Star Fox cubed makes me very happy

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I absolutely love both GameCube Star Fox games. Even more so, I can't pick a favorite between them.


I love Adventures for its beauty and intricacy, as well as its close connection with nature. I thought the idea of spellstones and Krazoa spirits was so clever. The game's landscaping is so beautiful--all the different places are gorgeous and well thought-out, I think. And I don't care if I get hate for this--I love Krystal. I love her. She epitomizes strength and beauty and intellect and bravery, and I love her accent lol :) But yeah. I love RPG games, and Adventures was the first game that I fell in love with. Krazoa Palace was so mysterious to me, and as a child I would ride the arm of my couch and pretend that I was Krystal riding her CloudRunner (awkward, I know) :D


I love Assault because it allows all three elements of a Star Fox game--Arwing piloting, landmaster navigating, and on-foot ass-kicking. Also, both Falco and Krystal are on the team at once, and NOTHING CAN GET BETTER THAT THAT. Falco makes me laugh so much in that game with his snarky comments. That's what I love about Assault--it had a great balance of story developing, humor, and combat. I loved the story about the Aparoids, and I always appreciate the moments that Wolf comes through and lends a helping hand to Fox, as well as give him his top-notch advice. I also love the maps of Assault. Great game.


What about you guys? Do you like Starfox Cubed? Or do you not? I couldn't live without it!!


Also, all of my previous posts have been dumb and in the wrong forum, so I hope I'm doing this right! I'm new to this and all I really want is to start conversations with people :) Thank you all for being so welcoming, and I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


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Robert Monroe

My feelings about Adventures are complicated. You can see a short summation of these feelings in this post >here. I plan to do a more in depth review of it in the future.

As for Assault, you I've made a huge ass thread reviewing it in minute detail, though it is currently unfinished. You can see that >here.

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I love Starfox Adventures very much. It is my all time favorite game and I don't think any other game in the world will ever replace it. I love the music in the game, I love the graphic, I love the adventure-style gameplay. I especially love how Fox McCloud looks and sounds in that game. My all-time favorite look and voice for him. 


I had the game since my last year of middle school and I have played it over 20 times already. I know nearly everything about it and pretty much memorized every cutscene in the game, which are my favorite parts of the game. Starfox Adventures could be declared the cheapest adventure game in the world and I couldn't care less about that. I would only play the game over and over again just to watch the cutscenes, again. Despite how crazy I sound, fortunately, it's not the only thing I think about. So don't worry, I do have a life and I do like other things.

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Here I go again~~~~


I love Adventures because of its amazing atmosphere (the visuals and sounds/music really make this game one of a kind), and the gameplay and all was also pretty fun. The gameplay was mostly just cloned from Zelda OoT, though, but that's still some awesome gameplay!


t would've had a lot more depth story-wise if Nintendo hadn't forced Star Fox into the original Dinosaur Planet game, but I don't care at all. The final game was more than good enough, even if it could've been even better. I just wanted to get that out of the way since people always try to point out how it "could've been a better game" or how it's "not a good Star Fox game" Both are somewhat true, but it really doesn't matter. :-P


I enjoyed the story, and even though it was kinda silly and really basic (and according to most people "full of plot-holes"), it was pretty cool overall.

I also really liked the dialogue between Fox and the others in the game. It was kinda witty and I loved all the characters. (Yeah, even the shopkeeper; he was one of my favorite characters tbh, really dumb and annoying, but funny)


The gameplay was amazing and satisfying to me imo, and I know that the enemies only attacked one-by-one, but whooooo cares? The combat was just there to delay you mostly lol. Could've been more interesting, though, for sure.

The bosses, though, were really awesome, imo again~

The music was amaaaaaaazing, and of course it was, since David Wise was (mostly) responsible for it all, and he's only the greatest video game music composer out there.


The only real negative besides "what could've been if it hadn't been Star Fox'd" is that it was kind of disappointing at the end, not getting to fight General Scales after all, but meh. The Andross fight was fun.


Other than that, nothing more to really say! It was just a really fun game.

I play games for fun, and Star Fox Adventures is super fun. I've replayed it a bunch of times and it's still fun every time. :-P

Also, the opening part on the Galleon in the rain............ I want that to play in my life 24/7. Just somehow. Maybe with that new Microsoft holo thingy??????




Assault... is weird.


The on-rails missions are fantastic, but there are only 3 on-rails missions out of the 10 in the game. That's uhhmmm, 33%. Kind of sad :(

The on-foot missions are kind of boring because the on-foot gameplay wasn't very satisfying, but they can be kind of enjoyable sometimes. I do really love the Sargasso Hideout mission, the on-foot Aparoid one, and the Fichina level. The other on-foot missions were just kind of boring to me. I think the gameplay was just really clunky for those which made them kind of unsatisfying to play.

I also really liked the Orbital Gate mission. It was 100% all-range Arwing which is why it was so fun. Kind of like a 4th on-rails level, heh.


The character dialogue and the story were pretty cool. Typical Star Fox stuff, but Slippy finally became a guy and Star Wolf's appearances were fun. I loved the fight on Sargasso, and the whole outside area of that level overall. The inside of the hideout was pretty fun too, though. Better than most of the other on-foot levels.


The multiplayer, maaaaaaan. That was fun. I probably played like 200+ hours of that with my siblings, and it never got old. Playing on Zoness, Sargasso, Fichina, Corneria, a lotta fun...


Assault gets a lot of hate, but I really did (and still do) like it. It could've been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better, but it's fun for what it is. Mostly the on-rails missions and the final 3 overall. I loved the art style and how cool everything looked, and that's another aspect of Assault that everyone seems to hate, but I think everything in that game looks pretty badass, really.

I just can't wait for a new console Star Fox game... I really hope the new Wii U game won't be super gimmicky or anything. The problem with Command was the dumb controls they were trying to show off. It was actually a fairly good game aside from that (and the 9 endings lololol).

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I love Adventures, the music especially. I very much enjoy playing through it again every now and then.


Assault is okay, I enjoyed the multiplayer.

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Pharaoh Shadon

I can say Assault was my favorite of the two, mainly because that one I can pick up and play while for adventures, I gotta start from the beginning/start where I last left off.


And like you said, Krystal's accent is amazing. I don't know who voices her, and that's a problem, she needs to be in more stuff DX


as a child I would ride the arm of my couch and pretend that I was Krystal riding her CloudRunner (awkward, I know)

Shockingly, I wasn't that kind of kid, and I had quite the imagination and tools to do so. Instead, I had my imagination and action figures/other kinds of toys to have those kinds of fantasies. Although I never even thought of doing stuff like that.


On to what I think of the two games in more depth though,

Adventures- '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Assault- '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>



My feelings about Adventures are complicated. You can see a short summation of these feelings in this post ?p=427114'>here. I plan to do a more in depth review of it in the future.

That was fun to re-read. As much as you couldn't comprehend how I personally rate things, and I couldn't comprehend how you didn't understand what I was trying to say. XD

I figured that you would disagree even when you understood (Which is fine), but you didn't seem to understand at all o.o And that worries me a bit, I like to think that I'm better at explaining things than that. DX


Also, I'm actually shocked that I was as calm as I was, you were kinda being a dick DX When I read it now, you may have been trying to joke more/be funny, but a newbie like myself back then wouldn't exactly see that. (And I'm not even 100% sure as of now)

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I enjoyed both very much.


Adventures was a very solid game in its own right, although towards the end you can see how it was rushed and pushed out cause of the Microsoft buyout. If it didn't have the Star Fox license on it they could have ironed out those kinks.


However, I enjoyed Assault more. Partly because its a bit closer to an actual Star Fox game, but mainly because the game was just very fun to play, and I still have as much fun with it now as I did way back when.


Who knows, I might write an essay on it for uni this year going into more depth.

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Star Fox Adventures was the first Star Fox game I played, I liked it simply for the Boss fights then. But now that I look back at it I see more that I like. The flow of the game, the sounds, the movement, now I appreciate it all a little more.

One thing I liked about Assualt was really the setting. All the system was at war with the apparoids. Though I think that the Apparoids were way to easy to defeat, it is partially what inspired me to make my game. (Alternate storyline!!!) I tweaked the ending of Adventures so the line went to my Star Fox Legends. (Still in progress. I'm releasing the first 20 chapters of the story as a free PDF some time this week.)

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I think Adventures is okay, it would've been better if Rare kept it as Dinosaur Planet and had more time to develop it.


Assault on the other hand is meh.

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Both Star Fox Gamecube titles were good but they both had major flaws Imo. 




- Amazing soundtrack

- Nice graphics for a 2002 GC game

- Challenging puzzles



- The story!

- Krystal!

- Magic mumbo jumbo! 




- Beautiful soundtrack

- Nice Voice actors

- Arwing Missions of course



- Too Short

- Too Short

- Too Short!!!


Assault has to be my Favorite tho

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    • Revolver Ocelot
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      Teaser trailer is here!
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      Star Fox 2: HD is an ongoing work to remaster and add new features to the SNES Star Fox, the unreleased Star Fox 2 and potentially Star Fox 64.
      Currently, this project is being worked on by only one person. However, development positions may open in the future to help work on the game. As only simple scripting knowledge is known, this means there will definitely be spots open for CSharp and JS developers in the future.
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      Discord Server link
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      Nothing has been asked yet, however I've brewed up a couple you might wonder.
      "What game engine does this use?"
      -The game uses Unity 5.
      "What if you get a cease and desist or anything like that?"
      "How is the soundtrack going to be done?"
      -The Star Fox .spc songs are going to exported from the .sfc as MIDI, then played through a custom soundfont after instrument and channel tweaks are done.
      "How can I contribute to the development of the game?"
      -You can find me on discord (Revolver Ocelot#6732) and then you can explain how you want to help the game.
      11/06/2017 - 11:31 PM AEST
      -The game is announced to the community-
      12/06/2017 - 2:00PM AEST
      -The teaser trailer is released-
      15/06/2017 - 8:16AM AEST-
      -New Corneria skybox added
      That's all for now!
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