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The Metalhead Thread


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Good day, fellow SFOians! So, it's been a minute since I've been really active in the forums, and I really miss posting with you guys.


Thus, this thread was created.


So, I've noticed a good handful of metalheads in the forums, and I like to get to know my people better! Tell us your favorite bands, what kind of metal you like (because somebody decided to mastermind subgenres and complicate the fuck out of things), best concert(s) you've been to, bands you're currently getting into, etc.


I guess I'll start!



Fear Factory

Rage Against the Machine (arguably metal, but they get the label, and for the sake of argument I'll put 'em here)


Strapping Young Lad



Lately, I've been getting into The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, and Napalm Death.


I'll stop there for now before I talk everyone's ears off right off the bat, so now it's your turn!

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I have always been a fan of thrash and power metal, but I will gladly listen to any subgenre, as long as the band is good. And no, I do not consider nu metal real metal. Anyway, I grew up listening to Iron Maiden and Megadeth, so naturally those are my all-time favorite bands. I also like Overkill, Exodus, Anthrax, Primal Fear, Edguy, Dragonforce, Trivium, Sabaton, Slayer, early Metallica, Judas Priest, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, and the list goes on for miles. I have also recently got hooked on Mastodon, and I am starting to get into Rush.

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I'm honestly all over the place when it comes to my tastes in metal and similarly heavy music genres. 


My favorite band is Foreground Eclipse, a doujin circle that screamo remixes of Touhou songs. However, they've since disbanded. :C



Another circle I love to bits is UNDEAD CORPORATION. Another band that makes metal mixes of Touhou songs.



Demetori, they do just progressive metal stuff.



Blankfield, Hardcore Metal



The Touhou music fandom doesn't mess around, needless to say. I have a lot more metal shenanigans I want to mention, but I wanted my weeb post out of the way first. :V

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*rises from hell* someone said metal eh


>here is a topic where i actually effortpost about good metal bands but for now I will drive-by you with good metal


note: i am the harbinger of fruity-ass power/folk metal and other weird genre mashups so consider this your warning


the diablo swing orchestra: jazz metal



turisas: responsible historical fiction but also dieselpunk viking metal



kamelot: drinking wine and reading edgar allen poe metal



battle beast: furries punching robots metal



alestorm: PIRATE METAL



avantasia: glittery fairytale metal



edguy: is... edguy metal. please listen to them



therion: weird esoteric mythology/occult metal with lots of opera singers



a sound of thunder: "the singer did a cover of Let It Go but about a hellish fire princess" metal



amaranthe: techno pop metalcore sci fi metal



honourable mentions go to triosphere, crystal viper, crucified barbara, jørn lande, korpiklaani, angra, seventh wonder, stolen babies, vandroya, doro pesch, cthonic, ayreon, pretty maids, tengerr cavalry, and probably others I could not include because I reached the embed limit probably

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sorry for the double post but when I made that last post I accidentally posted the wrong version on the ASoT song which featured a different singer that I hadn't heard before which led to me checking out her band which has now led to an immeasurable thirst for Benedictum and by extension Veronica Freeman and here is why



I rest my case

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Grew up listening to Metallica mostly when it came to actual metal.


Nowadays, them, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Falconer, Firewind, and Hammerfall are my favorites. Nightwish too, both old and new.





Iced Earth + Blind Guardian, bonus points.











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How has Iron Maiden only been mentioned once? What is wrong with y'all?


But anyways, I am also a big fan of Children of Bodom, Spinal Tap, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, and of course Nightwish, while they still had Tarja Turunen (post Tarja Nightwish has all of two songs I can tolerate). Now for examples:






Also, combination animation/metal fans rejoice!




Also, what the flibbity fuck people, why is there no Rammstein in here!? Industrial metal is still metal.


Love these videos:




Also, speaking of Rammstein, adding in Oomph! who were an influence on Rammstein.


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Awesome picks, guys!


For anyone who played the Batman NES game, I found this awesomeness a while back...



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Nine Inch Nails is one of my most favorite musicians of all time. However, it would seem like only Broken and The Downward Spiral would count for this thread. His performance on Woodstock 1994 was pretty much as "metal" as Nine Inch Nails can ever get and has gotten. As of now, it seems like Music Vault owns the rights to legally and officially stream it, so this is an official and legal source of his entire performance at Woodstock 1994, straight from Music Vault's official YouTube account. I also saw Nine Inch Nails three times, and while he has toned down a bit, he's certainly still got it in my opinion.


And well, I hope you enjoy it. :-)



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Dude, NIN FTW! If you had known me on the forums about two years ago, almost all I listened to was NIN. Saw them on the Tension 2013 tour and it is one of the best concerts I've been to. Broken is one of the albums that really got me into metal.


Might be worth your time (and anyone else who's into the industrial style) to check out Bile. Fairly underrated.





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Dude, NIN FTW! If you had known me on the forums about two years ago, almost all I listened to was NIN. Saw them on the Tension 2013 tour and it is one of the best concerts I've been to. Broken is one of the albums that really got me into metal.

​I'm sorry for taking a while to respond, as it's sometimes tough to keep track of multiple forums. It's no wonder why I sometimes take a break from them every now and then though, as I've been getting a bit burnt out on forums.

Anyway, with that being said, what did you also think of The Downward Spiral? It seems to got together with Broken like peanut butter and grape jelly or pepperoni pizza with Mug Root Beer or Mountain Dew. Pardon the food analogies, but that's how I think of two things I like being combined or put next to each other, especially in high regard. I also thought it would be worth posting some music videos from that particular era of Nine Inch Nails in this thread as well.





As for Bile, I've heard about them, but haven't listened to them in such a long time. I certainly remember liking what I've heard though, even though I only got around to listening to Suckpump and Teknowhore if I'm not mistaken.

I'm also going to see Ministry for the second time this month. Ministry's Grace also sounds like it can go well with a Star Fox music video of Venom. It certainly gave me the Venom vibe too.


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