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Snyslon's Naruto Shipping Fics


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The is a little fic I wrote while on DA. Please tell me what you think.
:D please enjoy.
Naruhina PT 1
   A orange and black clad shinobi was walking through the streets of the Hidden Leaf Village, when a thought occurred to him.
   Naruto's Brain: "Was there something I had in mind today, something I was suppose to do? Tsunade-sama said there weren't any missions available and mostly everyone is away doing something. So, nothing to do and no one to do it with. Hmmm... !!! I know, I'll stop by Teuchi's!"
   Naruto rushed over to the ramen bar, leaping from rooftop to rooftop til he finally arrived...
   "Haha, now for some Ramen..." ...and saw that Teuchi's was closed for the day.
   "...and convers-ation?" Needless to say he was bummed.
   "Where the hell is everyone today?" Naruto said, standing in the middle of one the most busiest streets in the Hidden Leaf scratching his head. His thoughts were interrupted by the groaning of his empty stomach. "Crap, I need some food."
   Soon he found himself wandering the village desperate for someone to talk to.
   "Kiba? Sakura? Shino? Hell, anybody?! Dammit!"
   Just then when he was about to lose hope, a restful scent filled his nostrils.
   A ways away, Hinata Hyuuga was in the kitchen. She was wearing an adorable apron over her ninja attire, happily stirring something in a pot (possibly ramen :3). Suddenly there came a thud at the window. Hinata paused and slowly glanced over at the sound's location. She jumped at the horrific sight of a shinobi with his face plastered to the glass, fogging the area around his tongue.
   "Ah! Na-Naruto-kun?"
   "RAAAAAWWWRRRRRMENNN!!!" he said muffled as the entire house was pelted by shadow clones that honed in on the scent and disappeared into thin air a couple seconds after impact. Hinata quickly ran outside and pulled the Uzumaki in.
   "What are you doing here, Naruto-kun?"
   "I just thought I dropped by." he said, finally coming to.
   Hinata's Brain: "I'm alone with Naruto-kun and he just thought he'd drop by? Does this mean he...he is...answering my...?"
   Naruto lifted his nose to the air and located the pot on the stove. "Ahha! There you are!!!" But before he could snatch the ramen, Hinata leaped in his path with her arms spread far apart blocking his passage.
   "Naruto, what are you doing?"
   "Ah so it was YOU who made it. Let me have some."
   "Wait," she thought a moment to herself and blushed, "W-what will you give me for the ramen?"
   Naruto too thought for a moment. "I'll be your training partner for the whole month."
   Hinata shook her head in dismay. "I already have one."
   Naruto thought even harder this time. "I'll do any missions you don't want to do."
   "I do them anyway, Naruto-kun, regardless if they seem boring."
   "Damn, aaahh! Ah, I'll take you out on a date!"
   "Nah, you probably don't want that either."
   "I-Its a deal, h-heres your pot of ramen! Wait here I'll be back!"
   Naruto sat dumbfounded, he almost forgot completely what he said. He stood there staring into empty space recalling his words.
   "Me...date Hinata-chan?"
   A short while later Hinata was freshening up, her face beaming with excitement.
   Hinata's Brain: "Me on a date with Naruto-kun! I can hardly wait!"
   Naruto however sat slumped over eating his pot of ramen, worried.
   Naruto's Brain: "Dating Hinata? Shes my best friend next to Sauske. I don't know, can you date a best friend? Well I was interested in Sakura, but her punching me all the time didn't help. Hinata...Hinata doesn't hurt me at all. Come to think of it shes does the exact opposite, shes been nothing but helpful..."
   ...and thats why, I'm not afraid to die...
   ...because, I love you. I always will...
   Naruto dropped his eating utensils directly into the pot.
   Naruto's Brain: "It all makes sense now, the blushing, the fainting, her acts of kindness...they were special, weren't they? They were expressions...of...love...for me?"
   Hinata walked into the kitchen. It almost startled Naruto half to death as he looked at her as she passed by. "How was the ramen, Naruto-kun?" she asked.
   Naruto's Brain: "Hinata-chan loves me?"
   "Would you like something to drink?"
   Naruto's Brain: "How I ached for Sakura-chan...is that how she felt and for even longer?"
   He walked behind her slowly inching closer to her. He suddenly realized how beautiful she was and that Hinata was no plain flower among roses. Her radiance was unique, utter captivating. He never felt this way about Hinata before, wondering how he would have managed without this Hyuuga flower.
   "Naruto-k-kun?" Hinata turned around to find Naruto just inches from her face. He looked calm as he smiled and stared with kind eyes. There was something in his eye, it shimmered and sparkled in the light. It was a tear.
   "Naruto-kun, whats wrong?" she said touching his face. He touched her back.
   "No, why would anything be wrong. Hinata, the day...when you faced Pein..."
   Hinata's eyes widen.
   "What you said that day...do you still mean it?"
   "Then say it again for me...please..."
   "I-I love you.
   Hinata's eyes are tearing up. "I l-love y-you."
   "I...I love you Naruto-kun." Her face angled down with tear streaming. Naruto placed the crest of his nose against her forehead and whispered, "Hinata, I love you too."
   - The End ~
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Pretty cute, one-shots are always fun.


Thanks :D

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This is another sort of a "what if" scenario, specifically if Haku survived the encounter in the Land of Waves.
   It was quiet day in the Hidden Leaf. Team 7 had already arrived in the village gates taking with them a newcomer to this region.
   "Welcome to your new home," Kakashi said to the party's fifth member, "Don't feel like a stranger, Haku. You are among friends now." The stoned faced young man, bearing the bruises of the battle before stared up to the Hidden Leaf symbol above the gate.
   'Friends,' he thought, wondering.
   The Chuni Exams had come early this year, for reasons then unknown and only to Hokage-sama. Despite this, each team sensei recommended their squads and their entrance to the exams.
   Haku however seemed reluctant to enter. According to Kakashi he exceeded everything in terms of skill, technique and control. The only thing holding Haku back was himself because to kill would kill the goodness in his heart. He sat alone in a grove of trees, curled up with his thighs against his chest sitting upright. Memories of his beloved Zabuza-san filled his head and almost didn't hear the petite voice calling out to him.
   "H-Hello." Haku looked up and behind a girl, maybe 12 or 13 staring at him with beautiful lavenderish eyes.
   "Uh, hi," he replied.
   "I couldn't help but see that you were alone." she noticed Haku's headband. "That headband, are you from the Mist Village?"
   "Well, not anymore," he said removing it, "Not unless I become part of this village."
   "Are you Genin? If so, are you not going to the Chuin Exam?"
   Haku sighed, "Its rather complicated." It was then he noticed she was a ninja, a Genin. "You're a ninja?" He seemed genuinely taken back. She was so kind, gentle; how could she become ninja?
   "It is my dream, to be strong like my father and kind like my mother."
   "...and balance that with being a shinobi? Is that possible?"
   "I wish it to be. Oh sorry, my name is Hinata Hyuga. Whats yours?"
   The girly featured young man grinned. "Haku."
   "J-Just Haku?"
   "I'm afraid so."
   "Well, it was nice meeting you. I hope you make it to the chuin exams. See y-you later, Haku-chan."
   Haku froze. 'Haku-chan?' he thought, 'I didn't tell her that... Ah, it won't matter anyway, she'll forget all about me when the exams are through.'
   "What was that?" Kakashi had a look of somewhat surprise. Haku then repeated himself. "Kakashi-sensei, I wish to enter the chuni exams."
   "Huh, what made you change your mind?"
   "I've just been giving it some thought and I wish to become a shinobi...of the Hidden Leaf."
   "Thats good to hear indeed. But we just can't let you in, mind you. There are some tests that are nothing more than formalities. A review of basics if you will. I'll have Iruka-sensei come by and give you an examination."
   "I understand, sensei."
   Haku's review was flawless, Iruka wasn't truly prepared for Haku to pass with flying colors and demonstrate further abilities at Kakashi's request. On top of that was Haku's humility that impressed Iruka the most.
   "Where did you say she came from?"
   "A rouge ninja that operated under the training and guidance of a Mist Shinobi. You like Haku that much, Iruka?"
   "I just never expected such quality and control. Ninja signing with one hand, that was unbelievable!"
   "And you're only scratching the surface. Given time Haku could surpass even the most experienced Shinobi of our heritage."
   "Now only that, but shes pretty to boot."
   "Nothing, nothing at all. I've been giving some thought to whether or not putting Haku in an overflow team is wise. I preferred if it was with someone hes familiar with. I'd put him in my team but we're stacked as it is."
   "Maybe its for the best, ya know? This'll give Haku a chance to meet others, widen out. Plus...err, Kakashi?
   "Why did you refer to Haku as a he?"
   "Because he isn't a she."
   "Yeah, should have mentioned."
   "Anyway, paperwork."
   "Yeah paperwork."
   "Alot of new faces, young faces."
   Two Aubu officers disguised as chuni applicants observed the genin before them along the packed hallway.
   "A lot cuties in here too. Check that one out, shes gonna be hot when shes older."
   "You goddamn pedo, keep your eyes to yourself!"
   "Hmph, whatever. Whoa, dude..."
   "No 12 year olds for me, thank you very much."
   "No I'm serious check this girl out!!!"
   An applicant had entered the hallway, colored in a green and hazel eye contrasted by black hair.
   "She seems a bit older than the others here."
   "Don't you dare. I'm tellin' ya you walk on thin ice like this and you'll never..."
   "Shhhh, shes comin' this way!!"
   The applicant came forward and spoke up. "Sorry I don't mean to interrupt your conversation, but could you direct me to where the Chuni Exams are?"
   "Uh, the next floor up, you can't miss it."
   "Thank you."
   "Whoa hold up now."
   "But I need-."
   "Don't rush, the exams aren't for another half hour. Stay and talk with us a sec."
   "Alright, if that'll humor you."
   'Oh kami,' the other Aubu guard thought, 'Hes actually doing it. This is bad.'
   "So tell us, where you from doll face? I haven't seen you around here before. Just visiting?"
   "No exactly," Haku said pointing to the Hidden Leaf headband on his head. "To tell the truth, I was never really a village shinobi. My-My master was."
   "No need to get choked up, doll face. With a face like that you'll get a new sensei real quick."
   "Okay, you've had your fun. Knock it off."
   Haku giggled, "Its alright, I'm quite enjoying this actually."
   "Err, you are?" The smartass one replied.
   "Its one thing to assume that since someone has a cute face, they must be lonely. Its quite another when your transformation jutsu is so obvious you might as well have your fly undone."
   "So, THIS is the prime activity of the Aubu black ops, salivating over teenage girls? I'm very disappointed. Then again maybe you two aren't prime examples."
   "And for the record, I'm a boy." Haku then leaves for the second floor leaving the two in shock as they went white all over.
   "He saw through over jutsu!"
   "He is a HE!" the Aubu gagged.
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Hahahaha! Very good! xD

Also, I merged your topics and just made this your fanfiction topic. There's no need to make a topic for each fanfiction. Do you have a request for the topic title?

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Hahahaha! Very good! xD

Also, I merged your topics and just made this your fanfiction topic. There's no need to make a topic for each fanfiction. Do you have a request for the topic title?


Yeah, Snys' Naruto Shipping :lol:

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