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Wiki guidelines: Style, Layouts, Assets, and Sources


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To help ensure that Wiki articles are consistent in appearance, contain worthwhile information, and pull assets from appropriate sources, there are some guidelines that should be followed when creating and editing wiki articles.


While likely to change soon, the current layout is thus:

The top of the article contains a table called a "Fact Box." This table contains quick facts and, if available, an article image. The fact box may be omitted in the case of small stub articles, but it should be present whenever possible.

Here is an example factbox for a character:

Fox McCloud - Star Fox 64 3D
Alternate NamesFox McCloud Jr. (SNES Track)GenderMale
SpeciesRed FoxHeight1.73m (5'8")
Age (SF64)18Weight70.31kg (155 lb)
Fox McCloud in Star Fox 64 3DAffiliationStar FoxFirst AppearanceStar Fox

After the factbox is the introduction. The introduction contains a brief explanation of the subject. The first word(s) in the introduction should be the article subject and should be bolded. DO NOT INCLUDE JAPANESE NAMES. Since most characters' Japanese names are the same as their English ones, they are largely redundant. If there is a difference, list it under "Alternate Names" in the factbox.

After the introduction will be several sections dealing with specific aspects of the subject. These sections should have a headline consisting of bold text with a size of 18, for example:

Sample Section Title

If the subject has any trivial information or a see also section, those should be at the end with see also being last.

Sources are in a separate blank on the form so they can be edited or added without scrolling.


Writing style for articles is casual, but informative. Please avoid "text speak" or abbreviations/acronyms that are not defined in the system. Please try to use good grammar. While perfect grammar isn't expected, please avoid run-on sentences, misspellings, and please use paragraphs. Also, please avoid the use of slang unless it is necessary.


The goal is to provide the absolute most canon information possible. While no articles at the moment are using citations, eventually all facts will need to be cited using in-line citations. Sources should be numbered on the source list for easy reference.

Inline citations shall be in the form of a superscript containing the source number and where in the source the fact may be found, if possible. Example:

ROB 64 considers Slippy to be his best friend.1-Pg.8

Corneria is the 4th planet of the Lylat System.2-Intro Story


1. Star Fox 64 Player's Guide (US)

2. Star Fox 64

Improperly sourced information may be tagged [CITATION NEEDED], for example:

All Star Fox pilots have their legs amputated and replaced with cybernetics to prevent blood rushing to them during intense aerobatic maneuvers.[CITATION NEEDED]

If you see something tagged [CITATION NEEDED] and you know the source, please add a citation. Non-cited facts may be removed by staff.


Sources should be canon sources. The only exception is something like Dinosaur Planet, where the actual source itself isn't generally accessible, but some websites list things from it. In this situation, the fact should be marked as possibly non-canon.

Examples of acceptable sources:

  • Games
  • Player's Guides
  • Official Websites

Examples of NON-ACCEPTABLE sources:

  • Other wikis (Such as Wikipedia, Arwingpedia, or Lylat Wiki)
  • Forum threads
  • Other sites (if they site has a sourced fact, cite the original source after verifying the fact in said source)


Assets are things like images, sound files, and videos.

Assets in Wiki articles must be hosted either on SF-O's server or on an official SF-O media account, such as SF-O's YouTube channel.

If you want an asset added to an article, please create a thread in the Community Content board requesting it be uploaded.

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