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Desrired Smash Music. What would you have liked?

The VGM Lover

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This has been in my head for a long time now, wondering whether or not I should make this a community topic. But I figured, what the hey! Here goes...

 There are a total of 437 songs in Smash Wii U alone, and yet, I still don't find myself satisfied!

"I'll make those fools pay!"-Andross, Star Fox 64

What songs would you have wanted in the game? I'll start by saying there's quite a few more Star Fox tunes I thought could have gone in. At least a tribute to Star Fox 64 3D would have been nice. What do you guys think?  

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Since Nintendo is starting to recruit 3rd party characters, they might as well put in 3rd party music, like these:





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God knows whether or not any of those would go on to become Smash characters, or whether or not EA or Activision would be willing to do that!

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