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So the other day, I was flicking through all of the Steam Greenlight projects to see what was going to turn up and be playable in the very near future,
Oh my GOD, that game looks so beautiful. Those touches of pixel art just rakes your eyes until they're a raw red, the land that's shown at
the beginning looks like an epic place to explore, I just... If Pokémon Mystery Dungeon took over my life on DS, then Hyper Light Drifter might
potentially do the same on PC. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I truly, TRULY can't wait for this. Even better, the game is currently
in private beta, and it's coming out at the end of the year... *swoons*
The amount of funds the game's Kickstarter project receieved proves that Heart Machine (The devs of the game) could become the next indie
hit, with Hyper Light Drifter recieving approximately 23 times the minimum amount was set at, which was 27,000 dollars. The final total the game raised was around 650 thousand dollars. Because of this, we can expect tons of new areas and content, the PS4, XBox One & Wii U
versions as well as just a PC version, the full soundtrack composed and created by Fez sound desginer, Disasterpeace, and a co-op version of the main campaign. I'd also imagine that Alex Preston (Heart Machine's founder) also permitted himself a bottle of champagne in there as well, LOL.
Wait, go back. ...A CO-OP version of the main campaign?! :o
Sadly, me and all the other followers of H.L.D have no idea as to how it could play out right now. But I'd assume that one player controls
the titular Drifter, hopping, jumping, dashing and dodging about the place, while the second player controls the Navi-like robot that accompagnies him throughout the game. From what I've seen in some private beta gameplay footage, the robot helps find useful items from
corpses, hidden areas, and helps the Drifter out with puzzles and combat, which is a mix of keep-away ranged shooting, and close-up swordfighting.
The graphics look amazing. Outside areas are drenched with rain that lashes across the screen and tons of broken platforms. In all the abandoned labs and tech centers, bottomless chasms surround narrow, dark corridors, which are chock-full of stasis pods, filled with silhouettes of monstrosities that you may have to potentially fight. Oh, and did I mention there are mechs? God, I love mechs. There are loads
of them all lying around the place, just begging for you to climb inside, start it up and just melt those steel doors with beautfiul, but deadly charge beams... GOD I LOVE MECHS. Whoop... Zap! Look at that! Mechs!
If Heart Machine pull this one hell of a great-looking game off, which is also their debut title, I think this company could be one to watch in the future. For now though, let's watch this space and see what develops. This game has me excited like few other games I watched in the past. Anyone who has extra comments or stuff to show, I'll hand over the posting power to them.
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