SFA English voice acting problem

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Hello, today when i was searching something about SFA on internet i found this video with English dubbing

and in video description there is a link to download English voices here on but link is not working i get error 404, can someone tell me where to download that files?


Here is link that is not working:


Please reply.


Thanks in advance.



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You can get them off the Krystal Archive:

But there aro no all voices in English on krystal archive as far as i know there should be whole game translation in English or am i wrong?


By the way, i found somehing on starfox online ( is this same files that are on krystal archive and on that not working link that i posted?

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Yeah, that's a really old link from when we were running a different software.

This is the current one:

Note that it will be changing again soon as I am in the process of preparing another major site update, part of which includes re-organizing the downloads section (including making it easier to find specific files).

EDIT: Most likely this is the same collection that is on the Krystal Archive. The person that runs that site used to co-own SF-O with me and he provided those.

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Slightly OT but has anyone else noticed that Slippy's voice randomly has a bunch of echo at 1:08? 

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