
   "Its no good, me being with you as a team. Even though I made it to heaven theres still the reminder of what I did and to you. Now have a good life...without me."
   "Master, no..."
   "Find your mother, find somebody, just not me."
   "Master Zabuza, you don't understand. Hear me out!"
   "Dammit Haku, I said-!"
   "I love you!!!"
   Zabuza's stood frozen, his eyes widened in disbelief. "What did you say?!"
   The young man's gaze angled down. "Its true, it was a hard life with its share of pain and suffering. I didn't mind because you gave me purpose, a mode in life, something greater than myself. For it I am grateful and I was ready to die appeased, contented. But...when we were on the bridge dying together what you said touched me deeply in ways I couldn't fathom. I felt so strange but I understand and now," Haku looked up at Zabuza with eyes heavy with tears, "Now, I can't imagine life without-without m-my beloved master! Please be my family, I beg of you!"
   Zabuza stared blankly at the pitiful sight of Haku sobbing uncontrollably. He walked over to him and knelt down. "Haku, is this what you want? Are you sure?" The younger man nodded his head.
   The ninja of the Hidden Mist laughed, prompting Haku to look at him to ascertain if he was toying with his feelings. But to his relief Zabuza smiled fondly at him. "Okay, okay stop your waterworks," he said drying his tears, "I'll be your damn family, alright?"
   Haku threw his arm around him. "I love you with all my heart, master."
   'So, this is what love feels like,' Zabuza thought, 'I can't complain, it doesn't hurt. But I think I'm starting to like it.'

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(I could not resist biggrin.gif More non-nsfw ZabuHaku coming your way! If you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it. If you do, enjoy smile.gif )
   "Its snowing," Haku's face lit up upon feasting his eyes upon fresh powder that lay before them and the flakes that slowly drifted downwards out of the white sky. They had exited the crossing and now fully part of the afterlife. Zabuza however was not a big fan of snow for some reason but kept that fact hidden from Haku as to not hurt his feelings. He knew in Haku's land that it snowed all the time and was glad that he was happy.
   "Look, a house is nearby." Haku said still with a smile in his voice. It was a rare treat for Zabuza, he never did see this playful side of Haku as he charged up a rise in the fresh ice. There was indeed a house, a simple yet well put together homestead with all the outward comforts of home. It was near nightfall and a light was visible through one of the front windows.
   "Master, hurry!" he said disappearing over the rise. Zabuza bolted, it bothered him to not have Haku in his sight. "Wait, hold up Haku and stop calling me master!"
   Zabuza made it up the hill faster than Haku did, but Haku already had a huge lead on him. The Hidden Mist Ninja shook his head, 'You're a certainly a handful', he thought.
   "Hey c'mon wait a sec!" He came to halt behind Haku who was already at the front door. He turned and looked at Zabuza who was struggling to catch breath. "Well, go right ahead, damn door ain't gonna knock itself."
   Haku lifted his hand to the door and paused. 'Suppose,' he thought, 'Just maybe..' Finally he gave three evenly spaced wrappings on the wooden planked hinged panel and waited. No answer.
   "Someone has got to be home, Haku. Nobody leaves a light burning in an empty house."
   Just then they heard footsteps coming from around back. Naturally they peered over to see just who it was. Haku's eyes were hopeful.
   "Oh, hello there? Are you lost?" The voice came from a bundle elderly gentlemen holding chopped pieces of firewood cut some months prior. His smile was kind and warm, but not the face Haku had expected.
   "Did you two just crossover?" the old man asked.
   "Yeah, I'm Zabuza and this is Haku. We saw your house and thought we could get a bearing to the nearest settlement."
   "Sure theres a town nearby about five miles east of here. But I wouldn't travel by night. You're welcome to stay if you like."
   "You...are most kind, sir." Haku replied with a slight hint of dejection in his speech. Zabuza noticed the change but felt now wasn't the best time to console.
   "Yeah, c'mon in. I'll have some grub whipped up in a jiffy. I don't get many visitors so excuse the untidiness, heh."
   Later that night, bedded down when Zabuza confront Haku.
   "Haku?" he asked.
   "You were expecting your mother, weren't you?"
   "Yes master, I hoped..."
   "You can speak up you know, the old farmer is sleeping in the barn."
   "He didn't have to, master. I could have. I feel as if I'm imposing."
   "Now do you know the odds of that happening?"
   "Finding you mother at the first house you see? Thats a little naive on your part, you know that?"
   "Sorry master."
   Zabuza bolted up and leaned over Haku who gasped at the sudden closeness of his beloved. "Okay," he said, "Stop calling me 'master'."
   "Sorry Zabuza-san."
   "And stop apologizing!"
   "S-Okay..." Zabuza nodded seeing that he made his point clear while Haku stared into his eyes. He had been close to his master but never THIS close. His heart began to race and it showed as cheeks blared red upon his face.
   "Err, Haku, are you feelin' okay? Maybe its that geezers home cook-."
   It happened so suddenly, in a flash. It took Zabuza a good solid two and a half seconds to realize what happened. Before anything could stop him, Haku passionately kissed Zabuza on the lips with his eyes closed, who in contrasted had eyes the size of windmill shurkeins. Haku disengaged the kiss and leaned back smiling and misty eyed. He wanted to show how much he dearly loved Zabuza-san. However, his display of affection reaped an undesired result. Zabuza grabbed hold of Haku by the arm violently.
   "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" he roared.
   "I...I..." Haku could barely speak, there was fear in his eyes.
   "B-But...I thought..."
   "ANSWER ME!!!"
   Haku felt the back of Zabuza's hand across his face and another and another for each time he failed to respond.
   "Please, beloved Zabuza?!!!"
   "Beloved, huh? Do you honestly think I'd stoop so low as to love a broken down piece of sh*t like you?! You make me sick!!! I only humored you because you're only good for one thing: A HUMAN SHIELD!!!"
   Haku's eyes welled with tears. "No, Zabuza-san!!! I don't want your hate, please don't hate me!!! Anything but your hate!!! Zabuza-san!!!"
   "Haku, Haku wake up! Wake up!!!"
   Haku tossed and turned, crying and screaming out of sleep.  "NO ZABUZA-SAN!!! PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!!"
   "Haku? Its okay, its just a dream. You're alright."
   The younger man shivered and trembled, sobbing. Zabuza saw how shaken up he was. "Do you want to talk about it? You were screaming out loud."
   "I was? W-What did I say?"
   "Something about me hating you. Now whats that about?"
   "You were angry at me were beating me across the face."
   The demon of the Hidden Mist had a stunned look on his face. "And...why did I do that?"
   "Because...I...k-kissed you. You said it was disgusting and that I was. It seemed so real, it frightened me to feel your hatred. Please don't hate me, Master Zabuza."
   "Dammit Haku, what did I say before? Stop calling me master and do you know why I want you to stop?"
   "No, Why?"
   "Because I want us to be equal to each other, speak each others minds at will and not restrained by titles and any bullsh*t decorum. And I want you to know that up until this moment I've been listening to everything you say while taking it to heart. I know what you meant and I'm not ashamed. The only thing I want from you is not to think that I hate you, in fact its far from it. I love you too."
   The younger mans face lit up and whose tears became ones of joy. "Zabuza-san, you are not ashamed of me and...what we have?"
   "Damn no, why the hell would I? Now its late. Goodnight."
   "Now what?"
   "Can...we cuddle?"
   Zabuza stared for a few seconds before answering. "Uh, yeah sure. Get over here. Just don't toss and turn, alright?"
   Haku crawled over into the shinobi's arms and nestled tightly. "Thank you, Zabuza-san," he whispered, "Thank you."

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(Again, yaoi pairing)
(Word of caution, a scene is implied but with little to no details)
   It was early in the morning. Along with Zabuza, after Haku said his farewell to the sweet old farmer, they headed east into the snow toward the nearest settlement. Side by side, together they disappeared into the white.
   Zabuza's head rang with what happened last night.
   "...Please...don't hate me..."
   "...You were beating me...because I kissed you..."
   Under his rough exterior Zabuza felt a measure of guilt for making Haku even feel that way. He stopped in his tracks, he stared down into the snow. In time Haku too pause to find him just standing there, hovering in place it seemed.
   Haku stepped forward with a worried gaze. "What is it? Zabuza-san?"
   "Even after I came clean on the bridge as we died, you dreamed me doing terrible things to you. I want to make us work but I'm not sure how. I haven't been very helpful."
   "Zabuza-san," he said fondly, "You have been more than helpful, you already have given me so much. I only wish I can give you more than that which I received."
   Haku drew close to Zabuza face to face yet with his eyes turned away and glowing red face. "You need only ask, Zabuza-san. I want our bond to strengthen."
   There was a silence between them, the wind was the color to the auditory scene. Zabuza smiled, touching his face tenderly as Haku leaned into his hand.
   "We should be on our way," Zabuza nodded reassuringly. Together they resumed their path to the settlement. 'I'll make it up to him when we get there.' Zabuza thought.
   Sometime later, they reached the town. It wasn't a very busy place, but home to nice, hard working people making their living off the land around them. The eyes of the two travelers roved about the quiet settlement. Zabuza turns to Haku.
   "Why don't you get familiar with the locals, see what we can do between us."
   "Are you deliberately trying to get rid of me?"
   "I'm just saying they'll be more open to a pretty face thats all."
   Haku blushed at the compliment. "I'll try my best, Kawaii."
   Zabuza sighed, "You and these damn titles. Now get going."
   As they parted Haku laughed to himself knowing full well Zabuza blushed as hard as he did.
   The younger and shorter feminine man made his way through the village finding a friendly face where ever he went. It was a treat for Haku to small talk with people, he didn't get many chances to do so in the land of the living. Plus him and Zabuza were chased by Ninja Trackers from the Hidden Mist constantly. Here they could draw a sigh of relief and make a life for themselves the way they wanted to.
   Eventually they crossed paths again. "So, meet the entire community already?"
   "No, at least not yet. I really like it here Zabuza-san."
   "Huh, is that so? Close your eyes."
   "Why may I ask?"
   "Just do it."
   "As you desire, Zabuza-san."
   He felt the tug of Zabuza's grip pulling him along. "Don't you dare peek," he barked.
   "Is this some kind of joke? You're not gonna put me in the girl's bathhouse...are you?"
   "Hey I'm not that cruel. Keep those eyes closed."
   Zabuza led him for a ways before they stopped. He positioned Haku, let go and stepped.
   "Okay, open."
   Haku cracked his eyes open, squinting in the light til they naturally adjusted. It took him a moment to realize what was in front of him.
   "Like it? Its got a well out back that needs digging. Don't worry, I can handle that just as long you feed the live stock."
   "Live stock?"
   "Yeah Mr. Yoshida, the guy who owns this house, he said that if we take care of his livestock for him we can have it for dirt cheap. Sure its a bit run down, but between you and me we can make somethin' outta it. Well, say something. What do you think? Haku?"
   He waited for an answer. It wasn't like Haku not to answer right away, naturally Zabuza became worried. He just stood there staring at it or at least he thought he was, his face slightly obscured by his wavy locks of black hair. Then heavy droplets fell, not from the sky but from Haku's eyes. The rain fall fell between Haku's feet as Zabuza leaned over to see his face.
   He then turned and faced Zabuza, "Kawaii, its beautiful." Haku was already happy with what little they had. This was more than he had imagined. Zabuza stared back in amazement, he knew Haku would have happy with anything but he took it as something very special. "Do you wanna look inside?" Haku nodded.
   Inside, Haku stopped with his back to Zabuza. "Zabuza-san, do you intend for us to spend eternity here?"
   "Uh yeah."
   "But is that what you want?"
   "You don't sound too convinced."
   "Sorry, its just a new experience for me. I've...never been attached to anyone before..." He went to Haku slowly who was still facing the wall. Zabuza placed his arms around him and gently pulled his petite body into his muscular embrace. In turn, Haku submitted to his touch and did not resist. He held on to his strong arms with his small pale hands feeling the hot blood that coursed through them. "...not like you Haku, you do something to me."
   "Zabu-san..." he whispered as his breath became hot and heavy. Haku stared up at him sending him signals, his left ear against the chest of his beloved Zabuza.
   "Sensai," he muttered, "take me."
   ~ That morning ~
   Zabuza awoke with his head in his hands. He wasn't a morning type person and was known to be agitated upon waking. He the bed near him and discovered Haku was missing, but heard a familiar voice coming from the kitchen area. By the humming it seemed Haku was in a pleasant mood and could hear his master getting up.
   "Hey, come to join the land of the dead?"
   "Very puny Haku," he said sniffing the air, "Where did you get the food?"
   "One of our neighbors came by, the Hikaru's. They're very nice people just like everyone else here."
   "You really like it here, don't you Haku?"
   "Even more with you as my side, Zabu-san. Now, breakfast will be ready shortly."
   The table was spread with a modest amount of both rice and eggs. Haku giggled watched Zabuza wolf down his first helping.
   "What?" he asked.
   "No ones gonna steal your food, Zabu-san. You should take your time."
   "No time, I have to get started on the well today. It'll be nice to have some fresh water handy."
   "Will you need any help?"
   "Nah its okay. It will give you some time to get acquainted with the townsfolk before we get our livestock. You haven't touched your food yet, are you feeling okay?"
   "Now that you've mentioned it," Haku touched his temples and groaned.
   "Maybe I was a little too rough with you last night."
   "I don't think so...maybe...I'll take a rain check on the social outing."
   Zabuza flinched while staring at Haku with a worried look. Haku noticed. "What is it?"
   "I don't know maybe I'm just seeing things," he says rubbing his eyes, "You should go lay down."
   "Okay...I'll..." Haku tumbled to the floor upon rising out of his chair. Zabuza leaped in concern. "Haku?!"
   "Wha-whats happening? My chest hurts and I feel usually cold!"
   "What?" From Haku prospective everything else had a bizarre shimmer effect and began to panic. "Zabu-san its getting worse!!! Zabu-san!!!"
   "Haku?! Haku!! Can you hear me?! Haku!!!" Zabuza's voice began getting fainter and fainter, with Haku likewise.
   'Tha-that voice, is, it can't be...'
   Haku's eyes opened to reveal Kakashi-sensai kneeling over him. He stared at the Hidden Leaf Jonin with an emotionless gaze and tried to sit up before Kakashi stopped him.
   "Don't get ahead of yourself, rest easy."
   "Where am I?"
   "The...Land of Waves. The battle of the bridge, don't you remember?"
   Kakashi looked downcast and turned to the freshly dug grave marked by his gigantic sword. Haku's eyes widened and reached for him for his dead body nearby. ""
   "I'm sorry Haku, but hes gone."
   "Then...why am I...?"
   "I don't know. Maybe he gave a reason to hold on, but it was nothing we did."
   Without Kakashi knowing it, Haku lifted his kunai from off of him and drove it toward his chest. "Haku, NO!"
   The had stopped his own kunai with his own hand before Haku could do himself in.
   "No, please...hes waiting..."
   "I understand your pain, but you can't."
   "No...don't deny me this...please!"
   "Haku, we are shinobi. How we live life and how take it has a bearing on everything. What would Zabuza say?"
   Tears rolled down Haku's face. "He...wouldn't want me to waste it."
   "Yes, as any sensei would. Even the Demon of the Hidden Mist."
   He let go of the kunai handing it back Kakashi. "Would like to say goodbye?" Haku nodded and taking him into his arms, the Sharingan sensei took Haku over to the cold body of Zabuza. Haku tenderly touches Zabuza's face.
   "Someday...we'll see each other again and then I'll stay for good."
   "So what happens now?" the Bridge builder asked. 
   "We'll take him back with us to the Hidden Leaf, Tazuna. He'll be my responsibility from now on."
   "How is your team of brats-I mean full fledged ninjas gonna react to all this?"
   "Quite well I assure you. In fact, it was their decision to bring him along. They've grown to respect Haku and in time...maybe....just maybe, he will have a place among them."
   "Well I wish you all the best. Seems hes ready to travel with you."
   Soon the four shinobi, now numbering five crossed the Naruto Uzumaki bridge back towards the Hidden Leaf. Before leaving, Haku took a long look back remembering his beloved Master Zabuza.
   'Zabu-san, thank you.'

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         Hurling the princess into a hiding place, her rescuer engaged the horde with skill and brutality unparalleled. There was not a shred of mercy in her swordplay, it was kill or be killed plain and simple. But the manner in which she preformed was not for the fainthearted. Not to mention her eyes were motionless, unmoving, not blinking, just wide and hateful yet devoid of compassion. The princess peered around the corner. She saw the blood and carnage that wasn't there not five second prior. Then through the window the foggy mist parted allowing the moonlight to shine unhindered. Something shined from her rescuers belt. It was a head band of Suna...the Sand Village. From that she put the rest together, the answer to her unanswered question. But someone beat her to it.
         "Sabaku," a frightened henchmen piped, "Sabaku no Gaara! Run for your lives!!!"
         Standing among the corpses Gaara smirked a devilish grin whilst extending her hand outward as if to grab the scaed man from his escape. But she did that is with her sand, which pooled at the man feet traveling upwards passed his knees and torso and finally his screaming mouth that was abruptly silenced. Gaara then twisted her wrist and tightened her fingers. "Sand coffin!!!" she roared, as the far end of the hallway became coated with exploding blood stained red sand.
         A few minutes more and it was all over. The henchmen dead, the feudal lord slain, the object of interest secured...
         Still the proclaimed Demon of the Sands felt unfulfilled as Gaara returned on the path wince she came with princess in tow. Now it was time to go home and wait for new mission that wasn't as boring as this one.
      (Thank you so much for reading, there is more to come. Please give me a shout via personal messager for ideas and thoughts. I'm SNES and I'll see ya in the next posting)
    • Snys93
      By Snys93
      The is a little fic I wrote while on DA. Please tell me what you think. please enjoy.         ~~~~ Naruhina PT 1              A orange and black clad shinobi was walking through the streets of the Hidden Leaf Village, when a thought occurred to him.      Naruto's Brain: "Was there something I had in mind today, something I was suppose to do? Tsunade-sama said there weren't any missions available and mostly everyone is away doing something. So, nothing to do and no one to do it with. Hmmm... !!! I know, I'll stop by Teuchi's!"      Naruto rushed over to the ramen bar, leaping from rooftop to rooftop til he finally arrived...      "Haha, now for some Ramen..." ...and saw that Teuchi's was closed for the day.      "...and convers-ation?" Needless to say he was bummed.      "Where the hell is everyone today?" Naruto said, standing in the middle of one the most busiest streets in the Hidden Leaf scratching his head. His thoughts were interrupted by the groaning of his empty stomach. "Crap, I need some food."      Soon he found himself wandering the village desperate for someone to talk to.    "Kiba? Sakura? Shino? Hell, anybody?! Dammit!"      Just then when he was about to lose hope, a restful scent filled his nostrils.      *sniff sniff sniff SNNNNNNIIIIIIIIFFFFFFF* "Food? RAMEN!!! SHADOW CLONE NO JUTSU!!!"                A ways away, Hinata Hyuuga was in the kitchen. She was wearing an adorable apron over her ninja attire, happily stirring something in a pot (possibly ramen :3). Suddenly there came a thud at the window. Hinata paused and slowly glanced over at the sound's location. She jumped at the horrific sight of a shinobi with his face plastered to the glass, fogging the area around his tongue.      "Ah! Na-Naruto-kun?"      "RAAAAAWWWRRRRRMENNN!!!" he said muffled as the entire house was pelted by shadow clones that honed in on the scent and disappeared into thin air a couple seconds after impact. Hinata quickly ran outside and pulled the Uzumaki in.      "What are you doing here, Naruto-kun?"      "I just thought I dropped by." he said, finally coming to.      Hinata's Brain: "I'm alone with Naruto-kun and he just thought he'd drop by? Does this mean he...he is...answering my...?"      Naruto lifted his nose to the air and located the pot on the stove. "Ahha! There you are!!!" But before he could snatch the ramen, Hinata leaped in his path with her arms spread far apart blocking his passage.      "Naruto, what are you doing?"      "Ah so it was YOU who made it. Let me have some."      "Wait," she thought a moment to herself and blushed, "W-what will you give me for the ramen?"      Naruto too thought for a moment. "I'll be your training partner for the whole month."      Hinata shook her head in dismay. "I already have one."      Naruto thought even harder this time. "I'll do any missions you don't want to do."      "I do them anyway, Naruto-kun, regardless if they seem boring."      "Damn, aaahh! Ah, I'll take you out on a date!"      "Huh?!!"      "Nah, you probably don't want that either."      "Yes!"      "?"      "I-Its a deal, h-heres your pot of ramen! Wait here I'll be back!"      Naruto sat dumbfounded, he almost forgot completely what he said. He stood there staring into empty space recalling his words.      " Hinata-chan?"                A short while later Hinata was freshening up, her face beaming with excitement.      Hinata's Brain: "Me on a date with Naruto-kun! I can hardly wait!"      Naruto however sat slumped over eating his pot of ramen, worried.      Naruto's Brain: "Dating Hinata? Shes my best friend next to Sauske. I don't know, can you date a best friend? Well I was interested in Sakura, but her punching me all the time didn't help. Hinata...Hinata doesn't hurt me at all. Come to think of it shes does the exact opposite, shes been nothing but helpful..."      ...and thats why, I'm not afraid to die...      ...because, I love you. I always will...      Naruto dropped his eating utensils directly into the pot.      Naruto's Brain: "It all makes sense now, the blushing, the fainting, her acts of kindness...they were special, weren't they? They were me?"      Hinata walked into the kitchen. It almost startled Naruto half to death as he looked at her as she passed by. "How was the ramen, Naruto-kun?" she asked.      Naruto's Brain: "Hinata-chan loves me?"      "Would you like something to drink?"      Naruto's Brain: "How I ached for that how she felt and for even longer?"      He walked behind her slowly inching closer to her. He suddenly realized how beautiful she was and that Hinata was no plain flower among roses. Her radiance was unique, utter captivating. He never felt this way about Hinata before, wondering how he would have managed without this Hyuuga flower.      "Naruto-k-kun?" Hinata turned around to find Naruto just inches from her face. He looked calm as he smiled and stared with kind eyes. There was something in his eye, it shimmered and sparkled in the light. It was a tear.      "Naruto-kun, whats wrong?" she said touching his face. He touched her back.      "No, why would anything be wrong. Hinata, the day...when you faced Pein..."      Hinata's eyes widen.      "What you said that you still mean it?"      "Y-yes."      "Then say it again for me...please..."      "I-I love you.      "Again."      Hinata's eyes are tearing up. "I l-love y-you."      "Again...please."      "I...I love you Naruto-kun." Her face angled down with tear streaming. Naruto placed the crest of his nose against her forehead and whispered, "Hinata, I love you too."      - The End ~