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General Scales

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SpeciesSharpclawHeight*3.35m (11')
Age (DP)*50  
General Scales in Star Fox AdventuresAffiliationSharpclaw TribeFirst AppearanceStar Fox Adventures

*NOTE: Information from Dinosaur Planet may not be Canon

General Scales is the Tyrannical leader of the Sharpclaw tribe and presumed ruling dictator of Dinosaur Planet in the game Starfox Adventures for the Nintendo Gamecube.  General Sharpclaw is also the main antagonist through most of the events in the game. Through an attempt to place the Sharpclaw tribe as one of the leading tribes on Dinosaur Planet and having that request rejected, General Scales attracted the attention of Andross. Without relinquishing too much information about himself, Andross gave power and information to General Scales compelling him to declare war against the inhabitants of Dinosaur planet and the Krazora Spirits.


General Scales is a Green, large and obviously sturdier Sharpclaw dinosaur compared to his lackeys.  Scales wears what is a commanding status of the Sharpclaw armor. Another noticeable feature of General Scales is his bright red eyes. This is most like from the fact that he is a vessel for a Krazora Spirit. He is also missing his left hand/claw, replaced with a metal claw


General Scales is the leader of the SharpClaw tribe. There are a bunch of dinosaur tribes on Sauria and the SharpClaw were being ignored. One day Andross being nothing more than a disembodied spirit gave Scales power and knowledge, leading him to begin a war on Sauria. Starfox Adventures picks up just after General Scales attacks the Krazoa Shrine and defeated the EarthWalker Tribe protecting it.


Star Fox Adventures

Rare Minion

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