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Valve giving the Developers the Power to Ban Players

Dr. Orange

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So. Valve jumping into the limelight again like a overzealous second hand in a Stanley Kubrick film with the new agenda of giving Game Developers of third party games the ability to call out someone to receive a VAC ban. They label, Valve goes with it without question, and to get out of it you got to talk to the dev.

And by VAC ban, it's a Multiplayer ban. 

And for those of you who have never earned a VAC ban it is like a prison tattoo from the 1940's, you are labelled a betrügentooten on all of Steam as someone who is naughty naughty.

This idea is like 50/50. I like the quickness to keep games clean of cheaters, but the other side is "What's stopping developers from targeting those who gave the game a crap review?" 

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This is a non-issue. The developers who would act like that make shit games anyway. If you get banned from Slaughtering Grounds is that really a loss?

This is really just people wanting to pile-on Valve because it was cool to do so a few days ago.

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I love Valve still. They revolutionized online gaming and purchasing. But it's less of the ban from some shit game off of the Greenlight, but the branding that happens with the VAC.

Whenn you get VAC'd, in any game that utilizes the VAC system, your name is added to a list of people that associated with disturbing the peace. It puts you in a place where the account is more susceptible to VAC bans. 

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Not like VAC bans haven't been shit before to begin with, in any light. You could get VAC banned completely out of the blue for Lord knows why, then when you ask Valve why they will refuse to tell you so there's no way to appeal it. Hasn't happened to me personally but it has happened a number of times to other folks.

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