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Lylat Investigations - (Possible Mature Content/Language)


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Lylat Investigations.


This is a new twist I am trying to take on Star Fox Fan fictions. Basically what will happen is that I will generate the story based on submissions I receive to my inbox or here for crimes and story progression. It’s almost an LA Noir type of deal, but rather than generate scenarios that will end up just benefitting myself and my characters, I want YOU the reader, to be thrown for loops and have you help me generate the story. (Those that do not violate forum rules)

This will be set in modern Corneria in conjunction with the Star Fox timeline. Let’s say post 64 events. Peace has mostly returned to Corneria, but there is still crime rampant in the system.

Follow Mark and the rest of his investigation crew as they solve crimes across Lylat. YOU can build this story, we just need to keep it within forum rules. Please don't suggest TERRIBLE Crimes. If no good suggestions are made within a good time-frame or those that I feel are ready at this time, I will withhold them and continue as is. PLEASE NOTE: If your idea is not picked, please do not take it personal. I may also combine multiple suggestions as they flow and seem fit for the story. You will see my notions for ideas to be selected with [SUGGEST HERE]


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Thunder cracked the night sky as lightning came afterwards to continue the flashed and dancing in the night sky. Rain could be seen coming down heavily and the pattering on the nearby cars and roofs.

Agent Mark held his umbrella as a slight breeze rolled through and almost caught the umbrella. He carried upon his route home with dim street lights lighting his way back. Mark was a Red Fox wearing a large black overcoat.

“I really should find a closer place to my office. I hate this walk” He muttered to himself.

A clatter could quickly be heard as a can flew out from an alley way and a small creature that seemingly spooked himself, ran from the alley.Mark jumped back from the loud noise, but continued on his way after seeing the incident was caused by a small animal. Mark rounded a corner and was soon greeted by the familiar architecture of his apartment complex. He managed to pull the keys from his pocket and inserted them into the slot to soon unlock his door and get into his apartment.

He flipped a few light switches to soon illuminate his home. He walked down the small hallway leading from his door. He placed his umbrella and coat on a drying rack. His black suit, still neatly pressed, could be seen. He removed his shoes and continued into the living room. He removed his suit coat and placed it on a chair nearby. He loosened his tie and placed it down onto the coffee table in front of the couch. He placed his bag down next to the couch before sitting down and removing his concealed weapon and badge onto the table. The badge and gun making a clattering noise as it landed onto the table.. Looking onto the badge we could read Agent Mark McConnelly – Cornerian Defense Force / Special Investigations

Mark reached his paw towards the coffee table that he rested his feet onto and turned on the TV, his dark living room being illuminated from the blueish glow from the Television.


Mark looked on the screen and recognized the area. He had a feeling that he would soon be called upon to lead an investigation.

Mark’s cell phone could soon be heard. It’s unique vibrate tone resonated from within his pant pocket. He pulled the phone from his pocket and brought it to viewing range. He looked at the screen and could read Investigation Dispatch ; He knew his boss would be on the other end. He sighed deeply before putting the phone up to his ear and muzzle and hitting answer.

"This is Agent McConnelly with Special Investigations, How can I help you?" 

[Alright guys, what’s McConnelly being sent off to investigate first? What’s the crime that made the news?!]

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This is a neat idea. I'll jump in.

Maybe... the daughter of a prominent and wealthy Cornerian political family has just been kidnapped.

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