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[PSA] Beware of Fake Leaks!


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It's that time of year again, the lead-up to E3. With E3 a mere month away, everyone is holding their cards close to their chests. Of course, there are always those looking to take advantage of the hype by creating fake leaks to troll people.

Here's how to spot fake leaks:

1. Any "internal list of announcements" for an upcoming presentation is fake. Think: What purpose does such a list serve to the company that supposedly produced it? Presenters notes are more detailed than just a list of games. This is especially true for Nintendo. With a Direct, there is no reason for anyone to have presenters notes. Especially since it is quite obvious that teleprompters have been used in every direct thus far.

2. Anything that is using assets from a previous game should be considered highly suspect.

3. Anything that sounds like a fan's wet dream is probably fake.

4. Consider the source. Is the source some random forum post? Is it a blog no one has heard of? Is it 4chan? If the answer is "yes" to any of those, you most likely have a fake leak.

That said, there is the occasional fake leak that is so well done it may pass the smell test. Think about the Rayman  in SSB4 leak, for instance. Such leaks are rare, however, as they require skill sets that most internet trolls do not have. Really the best thing to do is never take a leak at face value. You'll know what is announced when it is announced.

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