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The Poem game

Talyl Landmaster

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Welcome to the poem game. The game where you have to come up with a line that rhymes with the previous user's line, creating beautiful (or not so beautiful) poetry!

DA Rules:

. Keep it PG and avoid being incredibly offensive (so don't be a meanie. Got it? Good? Moving on)

. Avoid obvious trip-up words that can't rhyme with anything (I will see NO "orange" on this forum, thank you very much). The goal is to continue the dialogue, not stop it in its tracks

. Anything else important I'll add to the list. But I don't like long and unnecessary regulations as much as you do, so lets just make sure this works


So I'll start:

"Now this is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside-down"

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The rumor that "orange" rhymes with no other word is incorrect. Orange rhymes with Blorenge (a mountain in Wales) and sporange (a sac where spores are made). "Silver" has the same rumor going for it, but it actually rhymes with Wilver (a nickname) and chilver (a ewe lamb).

Now then:


I used to smile but now I just frown 

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I can't believe what's going down. 

How can you look at me and say you want no orange around?


Lemme tell you bout the boom

that orange made you assume

that's so fast with a zoom

that'll send you right to your tomb. 



Edited by Dr. Orange
It need Orange.
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You'd better clean the place up, and take this broom.

Of course that discounts the theory,

That you were one to be weary

Tiring from the endless toil

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Cleaning up the scattered soil

Wrapping your dreams in aluminum foil

But to your work you stay so loyal

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Tick, tock, went the clock, as time lost its power.
Tick, tock, went the clock, now you must face Dialga.

(Cookie if you got the reference :D )

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