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Christmas Eve's Eve


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Twas the night before christmas (eve)


when all through the net


Many a friend gathered together and met


some from the dark places we don't like to go


others friendly, cheerful, such as SF-O


It was on this night that many gathered


for jokes and joy, and to constantly blather


but there are those that come for little more than a win


No, some came together, to play some fuckin' Sins



Long story short: shut the fuck up and come play sins you cunts


tonight, lets do dis. No promises I'll be able to actually play on Christmas Eve proper so lets do it now.


for those of you that don't have Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion yet, It's the fucking steam sale. It was like 13 bucks last I saw


grab it and join the insanity.


Oh, and join the skype calls.

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I cri a bitt,





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