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Hey everyone!!

I'm curious; what are all of your favorite characters? And what are your favorite stages in the games?


I'll start: Besides Fox, my favorite characters are Krystal and Falco. That still isn't very specific, but they're all my babies; it's hard to pick a favorite!

(I like Wolf as well *cough*) (Katt is my spirit animal *cough*)


My favorite stage in Star Fox 64 is either Zoness or Macbeth. In Adventures, my favorite place (this is so hard) is probably either Cape Claw, Dark Ice Mines, or Krazoa Palace. In Assault, my favorite stage is either Sargasso Hideout, Aparoid City, or Corneria.


What are yours?

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Arminius H O Fiddywinks

I suggestiate that this goes in the "Arcade" forum.

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This topic isn't in the right place.


My favorite character?  Tough choice but I'd choose Fox, Peppy, and Slippy.  


Favorite Level?  Macbeth, Area 6 and Venom 2 from 64, I also like Macbeth, Titania and Sector Y from snes.

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Fox for character.

Places I like:

SFX1: Corneria.

SFX2: All level except Astropolis.

SFX64: Macbeth, Corneria and Titania.

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     Area 6

     Sector Y



     Cloudrunner Fortress
     Krazoa Palace
     The Andross Fight



     Fortuna Orbit


     The Orbital Gate

     The Aparoid Homeworld (all staged)


Nothing exists after Assault. Fuck you command.


It's no secret that I'm a Fox fan. I'm also a Krystal fan


It stands to reason that I'm also a Fox X Krystal fan

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I suggestiate that this goes in the "Arcade" forum.


This topic isn't in the right place.


Unless someone has moved it already, the General StarFox suboforum seems like a good place for the topic to be as it fits with the board's description.




All of the characters are interesting (or at least have the capability to be if properly characterized, given feelings/motivations, etc, by the next storyline), though I particularly enjoy Fox and Wolf and Krystal because token fanservice fuel but then so are Fox and Wolf huehuehue


It's been awhile since I've played the games, so a favorite stage selection will have to wait.   

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Dr. Orange

64 got Area 6.


Adventures got That T-Rex map ... something with the sun. Shit was cash.


Falco is pretty dank and Katt was cool to.




I'm also a fan of Orange X Krystal. (wink wink sneeze wink)



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Characters: Andrew, Katt, and Slippy. Also Very Specific Headcanon Krystal but that's nowhere near canon Krystal so it doesn't count


Stages: (64) Venom I, Sector X, Titania (Adventures) Dragon Rock (Assault) Fichina, Meteo

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Unless someone has moved it already, the General StarFox suboforum seems like a good place for the topic to be as it fits with the board's description.

You could have moved it. :-P

I'll do it.

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Character? By far Falco. Love that bastard, although Farewell, Beloved Falco really sealed the deal on that.


Stages? Hard to say. My favorite things in all of the Star Fox series are the Sauria (Assault), Corneria (Assault), and final level of Assault. I'm not particularly fond of any specific area or specific level in any of the other games.

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You could have moved it. :-P

I'll do it.


That's a side effect of browsing SF-O on too little sleep.  Thanks. xD

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My favorite Starfox characters, I have to be honest, Slippy was the first of my favorites because I thought he was a girl. Then Fox grew on to me. Starfox Adventures intensified that, he's so dreamy. Krystal, I really like. I have always been a female advocate, even after I got over disliking boys. Falco, I have to say, I wasn't super crazy about him until Starfox Adventures. Now, I think he's awesome.


As for favorite stages, I have always loved water stages, so Aquas was my favorite stage in Starfox 64. As for Starfox Adventures, it's Cape Claw. I just melt away nearly everytime I see that coast and listen to that music, they're so gorgeous. Sorry, I don't have a favorite stage in Assault. I don't think I will ever be crazy about that game.

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The VGM Lover

Honestly, Fox is pretty much the only reason I got into the series in the first place. He was the only Smash character I was able to rely on to get stuff DONE. He might also be the reason I like foxes.

As for Stages, let me make a list for you.

Star Fox:

  • Space Armada, love fleet battles.
  • Fortuna, interesting creatures.
  • Corneria, awesome theme. Also, LOVED the remix in Smash bros. Brawl.

Star Fox 64:

  • Sector Y, again, fleet battle. Also, theme could remixed to perfection!
  • Katina, feels real, but it's a pain.
  • Area 6, difficult but fun, and once again, FLEET BATTLES!!!
  • Aquas and Zoness, beautiful music composition, even for the 3D version. 

Star Fox Adventures:

  • Arwing run, Arwing mission, and not bad theme, but 3D's is better
  • Thorntail Hollow, Three good themes in there alone.
  • Thorntail Store, possible theme remix?
  • Dragon Rock, lots of good action there, including arcade style defense!
  • Ice Mountain, love the sharpclaw racer! Should have added Sharpclaw Racing Mode! 

Star Fox Assault:

  • Fortuna, most awesome fleet battle out of them all!
  • Orbital Gate, lots of things to shoot at. Also, love Smash Wii U conversations. Could they be the next Star Fox voice actors?
  • Zoness Sea Base, perfect ground stage.
  • Titania: perfect sniping stage. Love to play Krystal for it.

Star Fox Command:

  • Fichina, love that bass (DON'T SAY IT!!!). Also, love Oikonny's level.
  • Titiana, theme left a lasting impression on me that I still can't understand. 
  • Katina, Hold Firm, Katina!, simply that.

 It's pretty much the same for 3D as it is in the original. I can't wait to see what the new game will have in store so that I could probably add to this list if it isn't too far away. Thanks!

Edited by amcintyr9998
Mmmm... Should add to the first part...

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As my avatar might suggest, my favorite character is Wolf. I always liked his cunning and condescending nature in Star Fox 64, but I liked his transition to a coarse anti-hero in Assault. His relationship with Fox has gotten really interesting over the years, and some of the gaps in his back-story with Andross and James McCloud only continue to fascinate me with narrative possibilities.

Fay and Miyu are also characters I adore, but we don't know enough about them for them to qualify.

As for stages, my two favorites are Space Armada & Venom (Space and Planetary) from the original Star Fox, along with the Aparoid Tunnel from Star Fox Assault.

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      So we all know the story, it had something to do with cheese, and how with cheese Fox was easy to please.
      But there's more to it than that as this new tale shall prove, for this is when Krystal caught on to the groove.
      It started out a day like any other, but Krystal had moved on! Fox was away from her life, yes indeed gone. Mocked for having been part of Star Wolf briefly,
      she took up residence on the delightful Planet Kew. But her true feelings were just like her fur...very blue. So she joined a coven of fox girls just like her, hoping that for her sadness this would be the cure. But it wasn't you see, Fox wasn't gone, deep down in Krystal's heart Fox still lingered on.
      "I'm delighted to attend this meeting as you can see. I'm not the least bit lonely, I feel quite free!" said Krystal.
      "Good," said Fay sitting to the right of Krystal. "Let's do a conciousness raising session, with trees made of nettle!"
      "Sorry to interrupt but she takes cheese to each session. She has some Chedder and Feta right now, I have the most distinct impression" said Fara.
      "No, no, no, I'm not up for that. Why is everyone staring at me and Katt?" asked Krystal.
      "It's the cheeses behind your backs," said Fay with a smirk. "Why not share some with us? Might be a nice perk!"
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      Her arwing crashed and she jumped out with a parachute. She brushed dust off her legs and frantically searched the wreckage for cheese.
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      A dove flew down and stole her cheese. Krystal ran towards a policewoman.
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      "I am blue, my name is Krystal, yes it's true. A dove flew off into the sky with my cheese, he did not even ask first,
      nor did he say please!" replied Krystal.
      "I can't help you this instant, I think it's been too long a shift. I've never seen a fox person, if you get my drift. But cheese? Yes, it's delicious when spread over fresh mana. Krystal, has anyone told you that you sound just like Princess Diana?" said the cop.
      Krystal broke down in tears and yelled out to the Krazoa to take her away to Fox. So they gave her a test. A taste test of cheeses, conducted by them.
      The Krazoas loved cheese. With cheese they were easy to appease. So they brought her to where Fox was...sitting in a London pub, eating cheese and drinking wine, while helping Falco flick away a bug.
      "Fox," said Krystal tapping Fox on the back. "You know I'm the only one that can understand you, I just have a knack!"
      "Do I know you, blue lady? Oh, Krystal, that's right. It's called a rivalry okay? Let me get back to my rivalries!" said Fox, who then proceeded to chat with Falco.
      "That bird can buzz off, he's bloomin' pissing me off. Now Fox, look at me! We were a team, like Mcnee and Dianna Rigg. Would you forgive me if I handed you a fig?"
      "Figs are old school and I'm just as depressed as you. My nose is stuck to this table like glue!" said Fox.
      "Fox, I have cheese!" said Krystal. Fox looked at the cheese.
      "Get that away!" said Fox violently slapping away the food. Krystal's dress came undone, leaving her in a bikini. All the onlookers looked,
      Krystal, she was damn pretty!
      "Terrific, everyone's staring at me and my rack. Fox won't you please come back?" said Krystal.
      "Can't right now!" said Fox.
      "Oh, please, Fox, let's go right now! Repair to our Arwings, with that food made from a cow" said Krystal.
      "Food made from a cow?" asked Fox, with a twinkle in his eye. "You mean cheese right?"
      "Yes, Fox. Cheese!" said Krystal.
      "To heck with cheese!" said Fox. Krystal started to cry.
      "No, no, hear me out, you must know the reason why!" said Fox. Brushing away a tear, Krystal listened.
      "Krystal I realize I love you more than anything in the universe. You're the greatest gift ever, this I now know, let's rise from the pits where we sunk so low" said Fox. Fox looked into Krystal's eyes, so sweet and sublime. He saw the cheese in her hands, and realized she was one hundred percent divine.
      "I can't believe how foolish I was!" said Fox with a teary eyed grin. He hugged Krystal, and they both shared a kiss. The crowd was confused,
      but to Fox and Krystal, this was bliss.
      "Falco, just admit my boyfriend's a better pilot than you. Go home to your cat, she'll repair your beak like new!" said Krystal.
      Back in the Arwing:
      "You were actually going to change your name to Kursed?" asked Fox.
      "Yes, yes, yes I was. But now we have each other and a cargo hold full of cheese. And our beautiful sets of furs, free of all fleas!" replied Krystal.
      THE END